Monday, 24 March 2008

Flying over trees

[03/16/2014] “Strolling with the wind” has always been used to visit the orchards, crops, or to monitor large plantations. Man is capable of levitating softly, when in synchrony with the laws that rule nature and spirit. But this soft flight is also used as a form of contemplation and exchange, because when flying over the trees and fruit-bearing bushes, it is possible to actively participate in the process of growth and the improvement of the species.

The level of vibration achieved in the human body – which is now awake and conscious – is apt for true “conferences” with the vegetable kingdom. We live the interconnection of matter, of different compositions, without harming any of the elements.

It is important to note that farming in the new land has reached higher levels within the earth’s ancient biology. The vegetable system, now free of the powerful force of magnetic attraction of the central internal nucleus and commanded by a new energy balance that includes the influence of the two moons and the Central Sun, has reached a new form of manifestation. [Entry 15]

Christic DNA

{03/23/2008} The great day of the final Victory is close. It will be revealed that the Milky Way holds the universal code for the Christic DNA, and that the secret of physical and spiritual unification of our bodies resides in our Central Genetic Nucleus. In nearing the moment of planetary ascension, man comes closer to his own Divine Code.

The missing link is thus reestablished; the sacred word by which each unique being is knows. By pronouncing the word, the tonal note of each being is also emitted and the potential of vibration, rhythm, and movement that each one achieved in their spiritual journey is reestablished.

This set of keys is part of the identity regained which entitles the being to enter each different class of multidimensional house, new interplanetary journeys and among universes. {Chronicle 130}

Monday, 10 March 2008

Biology in progress

[02/03/2014] We loose sight of the immense variety of light and dark tones of the productive crops. Human beings, with a renewed biology and in line with the needs of their spirit are more likely to live on fruit, grains, seeds and other varieties of vegetables, most of them new. Some have high protein value; others are a rich source of essential vitamins. We are now harvesting new fruits, soft and tasty, without skin or residues that are absorbed by the body in its entirety. This is the result of another change in the elements that have also become more subtle to allow an unimaginable relationship with human beings. People can move from one place to another with the cooperation of the wind; “exchange ideas” about the climate with the elements, interact with the mineral forms; get to know water and energy resources wherever they exist. Many develop a real ability to communicate with the elements and slowly we begin to count on specialists extremely sensitive to this kind of communication. They are knows as “Naturals”. [Entry 14]


{09/03/2008} Those who doubt the possibility of change have their vision constantly clouded by uneasiness. That level of consciousness weighs heavy on them. They can see the whole picture, the possibilities… Many would say they can not conceive what lies ahead. They are too attached to the past, to their sleep. The evolutionary man needs to re-create the concept of experiencing by opening his perception to what is to come. He starts to open up his vision as he understands the origin and nature of what is happening. If the facts point towards the new, where does it come from? From a reality that was happening before his eyes but he could not see.

Just like a mother is unaware she is carrying a baby at the beginning of a gestation, we have a baby soul that is in gestation within us. This baby soul is continuously receiving stimulus from our actions without showing approval or disapproval in a way we can clearly understand. What we will see in the near future is the clear and unequivocal expression of our souls. Can you understand what that would represent in our lives? In the lives of all of us? Humankind would leave a world of dreams behind! {131}