Friday, 4 May 2012

Primordial Causality

[04/23/2017] The cause of what we live today is in the future, because we are connected to the evolutionary transformation of our souls. Past science had made us believe the opposite, because it studied the causes looking backwards. If only it had ceased looking at the past and had cast its perception beyond the top of imagination, it would have seen something that one can now guess in the horizon: something coming from beyond, from the endless space: the possibility of progression to the height, not of buildings and skyscrapers, but of human condition itself.

Based on what the new sciences have made possible, our eyes can now scrutinize the future to define certainties about the path we want to follow in our cosmic careers. When you are given the possibility of being one day in communion with the Creator in Paradise itself, it is advisable to consider the steps necessary for that triumphant moment. Or to choose, according to your free will, a sequence of adventures that will help you develop those certainties that shall take you to the end of your soul’s journey.

For this reason, studies related to human ascension have been gaining prestige in the greatest universities, in spite of being chosen by only a few. Recognizing that extraordinary knowledge is not enough to illuminate them, seekers are being led to further investigate the question of human motives.

Until the moment when the last particle of the last atom of the last genetic cell is illuminated by a clear definition of his aptitude and consent about the path to follow, man will risk getting astray from what the future indicates to him: the union with God. [Registry 096]

Intelligent Life and Sub-Life

{05/01/2011} Man developed new technologies for the space program and was surprised by some results. In addition to the satellites and ships then used, laser technologiy made possible a new chance for interactivity in space. Messages were beamed to satellites and replicated in space with laser canons. And new kinds of data “came back” as waves, surprising scientists. The awareness of intelligent life on other planets started to take shape and feed a fascinated mankind with the possibility of interacting with other beings in the vast universe.

For common humans, life had become laborious and afflictive: an endless struggle for survival, with technology running miles ahead and leaving them without time to enjoy life or love. Souls felt burdened by feelings of injustice, worthlessness and incompleteness.

Society seemed unable to deal with misdeeds perpetrated in its own bosom. During the race for material progress, when basic values had been set aside, it had not considered how much those values would be missed in the formation of the new generations. Conventional education had not been enough to convince people to lead a healthy life, to practice honesty, to love work or to dodge vice and madness in the experiences of youth. Problematic people could be counted in the millions with some kind of mental illness, conduct deviation or physical, emotional and intellectual infirmities; there were legions of unhappy beings. {Chronicle 049}

The Bird of Paradise Visits Friends

[04/09/2017] Animal species at risk of extinction received the empathy of humans and were given room to live and procreate in giant areas destined to the preservation of natural life. The old zoos were abolished and on each continent raising species is now allowed only in their natural environment, kept and preserved in the most harmonious way possible. Animal species are monitored to avoid overpopulation or extinction, their means of subsistence preserved from scarcity. Thus conservationists stimulate the return to Africa of the larger mammals. Bears, seals and marine lions are sent back to the ice. Each species must go back to its original home, protected from suffering or cruelty.
Programs stimulating sightseeing now take passengers to and fro between continents, to wonderful tours of reservations where they enrich their experience in contact with animals not in cages, but in their primitive form of existence. The vibrational level of the areas located around natural parks, generally occupied by animal lovers, has become an invitation for rare birds to visit humans. Even the singular bird of paradise, originated in the tropical forests of New Guinea, has found a way of reproducing near humans. It is on its way to being considered a new domestic animal, together with some others. The legendary quetzal of the American tropical forests, a distant relative, lost its fear of people and has been moving to live closer and closer to residential areas. [Registry 095]

Self-Knowledge Stressed

{04/17/2011} Not all events were disastrous and anihilating on Earth during the great tribulations. The magnanimity of Divine balance is always present to show the path for man to follow. Record harvests of grains were quantified, showing the force and positive vitality of Mother Earth; incredible inventions were developed for the benefit of humans and new ways of thinking about family life, school and society began to be debated. Healing for innumerable forms of cancer and for serious neurological diseases were found and man learned more about the need to respect his body and Mother Nature. Global development received a new emphasis and was substantially debated in the world governmental discussions.
As the sciences began to validate premonition, there came new parameters for measuring harmony within people, together with their aspirations and ideals. Self-knowledge beautifully became an almost mandatory subject for those who were getting ready to advance in the search of truth. And millions started to search for explanations, in themselves, for the lack of harmony pressing the world. It was finally realized that a disturbed human being, blinded by his ego, by measureless vanity or thirst for power can become a tyrant, a genocidist and a monster for humanity.

