Sunday, 19 February 2012

Has man learned his lesson?

[03/20/2017] The main lesson that Christ brought to the planet was the rescue of souls, the spiritual salvation of men. Salvation from what? Probably from the ignorance they lived in. Salvation from spending their lives idly, with no consciousness; from spoiling their whole lives in search of material illusions, when the true wealth consists in spiritual wisdom.

Has contemporary man learned this lesson?

Preaching love to life seems to have worked. And the salvation of the soul became a subject of study in all the educational circuits, along life. This is not religious rhetoric, but the daily practice of nurturing, healing, studying the development of one’s own soul, to build the spiritual personality that will continue after disincarnation. Nowadays, few individuals doubt the existence of a spiritual life or the need to build their spiritual bodies to acquire the right to proceed to ever-advancing levels of existence.

It is important to stress that no planetary system is exempt of the presence of evil. Anyone who imagines the present as a paradise of perfection and peace, with whole populations singing hymns to heavens and walking to and fro in light white clothes, must investigate where these ideas came from. Obstacles, problems and challenges continue to exist, inviting men to face them. Contradictions, however, take to spiritual pride, to rebellion and to the loss of great promises. [Entry 093]

Volunteers of light

{03/20/2011} Diversified and abundant thankfulness came from the lips of those who had their loads alleviated by the angels of the Lord. But that thankfulness was addressed to “angels” in flesh and bone, volunteers who had chosen love and started to change the vibrating pattern of planet Earth.

In March a series of earthquakes tore the entrails of Earth and carried thousands of souls. Prevention measures and warnings preserved 150 thousand human beings from leaving the planet – they were timely rescued by actions of relief and evacuation. Other actions were carried out in bordering areas, to prevent fratricidal blodsheds and acts of war or cruelty.

When lightworkers began to act directly in governments, the pillars of many great institutions began to tremble, because they came with total force and struggled for the sovereignty of all humankind.

They brought the conception of a new globalization, not only economic, but applying to commerce and to individual freedoms as well. They shared the concept of a government representing mankind as a whole, to bring peace to Earth and unite men as brothers. The most powerful nation was invited to abandon its power of veto in the UN, in favor of a relative sovereignty for all countries that would mean abandoning the arrogance of a false unlimited power. {Chronicle 052}

Tribunals in evolution

[02/26/2017] That system which had been an open space for conciliation between parts of a conflict, in the first moments of the new Earth, is now housing a new model for juridical solutions: self-conciliation. Being aware of the fact that conflicts disappear when we understand their causes takes us to the conclusion that, instead of using the services of a third party to determine who is right, we had better search the causes for the conflict in the litigants themselves. There was an expressive increase in the number of cases solved when those involved had the opportunity to ponder on their conflict or difficulty with each other.

Self-conciliation deeply studies the questions that take an individual to make an error against someone or against himself. When each individual analyzes his own view of things and understands wherefrom comes this perception, as well as the truth about the facts, they find out that conflicts can only be solved with truth. With the help of advisers it became easier to find a solution for each case.

Procedures start with relaxation techniques and the presentation of questions that can be replied immediately or not. After a while the individual feels compelled to search for the origin of his attitude, of his refusal to accept the facts and for the explanation of his doing what he did against the other. Then he will propose a conciliating solution – in addition to working on his own forgiveness. After all, there is no meaning for guilt without remission. [Entry V-092]

The frightening advent of premonition

{03/06/2011} The clamor of the new generations began to be heard in heavens and the Commanders of the Planetary Divine Government activated their legions of guardians to assist those aware and ready to act in their social milieu. Thousands of young humans awoke to the need of channeling messages of action and alert for terrestrial reorganization, and they took this information to their nations. Thousands began to forecast events requiring measures of provision and prevention from their governments.

In heavens was opened a “protocol of intentions” for those willing to be spiritually trained to serve, during meditation or sleep. The school of values was plenty with volunteers taking turns to learn and to absorb energies. They also strengthened the inner contact with their guardians, to be able to act and transmute the shadows on the planet.

The planetary socio-economic system continued its nefarious routine of emphasizing consumption, but the solutions to mitigate cataclysms started to be demonstrated by humans really prepared for emergencies, and governments had in many cases to yield the command of situations to plain civilians, men of good will, ready to understand the gravity of those events. Many volunteers endowed with alert minds, in permanent contact with their superior selves and with their emotions under control, began to serve with their characteristic powers of intuition and premonition. And this service spread to each voluntary human being. {Chronicle 053}

The lesson of the seven wise men

[12/02/2017] The School of Wisdom was established last year and its directors decided to create a Council of Wise Men to address the new philosophical and existential demands stemming from planetary evolution. However, the creation of the Council generated a series of surprising events after the indication and approval of its members. Even before being informed of their indication or confirming the privilege of accepting the honorable position, all of those selected passed away in a peaceful and natural way, each one in the home they lived, with no further explanation or any change in their routines.

