Sunday, 23 September 2007

Good Walk

[15/09/2013, Sunday] The reintegration of the Divine Genetic Code is the final consagration of this stage of the journey. Mission accomplished: you have recovered the Divine Memory connected to the Mind of the Whole in full, you have recovered your divine identities. The ecstasies in your hearts will reverberate through seven universes and many will benefit from the explosion of Light generated by our encounter. The long-awaited news of the re-organisation of the system will be talked about throughout the evolved and inhabitated worlds. Welcome brother and sisters! Welcome beloved companions! We praise the father and creator that holds us! [Entry 2]

{23/09/2007, Sunday}Over the midst lays the Emerald lake, but the midst will soon dissipate. Crystal Palaces will emerge where man do not dream of. And the Cosmic Monument will become visible. Men and Women will be able to use it to aid their own search of the Truth. The young and the old will be able to enter it and there all will see themselves in their perfect-Being-form, no illusions. And knowing who they are, they will no longer feel lonely, because they will be free in the Unity of the Being. The evolutionary world continues its course, never altered before, the matter remains in another form, clear purposes. And all transforms itself to the touch of the conscious man. Many will fear drawning in their own remorse, but all guilt will be healed. Those who gave less will know they should give more. Those who gave more will give even more because they will have seen the Divine Justice manifest itself.{Chronicle 143}

Thursday, 13 September 2007

New Age

[01/09/2013, Sunday] Brasilia 2013 is key to the Being. The gateway Brasilia 2013 is the spaceship that landed on this Star to celebrate the new dawning of humankind, the Liberation of the Planetary Being. Congratulations to all that made it here! May our common Father bless you. Today we start a new timecount. New pathways. A new everything, with nothing to fear. Welcome to the Holy Star of Liberation! This is how our planet will be known as from now on. [Entry 1]

{09/09/2007, Sunday} The facts and testimonials narrated here appear in prophecies and chronicles written prior or after 2007, but they bring testimonials and experiences from the pioneers of the New Age. For those who don’t know Brasilia here is the prophecy: In 1883, Dom Bosco dreamed: “I could see into the heart of the mountains and the depths of the plains. Right in front of my eyes I could see the uncomparable treasures of this Earth. I could see numerous precious metals, deposits of coal and oil more abundant than anything ever seen before. But that was not all. Between coordinates 15 and 20 degrees there was a large recess forming a lake. And it was then that a voice spoke to me, repeatedly: When they come to dig the minerals hidden in between these hills the promised Land will spring forth with plenty of milk and honey. There will be unimaginable richnesses. {Chronicle 144}