Many dictatorships were brought down in the mid 2011’s and few were those who insisted on the folly of willing to take hold of people’s souls and command their lives, allegedly as “parents of the people”. Unfortunately, not all countries “liberated” from tyranny managed to resurge, for they were quickly taken by the disease of nationalism and religious extremism previously subjacent in their social bases. Those liberated had to follow an arduous path of reconstruction. After the conquest of freedom, they had to keep striving, so as not to lose it again. {Chronicle 50}

Respect for Nature’s Magnificence

[03/26/2017] From the splendid forests of the majestic American continent, new wonders can be revealed after the integration of South, Center and North. Eager and loving researchers manage to penetrate into some of the mysteries of the Amazonic jungle that had been preserved. The apparent senselessness of the past, the destruction brought about by ignorance and greed had been necessary for the learning, had served the purpose of teaching the truth that, without due respect to nature, manking would never advance.

Now new treasures are being revealed (and respected) every day, either after the discovery of supposedly extinct vegetal and animal species, or the finding of totally new samples of flora and fauna. The natural reservoir of planetary life opens up abundantly to the new human being, in the Era of Light and Life.

Surprises are constant in the exploration of the Amazon: in addition to the recent discovery of the three pyramids, which had had their existence denied for years in the past, the possibility of accessing intraterrestrial portals is about to be revealed. The pyramids not only exist, but are full of archeological treasures of great value for humanity. The most important discovery was an ancient registry in stone, of a people of uncommon size, probably from the red race, who inhabited the mountain ridges and later migrated to the Amazon. That stone may come to be a sort of “genetic map” of the races composing mankind since times immemorial. The curious aspect of it is that the drawings made on the stone point to the existence of a new man, a combination of those lineages.

Concerning the access to Inner Earth, the scientists in charge are inviting the remaining indigenous populations of the region, but also specialists in geophysics and astronomy, because the portals seem to have an elaborate stellar-related system to open and close. [Registry 094]

The Real Sense of Duty

{04/03/2011} Among the great geophysical changes that continued to happen on the planet, like earthquakes, tornadoes and climatic contrasts, plus the violence engendered by the social system itself, humans had to meditade deeply about the role of each one of them in view of calamities and misfortune. Heroic actions are not always possible, happy endings are not always visible and real solidarity becomes necessary to assist one’s neighbor. But how to promote efficient help when the volume of events surpasses all possibilities of assistance? This happened between 2010 and 2012.

When the news of snowstorms was spread from a spot on the planet, then floodings happened in other countries, earthquakes shook other latitudes and drought devastaded crops somewhere else, so the problems could not have a prompt correction. On an apparently leveled land, with populations sheltered in tents and chronically lashed by poverty and misery in some countries, having no visible prospect of solution, the living planet kept moving, reacting, taking the ground from under the feet of whole peoples and bringing about change with earth, water, fire and air. T

he lesson of preserving life began explaining itself in its deepest meaning. Examples of overcoming pain, of authentic altruism, of courage and selfless unatachment were deeply engraved in the memory of those who tried to understand and help their neighbors. All were learning that a body only has real life when man overcomes the barrier of selfishness. Immaterial values were growing strong in adversity. {Chronicle 051}

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Has man learned his lesson?

[03/20/2017] The main lesson that Christ brought to the planet was the rescue of souls, the spiritual salvation of men. Salvation from what? Probably from the ignorance they lived in. Salvation from spending their lives idly, with no consciousness; from spoiling their whole lives in search of material illusions, when the true wealth consists in spiritual wisdom.

Has contemporary man learned this lesson?