When the directors of the School of Wisdom sent the first seven invitations, the news came about the deaths of each one of those invited. An emergency meeting was then held, to stop all new invitations and discuss the matter. New indications were immediately suspended and the Council of Wise Men dissolved.

To ellucidate the mystery, the Director of the School investigated the cases one by one and, in each of them, there was found a legacy left by the wise men, of writings endowed with a high level of spiritual knowledge. The most outstanding aspect of these documents was that all of them had a special chapter dedicated to the problems of vanity and pride, explaining to the young that those were the greatest impediments to progress toward wisdom. The documents were incorporated as the current “Memorial of the Seven Wise Men”, to guide those willing to know the truth. [Entry 091]

Humans ready to capitulate

{02/20/2011} Bombarded by the imminence of Armageddon and tired of their irrational struggle for survival, of their inglorious efforts, of rebellions without cause, of pollution, of costliness and scarcity, of economic crises, of daily injustice and violence, but mainly pressed by the internal void eroding their souls, humans faced complete perplexity.

- How could humanity reach an era of bonanza without the final battle between good and evil? How big a war would be necessary to make peace possible?

This call was not to war, however, but to the balm that soothes the heart, to the prospect of light, to the pardon of the collective sins of human beings, to the end of internal resistances, to return to the broad Order that prevails in all the universes. The inhabitants of planet Earth were ready to capitulate, to finally deliver themselves to the Law and Order emanating from the Absolute. They were really ready to ask for God’s help, for His intervention of light. When would that happen? Did men still have enough strength for this decision?

New generations of purified races had brought about the conditions for change. They were ready to listen to the celestial music of internal reunion, to recollect the original promise of returning to the light, to bring the seal of obedience to incarnated matter. They were prepared to activate the divine genetic memory.

It was this generation that began to activate and elevate the human clamor to the hierarchies in superior planes, requesting connection, instructions and plans of action in 2011 {Chronicle 054}

The necessary attrition

[01/29/2017] If man stops in contemplation, he does not act or produce attrition, so he does not grow, either. When faced with existential dilemmas he projects, decides and acts right. That is why society and schools offer great support to reach the best aspirations in all fields of human endeavor. This reality is expressed in the vertiginous growth of the arts and sciences, as well as in pristine works of engineering and architecture in this year of 2017. Broad stimulus is given to excellence in individual expression, to the exploration of intellectual and artistic talents and to the manifestation of ideas.

Many pupils, students, disciples and teachers willing to progress substantially have tried to organize philosophical discussions, to avoid empty theorizing and dispersion. The majority desires to reach higher levels of cosmic discernment.

An improvement in the inner vision to allow the observation of the tissue of existence, of reality and of unity with the Whole had been foreseen by writers and philosophers in the past. Now this is the daily task of scholars who really delve into knowledge to increase their wisdom. The spiritual advancement of this new humanity is considered satisfactory, in comparison with the levels that previously were reached only after the souls had left the planet. Man is finally making real his spiritual persona, while still incarnated! [Entry 090]

What was the plan?

{02/06/2011} The midia were used intensively to “warm up” the markets and induce consumption, thus avoiding the bankruptcy of an insane system of production of useful and useless goods. Everybody knew that at some moment there would be scarcity, but the system was not changed. It would greedily devour its own legs, if that brought immediate profits.

By that time there was an increase in the supply of the “instant happiness offers” that had existed for automobiles and traveling. All kinds of superfluous services were offered: plastic surgery performed at home; educators to free parents from teaching their children; instant shelter for the elderly. Specialists would even visit homes to guide how to buy more and better. Everything could be bought, piled up and squandered.

There was also an increase in the demand for more resources in each product, for more advantages, bonuses and performances. It was no longer enough for a product to work properly; it had to be a super-hyper product, even if its accessories were unnecessary – all that mattered was to have much, to have more and to cultivate the illusion of possessing goods and enjoying power.

