Sunday, 19 April 2009

Life Showings

[04/12/2015] When we register the visits to the settings of the Essential Fountain of Life, we can comment that the labs can be found behind the water masses that move in circles. The lab itself is located at one of those bigger circles, to which you can enter going down slowly from the center of the spiral at that level. The “cloud” can then be seen from a shorter distance: millions of water particles that strangely enough never condense at the car windshield go even lower until the arrival at the edge of a great amphitheatre. From there you can follow up to the turbines of aerial energy – that is how you can see the great circles – towards the Therapy Gardens, or to the more advanced Laboratories.

The welcoming to the visitors is made by a one guard, who provides orientation to the groups, and remains with those who will go with him to the Great Hall, a gigantic patio that amazed by its appearance. Following even further, facing a protective cylindrical wall, he activates, through a crystal stick of light, the mechanism that opens the dome from where the “water vapor” starts. Then you can admire the immense mass that rises 200 meters high from the observation point, turning at the top into an elliptical form to then fall, spectacularly down 200 meters! It is difficult to register the sensation felt by watching this unheard of phenomena being self propelled by the energy of the water itself! [Registry 43]

The Old Struggles

{04/19/2009} Even if there was an unthinkable invitation from the American president to pursue relations with some countries, an indication of a new planetary era, the echoes of old rivalries and new disputes could still be Heard at the Middle East, China and Korea. The greater Russia was restless. Some war innuendos were heard. Even Japan started to intervene, at the moment that the system started indicating breakage.

There were suspicions of nuclear mobilization and even provisions of bombs that were to explode, to initiate a nuclear unprecedented war. The strongest world economies were tumbling, bringing forth recession and bigger challenges. Changes were needed but there was not one president that could introduce the basis of a Peace Economy that everyone needed. On the contrary, the banks, insurance companies and a ruined automotive industry continued to be motivated.

Technology continued to advance forward and far away from the reality of the people. There were resources to recreate even the totality of the human body, but not to stop the hunger and pain of billions of people. The water resources of the Planet, ill managed, became scarce to the point of causing disputes – some evident and others in silence. {Chronicle 102}

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Experience Interchange

[29/03/2015] The wish to advance has incited citizens to expand their borders and to contact others that are equal to them and went through similar experiences, but that now are in an evolutionary system without wrong steps. The arrival of a delegation of Atlantis people is expected with great joy. The Atlantis people – named this way for they stayed in earth eons ago – and now are living at a small planet of the Solar System, with an identical geological configuration to ours, but just smaller.

The visible contrast between us and them is a health matter: self adjusted by thousands of years of serene self knowledge. The Atlantis people seem to flow in silence. Even though our race is evolving rapidly towards balance of the seven bodies, nothing compares with the serenity acquired by these brothers.

In order that this encounter would take place in a fraternal way, the visiting group was spread into 5 delegations, lovingly awaited in each continent. It is forecasted that Conferences will take place, towards an exchange of ideals, philosophy and systems. Procedure was pursued at the welcoming of the visitors, but there was no way to calm the overflowing hearts. [Registry 42]

The Bigger Good

- How to make sense of life in the mechanics of daily life?

The day to day taken by the “need“ to work, study, purchase, eat, sleep, exercise. This added to anxieties, consumed all and everything. The sense of service was lost, of the evolutionary movement, of the cosmic work, of the purpose conquest, of the strength to ascend, of the reach to victory!

- How to rescue the real value of Beauty, of Goodness, of Wisdom, in the middle of confusion of the offering for easy purchasing? How to deepen de sense of real charity? How to reach closer to the maximum justice?

The masses continued to be pushed into stripping of ability schools and military ways, the arms, into forced and slaving labor, feelings into easy pleasures and lying dreams. The good intentions went to hell, where the “god-money” was in power. The highest challenge was to exit inertia and get into continuous conscious action. But the few had the energy for it. It was simpler to talk, claim, criticize everything and everyone and then get dormant. The task for those awake was enormous! {Chronicle 103}