Sunday, 6 February 2011

Unfolding the space

[09/10/2016] Communication and expansion. Thought and materialization. Transmigration and timelessness. We are advancing the knowledge of space. While science is engaged in the affairs of the time, with so many universal adventures to make, life extension, improvement of learning systems to free up time, etc., another group of young scientists focuses on the knowledge of the properties of space.

How many memories fit superimposed on the brain? You can see simultaneous planes of existence in the same space? Is the physical, chemical, energetic body real and exists in how many dimensions? If the divine nature is the whole, what space do we occupy? Do we only exist in terms of time, as the virtuality surrounding us?

For millennia man has ventured in search of knowledge about time. Now the space is subject of investigations with the help of old and new knowledge of quantum physics combined with new machines capable of profound experiences on the matter, antimatter, the nature of places, of being. To know the space is to open doors to be in multiple dimensions, and what we are seeking is the migration with present consciousness. Good luck to the researchers! [Record 082]

Economy in bankruptcy

{17/10/2010} Human beings were ever more prepared to take the common good in their lives. The understanding of a more pure relationship with others has opened borders to expand the brotherhood of man. The current economic model however was an irrational and predatory consumption machine of the planet. And the economy flopped again. The crisis came to hit China, Russia and Europe, splashing in other countries. It was not possible to maintain the unity built between European countries without a global inclusion strategy.

The new economic debacle was established once again from Europe. Even with the strengthening of the European Union and the attempts of market adjustments of North and South America, many countries were left out, and the continents, among them, did not promote the necessary adjustments to evolve to a single system. With the continuation of wars and threats of new conflicts between nations, trade did not prosper for an economy of peace. Changes were required in the strategy of the leading countries. And the change was for global governance, only one economy, close to the Planetary and Divine Government and respecting it. A great leader appeared with proposes for changes. {Chronic 063}

In peace with the Soul

[25/09/2016] In the mid 20th century it was reported that the real and absolute being is the spirit. Men however selected their beliefs in order to build faceted process for the interpretation of the reality and for this reason have taken so long to ascend to the light. Now, people with knowledge of the spiritual nature of life, the need for soul growth and internal connection are committed for the improvement of the manifestations of their souls, more experienced in matters of reaching God.

Human beings have access to the means to verify the yearnings of their souls through tests and individual questionnaires and seek to deepen that communication, to redefine life goals. Any questioning of the profound nature can be a clue to the level of experience that will be necessary for each individual to unfold their inner connection and achieve the goals when they came to the planet. Thus, divine values are being rediscovered through this contact with the souls. One who whishes peace and is seeking the true altruism, wants to know the goodness, or is advancing by questioning about justice, mercy, creativity or choose what type of work, study or action that will be taken in daily life to come close to the subjects of study that are of interest soul. To arrive graduated in higher planes became as concrete as the school achievement on earth. [Record 081]

Open universe

{03/10/2010} In 2010 men saw some mysteries of the universe revealed. Discovered the possibility of life outside the solar system and deepened the understanding of the planetary system. Their vision about the immensity and the microcosm was expanded; they were open to the divine and wonderful experience of planetary life. Internally they were able to verify the existence of the Great Architect of the Universe as the center of everything, One Center, and rushed into the expansion of consciousness, ever experienced.

Their findings included animal, vegetable and mineral life systems, the movements of winds and tides, and the confirmation - again - that a small leave falling of a tree actually serves to balance life on the planet. It also confirmed the healing power of light and the need of balance between the mind and emotions as a way to prevent wars and disharmony.

The prevention services have been strengthened, social movements of planetary life care and human care were redefined, and spiritual societies began to feel the weight of the responsibility for having exploited people for so long, without having given them the Truth to release the Spirit. Large earthquakes rocked structures, both the physical world and the religious institutions. And the fallacy of those who called themselves prophets was revealed, putting down the myths. And many left to seek the mystical practice for inner communion with God. {Chronic 064}

New clothes

[11/09/2016] Natural synthetic fibers have become artifacts of our garments since the advent of the new humanity. Clothing was an important advance for bringing comfort, care and protection to the body in the last three years. Who was accustomed to virtual dressing room, where it was necessary to take measures of the body, the registry of data in a computer and to wait for the programming of the manufactured clothing in a semi industrial way, will have fun with the new dressing, a moving arc which one enters for the scanning of all measures and volumes of the body. Then the cloth is manufactured.

Hot and cold, wet and dry areas of the body are also mapped for the definition of the materials and also the thicknesses in order to manufacture the clothes. After given a purpose, chosen color or pattern and added some details, specific to the individual taste, the chief dressing commands the manufacturing of the cloth that is ready in less than 20 minutes after the process started.

