Sunday, 21 September 2008

Refreshing Breeze

[09/14/2014] The Intergalactic Company of the Holy Star of Liberation - ICHSL- is planning for the next decades – within the registry – the first travel flights to the planetary systems Sirius and Canis Venatici.

Investigation brings forth the possibility of physical contact in the near future with the Orion System, through technology of molecular projection – method already tested towards communications an interchange of information.

The last few voyages brought back two million capsules of genetically and energetically charged material, which would be enough for the interplanetary action of three hundred thousand sanitary and rebuilding agents to be brought to earth.

These capsules contain advanced information concerning new interplanetary routing, diverse scientific data, and university material of the highest level and global programs that can be shared between the worlds of the System. The goal is to perfect inter communication, weather, implants of new vegetation and biological materials, culture, entertainment and news of the other Systems, out of reach of the 607 worlds. [Registry 28]

Terror and Joy

{09/21/2008} Scenes of terror mixed with ones of joy. You can still hear the echoes of the conquests of the Olympics in the Planet, but the obscure bases are shifting in the political and economical games to strike those who disobey this game. Some tragedies point here or there in the planet, new-old wars start there, where the separatism dictated by old grudges strengthen this separatist spirit and the re conquest of the power by force. The power of thought is missing from this sleeping multitude.

The forces of “winning at any cost” are advancing, when the competition should be: for the internal improvement, by concepts, of the human spirit to attend to requests of aid the nature is making. Saturated rivers, oceans and the lack of generous food are starting on earth.

The divine intervention is as well in abundance for those that care to look for them. It is necessary to show courage, strength and faith, as well as to apply all the good will possible for the great internal transformation. Here and there you can see the surge of encouragement towards re planning. Our ways of living are not compatible with the New Era that is forthcoming, and it will find many souls ill nourished to the Light.{Chronicle 117}

Friday, 12 September 2008

Journeys into Space

[08/31/2014] The modern spaceport of Wellis, next to Lake Unixi is ready to be able to receive the planetary citizens that arrive from all parts of the world so they can experience the new interplanetary flights. The airlines that recently joined had a 30% increase of passengers, due to the huge demand of travel to the Planet Mars, the two Moons, Venus and Pluto.

New space vehicles with tele transportation systems are being placed to use by passengers that are willing to increase their possibilities of interchange, voluntary service to others, or experience life as it is at the interconnected worlds. Many arrive only to assist to the inaugural flight to the two new satellites recently discovered, Ion and Nerus.

The spaceport is prepared for the festive occasion, having an excellent infrastructure and services. A Hologram is predominant at the main lobby, as homage to the vision of the genius being, named Gene Rodenberry: “At "Universe" of the Star Trek Series, humanity developed the technology of a faster space travel than the speed of light, after a post apocalyptical era in the middle of the 21st. century. Later on, humans joined the species from another galaxy to create the United Planet Federation; as a result of the Alien intervention and the scientific progress, around the 23rd century, humanity had already overcome most of the defects and situations that affected them; sicknesses were eradicated and poverty , to be involved into exploring new worlds.” [Registry 27]

Currents of the Good

{09/07/08} Millions of positive messages circulate through the internet in a whirlwind of ads, from one side to the other of the planet. The year of 2008 continues and few have the time to absorve the quantity of information in the middle of their daily roundabouts. – Who is opening up these messages? - Who reads them and puts them into practice? – Who is really trying to change his attitude in relation to life, to others, to himself, each second that passes? Why is the truth by itself, not capable of transforming those who hear it, see it, or read about it?

Millions of human beings know about it - How many do finally accept it? And finally, how many practice it or look into putting it into practice? The good news is that many are already doing it. And those that still are not, their decision is just a matter of time.

Positive influences are arriving through messages only to remind us, that we live in the Father that we feed from Him through His Holy Breath and in Him we inspire daily to follow the journey of our own growth. And the simplest truth is that it is enough to deliver a bit of that breath to others, so that this civilization from this era, can find the way to realization as a Human Being in evolution. This is what is foreseen and done, only depending on each and every one of us to make the decision. {Chronicle 118}.