The economic crisis evolved to retaliations against developing countries. The unstable balance between two great powers began to shake, bringing about devastating efffects on smaller economies, already weakened in the previous crises. In search of protection, many countries decided to increase taxes and effect budget cuts, and their populations began to suffocate in the well-known unemployment. The promised development did not happen, frustrating the hopes of millions. The oceans continued agitated, surprising everybody. {Entry 055}.

Missions unveiled

[01/15/2017] Spiritual evolution is an experience of choosing to do good and to be useful. With daily spiritual practice, tasks become lighter and there is a surplus of contentment and energy for all activities. By addressing the Divine or the Supreme Father, according to the view of each religion, man attunes to higher levels of consciousness and advances in balance, because the experienced connection helps him perceive the existence of Spirit and the beautiful purpose of incarnation.

This does not mean that all human beings know their specific missions on the planet, but the great majority can start decodifying the tendencies and aspirations of their souls, so as to plan actions and studies that help them reach the material and spiritual slopes to achievement.

Internal advice is offered by guardian angels who whisper in the ears of men that they must try to balance the desires of their bodies, their emotions and their minds with the sublime aspiration of their souls. It is indeed very difficult for the soul to grow, if man does not satisfy his mundane concerns and intuitions through his experiences, because these desires can, consciously or unconsciously, lay the basis for the accomplishment of his spiritual needs. [Entry 089]

A shattered future

{01/23/2011} Rumors spread that thinking about a future of peace for humanity had become overshot. It seems that, back in 2011, everybody “knew” that a there would not be that golden age idealized by the men of old, before the colossal advancement of technology and the depletion of natural resources by the planet’s inhabitants.

A great portion of humanity, however glad with the level reached in their personal lives, did not foresee a paradisiac dawn for planet Earth, with prosperity and harmony. Induced by the unhidden forces commanding the economic and communications systems, the masses were motivated to buy and to search immediate satisfaction, moved by slogans that entangled the unadvised.

Aware of the fact that their world view had been distorted for centuries by those in power, social leaderships, thinkers and opinion-makers seemed hesitant and hopeless when they proposed that govenments should address the basic questions of survival for humanity, by educating the people, stimulating work and prizing culture and the arts. Every day enormous evolutional losses were announced: of historical memory, of lessons from the past, of life models, of living specimens, of concepts and values and of dreams which could point to a better future. In the air was a heavy load of amnesia and stubborness. {Chronicle 056}

The Human Government working with the Divine

[01/1st /2017} The human planetary government is always in contact with representatives of the Divine Government, in the Pavillion of the Great Council, to receive reports and plan new acts and tasks. With the help of qualified officers, messages are received and sent, containing propositions or questions that can be addressed immediately. Questions involving more complex matters may take at most one week to be answered.

The rulers can also ask private questions, if and when they need advice of a philosophical, ehical or moral nature to reinforce their conduct as world leaders. Doubts, temptations and questions about the mode of government will receive support from the guardians who can lovingly advise or help a ruler to manage individual crises concerning his position in power or difficult decisions; the guardians can even comfort them when they feel lonely in their position of command.

Recently, the summit of the human government met with the Great Council for the sole purpose of perfecting their internal channels of communication. On that occasion they also decided to discuss religion. The hope of setting the foundation for humanity to reach a global religion motivated all participants, who then invited the most illustrious religious leaders on the planet, to be heard and inspired by the Divine Guardians. [Entry 088]

Reflections for the new year

{09/01/2011} Human beings had the habit of recording their decisions at the end of each year, to put them in practice during the coming year with renewed plans, goals and measures to organize their lives and prosper. Among these aspirations we can stress some unconventional reflections recorded by a human being at the end of 2010:

“- If I am among the survivors of a serie of cataclysms to happen on the planet, will I be ready to restablish human civilization on new bases of brotherly love to others and of respect to nature? I must keep this in mind in 2011”.

“- Am I ready for what is coming? Can the light be turned off, even for some seconds, without affecting me? And my neighbors, should they count on me, will I keep calm while the winds of adversity blow?”

“- Am I adequately aware of my divine nature so as to preserve the evolution of my soul in new spheres, in case there is a world war? How will I improve my relationship with God and with my neighbors?”

“- Am I acting properly at home, in my job and in the world where I live? Am I capable of showing thankfulness? Are my actions balanced? What can I do for Order, for Light and for Love?”

It is quite possible that questions like these were asked by a writer or truthseeker. The future is built by illuminated faith and not by evolutional dissonances in the planetary system. Being ready for change already means transformation. To search complete consciousness about life brings internal changes that reverberate in the outer world, and this represents the great revolution. {Chronicle 057}