This is possible because the new fabric, a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers, small particles are injected into the machine designer who creates a virtual puppet of the client's body and expel the fibers that are being joined by fiber gluing, producing a garment perfect for the body, according to the model chosen. It was very easy and comfortable to wear at any occasion and also improves physical performance, made to protect the body when needed. With the advantage that the material is fully recyclable and clothes in use serve as input to re-create new pieces. [Record 080]

Golden generation

{19/09/2010} Many of the volunteer spirits that were born on earth were already reaching their seventh year of life, and children began to express early consciousness, manifesting an unusual understanding. They arrived immunized against forgetting. One little illuminated word when said to them would reverberate internally in their beings and they were awake. They understood things more than their parents, absorbed knowledge like food and had a lot of determination and sensitivity.

They were able to process information received from the world and to understand the pain and suffering of humanity - so much pain, so many souls hurt by ignorance - but that did not let them down. They rapidly began transforming the negativity to good possibilities for the future.

The ideas sprouted in schools, within families, communities and were supported by parents, governments, social organizations, as for a long time they were crying out for a breath of life into the soul of the planet. The language of love each time became more present. {Chronic 065}

Flying in waves

[28/08/2016] During the preparation of these planetary records, remarkable advances have occurred in the field of leisure associated with music. A form of art that largely consists of combining sounds and silence, music has been used to express different emotions of joy, worship, love, patriotic feelings, and even the mechanics of the body. The sound waves are used to clean environments, motivate, teach, lead, entertain and even heal the physical, mental and emotional level of the human being. But they were never used for flying, only acting in the supporting role, as the soundtrack, visual arts, theatrical events, and multiple art forms.

Scientists from the Laboratory of Higher Art, in Asia, discovered a trasnsmigratory property of sound waves that work in conjunction with gravity and are resistant to the gravitational action when activated together with brain waves. Something like "think along with the song" allows the lifting of body of the floor and the movements in the air at wavelengths similar to the waves emitted in the symphony. The experience has been replicated in chambers used to recreate the absence of gravity for the astronauts, but tests are being made for outdoor use.

- Fly with music, why not, if the human being already flies with the thought and the emotions for millennia? [Record 079]

Challenges of transformation

{05/09/2010} While millions of new beings were inserted in all parts of the world, skeptics shook their head in denial when the light came. Not all humans were prepared for the birth of this new generation that would enhance the new civilization. Most people just had not realized the perfect relationship between the material plane of existence and the higher planes. They did not knew that the ideas of genetic enhancements are originated from the highest circles of the universe and humans have being coping these ideas for years, either for the improvement in the plant kingdom, animal or even for the selection of partners and partnerships.

The new breed of spirits, prepared for the challenges of planetary transformation, were incarnated on the planet already for seven years. Many have lived only a few hours, bringing grief to parents, but it was a price to pay to ensure the arrival of millions of spirits (volunteers) who survived.

Meanwhile that increased the responsibility of parents. Despite the damage caused by the exaggerated individualism, consumerism created by the shallowness and the anxieties generated by economic disparity, which restricted the advances of the population, was large the number of parents increasingly committed to maintaining a loving treatment of their offspring, seeking to educate and support their children. The new generation has flourished in every corner of the planet. {Chronic 066}

Global Religion

[14/08/2016] The evolution of consciousness is liberation. Man is free to advance in new areas of knowledge and is living unusual experiences with great lessons to learn. Thus grow the followers of conducted dreams, the practices of surveillance, the experiments with water, fire, air, deprivation of senses aiming its maximization, among others.

- Why so many experiences, some might say? It is not enough for men their internal encounter with the Father, their journey of spiritual reconnection, the discovery of so many wonders in this world done to perfection?

- Men are more mature, more confident, others respond. That’s why they investigate where there was no freedom to explore before, allowing them to find new ways, new questions, and new directions. Now they can walk with confidence, because there is truth to subsidize them in the search. And the motivating interests of discovery are not handled by economics or politics of the past.

Development, motivated by the pursuit of common good in social relations of peace in a harmonious society, is highly stimulating for the individual, integrated and co-participating in the building of the well-being of others. And the new era that is contributing for building a common language will facilitate, at some point, a religion with a global perspective. [Record 078]

Rupture and rebirth

{22/08/2010} The process of change is disruption. The seed sprouts and bursts the shell. Humans erupt from the bowels. The flower rips the button. The sun hurts the eyes of those that are watching the sun rising. And a lot of beauty comes after the chaos! One of the greatest treasures brought in the midst of transformation is the understanding!

And the seeds germinated, children began to sow in the deserts, the adults - before refractory to change - agreed to abide the "orders of the small" in order to change habits, to stop the destruction, exacerbated greed, selfishness. The vast planetary information network has supported the fact that part of the world population sees themselves as one people, speaking one language, acting like a big family, where the coin of love helped to bridge any challenge or obstacle.

The internal process of change, those men and women of good will could no longer be stopped by any force - because the common good is impersonal - is not owned by one person, it is an internal achievement, when it relies on the Truth and Light promotes the ascension of everyone, from one level to another, brighter, more enlightened. And with the change reverberating inside the earth shook even stronger. But men were strengthened by the light and did not succumb. {Chronic 067}