Preaching love to life seems to have worked. And the salvation of the soul became a subject of study in all the educational circuits, along life. This is not religious rhetoric, but the daily practice of nurturing, healing, studying the development of one’s own soul, to build the spiritual personality that will continue after disincarnation. Nowadays, few individuals doubt the existence of a spiritual life or the need to build their spiritual bodies to acquire the right to proceed to ever-advancing levels of existence.

It is important to stress that no planetary system is exempt of the presence of evil. Anyone who imagines the present as a paradise of perfection and peace, with whole populations singing hymns to heavens and walking to and fro in light white clothes, must investigate where these ideas came from. Obstacles, problems and challenges continue to exist, inviting men to face them. Contradictions, however, take to spiritual pride, to rebellion and to the loss of great promises. [Entry 093]

Volunteers of light

{03/20/2011} Diversified and abundant thankfulness came from the lips of those who had their loads alleviated by the angels of the Lord. But that thankfulness was addressed to “angels” in flesh and bone, volunteers who had chosen love and started to change the vibrating pattern of planet Earth.

In March a series of earthquakes tore the entrails of Earth and carried thousands of souls. Prevention measures and warnings preserved 150 thousand human beings from leaving the planet – they were timely rescued by actions of relief and evacuation. Other actions were carried out in bordering areas, to prevent fratricidal blodsheds and acts of war or cruelty.

When lightworkers began to act directly in governments, the pillars of many great institutions began to tremble, because they came with total force and struggled for the sovereignty of all humankind.

They brought the conception of a new globalization, not only economic, but applying to commerce and to individual freedoms as well. They shared the concept of a government representing mankind as a whole, to bring peace to Earth and unite men as brothers. The most powerful nation was invited to abandon its power of veto in the UN, in favor of a relative sovereignty for all countries that would mean abandoning the arrogance of a false unlimited power. {Chronicle 052}

Tribunals in evolution

[02/26/2017] That system which had been an open space for conciliation between parts of a conflict, in the first moments of the new Earth, is now housing a new model for juridical solutions: self-conciliation. Being aware of the fact that conflicts disappear when we understand their causes takes us to the conclusion that, instead of using the services of a third party to determine who is right, we had better search the causes for the conflict in the litigants themselves. There was an expressive increase in the number of cases solved when those involved had the opportunity to ponder on their conflict or difficulty with each other.

Self-conciliation deeply studies the questions that take an individual to make an error against someone or against himself. When each individual analyzes his own view of things and understands wherefrom comes this perception, as well as the truth about the facts, they find out that conflicts can only be solved with truth. With the help of advisers it became easier to find a solution for each case.

Procedures start with relaxation techniques and the presentation of questions that can be replied immediately or not. After a while the individual feels compelled to search for the origin of his attitude, of his refusal to accept the facts and for the explanation of his doing what he did against the other. Then he will propose a conciliating solution – in addition to working on his own forgiveness. After all, there is no meaning for guilt without remission. [Entry V-092]

The frightening advent of premonition

{03/06/2011} The clamor of the new generations began to be heard in heavens and the Commanders of the Planetary Divine Government activated their legions of guardians to assist those aware and ready to act in their social milieu. Thousands of young humans awoke to the need of channeling messages of action and alert for terrestrial reorganization, and they took this information to their nations. Thousands began to forecast events requiring measures of provision and prevention from their governments.

In heavens was opened a “protocol of intentions” for those willing to be spiritually trained to serve, during meditation or sleep. The school of values was plenty with volunteers taking turns to learn and to absorb energies. They also strengthened the inner contact with their guardians, to be able to act and transmute the shadows on the planet.

