Sunday, 19 October 2008

The Great Treaty

[10/12/2014] The complete list of the integrants of The Great Treaty is being formatted to “esplish,” the new temporary language perfected from Esperanto, to be transmitted by all communications media. Great numbers of specialists are working intensely to find a common language between the remnant people of the earth and the new extra terrestrials that are approximating.

The language technicians are attempting to shape and provide sound to the language named “erovenha” which is only transmitted with sign language. They are looking as well into decoding the “pririan” sounds, that resemble the buzzing of the terrestrial bees and, study as well a way to place in order, for telepathic communication with the inhabitants of Light and Brilliance of the Morning, the small twin planets that were revealed to us after the realigning of this Earth. In all situations there are great contacts being acquired only through the “language of love.”

The new lodgings built to receive the visitors, at the Celestial City Villa Paradise, will be ready to start attending them previous to the registry 2016, and they will contain the furniture and adequate to each species. The organizing committee is foreseeing that the standard will hold well to at least 23 groups of participants, almost all, two legged humanoids, with exception to the Turinees, with a robust stature and three legged.

There will be the necessary functional adaptations in five lodgings and the creation of a hydraulic habitat for two of the delegations, from Hydrous Minor and Sirinee. The transportation of these last two to the Pavilion of Peace will be handles by the recent channel built by the Governor General of Asia in homage to the people of the sub-water living and oceanic. [Registry 30]

The growing volunteering.

{10/19/2008} There is a world conscience of recovery. Thousands of human beings, moved by a humanitarian spirit are going towards volunteering. The most outstanding characteristic for this movement has been the foreigners decision to remain in the poorest countries, what has resulted in constant diplomatic incidents; visas, passports, international or national rights are being discussed daily. Specialized police is mobilized at diverse border areas. Rigor and falling back in the laws, with pressure being generated in order to provide more security to the richer countries.

These diplomatic incidents have contributed to the increase of a world wave around global ideas, supra nationalization or internationalization, with various interpretations and concepts. The truth is that world citizens have raised their voices claiming for more freedom, insisting in being considered planetary citizens and reclaiming a free pass to wherever anyone wishes to go to. According to the social and political analysts this implies a revision of the nationalistic feelings, territorial protection, security and the whole ‘living in society’ concept of this planet. The world is preparing for the unifying of the people, one race, planetary brothers. {Chronicle 115}

Sunday, 5 October 2008


[09/28/2014] When the first musical notes of “Pomp and Circumstance”, of Edward Elgar are bouncing in the air wave of the monumental Victory Pavilion, in Dusseldorf, near 650 thousand people will visualize an unknown vision, retransmitted through satellites for the whole world. This will probably never be forgotten by humanity: The signing of the greatest Peace and Cooperation Treaty ever attended to by anyone from the civilized world.

The New Treaty involves not only the seven nations, represented by the seven continents of the Holy Star of Liberation, but the recently contacted 28 worlds that are a part of the Planetary System of Alpha and Omega.

Forecasted for its beginning in the Registry 2028 nd, as homage to our new brothers, it can be advanced 10 years, according to the progressive efforts of The Great Council. The ceremony will last as long as one of the old Olympic games and, only the showing of presentation of each participating extra terrestrial delegation, will be motive for awe and marvel to each and every citizen being privileged to participate to this wondrous moments. [Registry 29]

War Stories

{10/05/2008} “And the incidents continued in the African countries, wars and power takeovers. All nations remained prisoners of their past, whether being in relation to the deformities caused by tribal inheritances, of classes and groups, or being by the deadly remnants of colonialism, they continued with their dangerous fights.

And the world continued not to listen to the African brothers. It was not just a matter of sending peace troops or packages of clothing and food that more than often never reached those that needed them the most. It was a matter of asking for forgiveness for all the damage caused against the people of many nations, as a gesture of sincere repent. Various types of viruses would be surging out of the decomposed bodies, after the massacres and the unburied corpses. But that which was sown, one day would be harvested. Many generations of people would be paying for their actions in their past. While all of these were happening, beings of Light, all over the planet were working heavily towards the compensation of those people and peace would reign again. Most incompatibilities vanished, although not all of them.

New earth crust movements were signaled. And the hurricane coming from the Americas was formed; charged with forces from the past, from the remote past. Many angels were exposed, forces from the good were provided to harmonize the outcries of war. {Chronicle 116}