Sunday, 20 April 2008

Orderly Universe

[04/13/2014] "How many minutes are there in the infinite?" What a question! Why did ancient humans adopt these measures of infinity? It is so simple to perceive it, by just lightly closing your eyes! And why would they kill for food, when prana was always available to nurture them in the atmosphere! It is unbelievable to think that they were so identified with their physical bodies, so convinced that they would die without solid food, that their minds could not see the celestial food abundantly available! Some took a step further, but took in prana thinking that they were living off light! And few people believed them, thinking that they ate furtively.

-Why was it so hard for them to understand that the universe is perfectly organized, self-sustainable, and self-sustained by a Self-Sustaining Force? I am fascinated by studying the past of humanity to understand how I will act in the present. There are so many inhabited planets that are still suffering because they haven't achieved our stage. And I want to be ready for volunteerism. I am thankful to the Father for this generation of the new race, which the ancients foresaw as the "golden race." They would be surprised by how much we are similar! Externally little has changed, but our inner self would astonish them – they would think they were seeing… , how did they call it? Aliens!

"I Am QML, Quietude in the Movement of Love. I feel that the cries of pain of this earth have ceased. The old era of Transmutation has concluded!" [Entry 17]

Fear keeps away Light

{04/20/2008} There are more apparitions of spacecrafts, lights, and unidentified flying objects. It is good to remember that spacecrafts that have access to this planet also come from dense planets, which have more technology than we do in some sectors, but with precarious evolutionary conditions and unknown intentions. Humans hunt on the planet and fantasize that there will be a mass rescue if they need help. But what if these are “other” hunters? Remember that evolved spirits, with greater knowledge, come here as missionaries. They incarnate on the planet, or manifest themselves through mediums and channeling, to bring greater consciousness to the planet.

The roar of fire and flames scare the animal that lives within us. We must calm the physical and emotional anguish facing harsher planetary conditions to allow the presence of the Light within each one of us to manifest itself and guide our destinies.

Each one will be judged and directed according to their merit. But man is far from understanding the laws of God and should strongly rely on His standard of judgment. Divine Mercy is immeasurable and our stumbles do not shadow the progress that each one of us makes unto His eyes. {Chronicle 128}

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Plants with humor

[03/30/2014] The radicular system is tem times smaller than the ancient plants and the main source of food for vegetables is from the air. Thus, any thought can serve as food to vegetables, such that even a child can, in but a few minutes, lend his or her energy and love toward growing and ripening a fruit, for example.

Thus, the food’s entire reproductive system is led by human beings in perfect and harmonious partnership in the extent of the needs existing on the planet. When there is no demand, plants remain in perfect rest and life, slowing down production.

The experience of ripening and picking in these rich orchards is wonderful when it is time for picking and distribution. We can observe the lively groups of pickers, admiring and picking the fruits with much laugher and clamor. It is true that certain vegetable species have the capacity to change form or even color, and these changes always bring surprise to those who are doing the work. At first, pickers were often startled, dropping the fruits when they would change color or form in contact with their hands. Then the “teasing” by their fruits was discovered, and everyone has a lot of fun with their “Jokes”.

The immense gardens of the New Land also have this rare capacity at humor. A distracted traveler could think that he is going through a new place when in fact the flowers “decided” to change color. It is a special sensitivity, which is kept secret among them, and does not usually repeat itself in the same way. But there is much to say about the gardens, and they deserve a different chapter. [Entry 16]

Those who come from the “outside”

{04/06/2008} In the midst of the 21st Century, year 2008, some say that “there will be a great movement of aliens. They will come by the thousands”.

- Be careful, for there are interests! Revise the concept of rescues because most will be false rescues. They will in fact be collecting specimens. Human beings must understand that the hierarchies – our brothers in the light – are not there to “save” anyone. They cannot interfere in man’s free will. They can, however, give off qualified vibration when requested with fervour and purity. These are vibrations that help us overcome obstacles.

What we call miracles is in fact our own faith potentialized in action. The Light masters, whose existence we recognize, live in ethereal planes and strictly respect the Cosmic Laws. There can be rescues of souls, but not of bodies! And that has occurred since the early occupation of earth, according to divine laws.

Regarding aliens, there could be forms of “isolated rescues” for selected groups – which already work in synchrony with extraterrestrial-spiritual groups – and which volunteer to go on with them to their experience of life on another planet, as an act of surrender, with no attachment to earth and no guarantees! And they go disincarnated! The ascension of the spirit with the matter, or incarnated, is a serious issue, which is not yet known on Earth, and few are the rewarded spirits who have that rare experience. {Chronicle 129}