The planetary socio-economic system continued its nefarious routine of emphasizing consumption, but the solutions to mitigate cataclysms started to be demonstrated by humans really prepared for emergencies, and governments had in many cases to yield the command of situations to plain civilians, men of good will, ready to understand the gravity of those events. Many volunteers endowed with alert minds, in permanent contact with their superior selves and with their emotions under control, began to serve with their characteristic powers of intuition and premonition. And this service spread to each voluntary human being. {Chronicle 053}

The lesson of the seven wise men

[12/02/2017] The School of Wisdom was established last year and its directors decided to create a Council of Wise Men to address the new philosophical and existential demands stemming from planetary evolution. However, the creation of the Council generated a series of surprising events after the indication and approval of its members. Even before being informed of their indication or confirming the privilege of accepting the honorable position, all of those selected passed away in a peaceful and natural way, each one in the home they lived, with no further explanation or any change in their routines.

When the directors of the School of Wisdom sent the first seven invitations, the news came about the deaths of each one of those invited. An emergency meeting was then held, to stop all new invitations and discuss the matter. New indications were immediately suspended and the Council of Wise Men dissolved.

To ellucidate the mystery, the Director of the School investigated the cases one by one and, in each of them, there was found a legacy left by the wise men, of writings endowed with a high level of spiritual knowledge. The most outstanding aspect of these documents was that all of them had a special chapter dedicated to the problems of vanity and pride, explaining to the young that those were the greatest impediments to progress toward wisdom. The documents were incorporated as the current “Memorial of the Seven Wise Men”, to guide those willing to know the truth. [Entry 091]

Humans ready to capitulate

{02/20/2011} Bombarded by the imminence of Armageddon and tired of their irrational struggle for survival, of their inglorious efforts, of rebellions without cause, of pollution, of costliness and scarcity, of economic crises, of daily injustice and violence, but mainly pressed by the internal void eroding their souls, humans faced complete perplexity.

- How could humanity reach an era of bonanza without the final battle between good and evil? How big a war would be necessary to make peace possible?

This call was not to war, however, but to the balm that soothes the heart, to the prospect of light, to the pardon of the collective sins of human beings, to the end of internal resistances, to return to the broad Order that prevails in all the universes. The inhabitants of planet Earth were ready to capitulate, to finally deliver themselves to the Law and Order emanating from the Absolute. They were really ready to ask for God’s help, for His intervention of light. When would that happen? Did men still have enough strength for this decision?

New generations of purified races had brought about the conditions for change. They were ready to listen to the celestial music of internal reunion, to recollect the original promise of returning to the light, to bring the seal of obedience to incarnated matter. They were prepared to activate the divine genetic memory.

It was this generation that began to activate and elevate the human clamor to the hierarchies in superior planes, requesting connection, instructions and plans of action in 2011 {Chronicle 054}

The necessary attrition

[01/29/2017] If man stops in contemplation, he does not act or produce attrition, so he does not grow, either. When faced with existential dilemmas he projects, decides and acts right. That is why society and schools offer great support to reach the best aspirations in all fields of human endeavor. This reality is expressed in the vertiginous growth of the arts and sciences, as well as in pristine works of engineering and architecture in this year of 2017. Broad stimulus is given to excellence in individual expression, to the exploration of intellectual and artistic talents and to the manifestation of ideas.

Many pupils, students, disciples and teachers willing to progress substantially have tried to organize philosophical discussions, to avoid empty theorizing and dispersion. The majority desires to reach higher levels of cosmic discernment.

An improvement in the inner vision to allow the observation of the tissue of existence, of reality and of unity with the Whole had been foreseen by writers and philosophers in the past. Now this is the daily task of scholars who really delve into knowledge to increase their wisdom. The spiritual advancement of this new humanity is considered satisfactory, in comparison with the levels that previously were reached only after the souls had left the planet. Man is finally making real his spiritual persona, while still incarnated! [Entry 090]

What was the plan?

{02/06/2011} The midia were used intensively to “warm up” the markets and induce consumption, thus avoiding the bankruptcy of an insane system of production of useful and useless goods. Everybody knew that at some moment there would be scarcity, but the system was not changed. It would greedily devour its own legs, if that brought immediate profits.

By that time there was an increase in the supply of the “instant happiness offers” that had existed for automobiles and traveling. All kinds of superfluous services were offered: plastic surgery performed at home; educators to free parents from teaching their children; instant shelter for the elderly. Specialists would even visit homes to guide how to buy more and better. Everything could be bought, piled up and squandered.

There was also an increase in the demand for more resources in each product, for more advantages, bonuses and performances. It was no longer enough for a product to work properly; it had to be a super-hyper product, even if its accessories were unnecessary – all that mattered was to have much, to have more and to cultivate the illusion of possessing goods and enjoying power.

The economic crisis evolved to retaliations against developing countries. The unstable balance between two great powers began to shake, bringing about devastating efffects on smaller economies, already weakened in the previous crises. In search of protection, many countries decided to increase taxes and effect budget cuts, and their populations began to suffocate in the well-known unemployment. The promised development did not happen, frustrating the hopes of millions. The oceans continued agitated, surprising everybody. {Entry 055}.

Missions unveiled

[01/15/2017] Spiritual evolution is an experience of choosing to do good and to be useful. With daily spiritual practice, tasks become lighter and there is a surplus of contentment and energy for all activities. By addressing the Divine or the Supreme Father, according to the view of each religion, man attunes to higher levels of consciousness and advances in balance, because the experienced connection helps him perceive the existence of Spirit and the beautiful purpose of incarnation.

This does not mean that all human beings know their specific missions on the planet, but the great majority can start decodifying the tendencies and aspirations of their souls, so as to plan actions and studies that help them reach the material and spiritual slopes to achievement.

Internal advice is offered by guardian angels who whisper in the ears of men that they must try to balance the desires of their bodies, their emotions and their minds with the sublime aspiration of their souls. It is indeed very difficult for the soul to grow, if man does not satisfy his mundane concerns and intuitions through his experiences, because these desires can, consciously or unconsciously, lay the basis for the accomplishment of his spiritual needs. [Entry 089]

A shattered future

{01/23/2011} Rumors spread that thinking about a future of peace for humanity had become overshot. It seems that, back in 2011, everybody “knew” that a there would not be that golden age idealized by the men of old, before the colossal advancement of technology and the depletion of natural resources by the planet’s inhabitants.

A great portion of humanity, however glad with the level reached in their personal lives, did not foresee a paradisiac dawn for planet Earth, with prosperity and harmony. Induced by the unhidden forces commanding the economic and communications systems, the masses were motivated to buy and to search immediate satisfaction, moved by slogans that entangled the unadvised.

Aware of the fact that their world view had been distorted for centuries by those in power, social leaderships, thinkers and opinion-makers seemed hesitant and hopeless when they proposed that govenments should address the basic questions of survival for humanity, by educating the people, stimulating work and prizing culture and the arts. Every day enormous evolutional losses were announced: of historical memory, of lessons from the past, of life models, of living specimens, of concepts and values and of dreams which could point to a better future. In the air was a heavy load of amnesia and stubborness. {Chronicle 056}

The Human Government working with the Divine

[01/1st /2017} The human planetary government is always in contact with representatives of the Divine Government, in the Pavillion of the Great Council, to receive reports and plan new acts and tasks. With the help of qualified officers, messages are received and sent, containing propositions or questions that can be addressed immediately. Questions involving more complex matters may take at most one week to be answered.

The rulers can also ask private questions, if and when they need advice of a philosophical, ehical or moral nature to reinforce their conduct as world leaders. Doubts, temptations and questions about the mode of government will receive support from the guardians who can lovingly advise or help a ruler to manage individual crises concerning his position in power or difficult decisions; the guardians can even comfort them when they feel lonely in their position of command.

Recently, the summit of the human government met with the Great Council for the sole purpose of perfecting their internal channels of communication. On that occasion they also decided to discuss religion. The hope of setting the foundation for humanity to reach a global religion motivated all participants, who then invited the most illustrious religious leaders on the planet, to be heard and inspired by the Divine Guardians. [Entry 088]

Reflections for the new year

{09/01/2011} Human beings had the habit of recording their decisions at the end of each year, to put them in practice during the coming year with renewed plans, goals and measures to organize their lives and prosper. Among these aspirations we can stress some unconventional reflections recorded by a human being at the end of 2010:

“- If I am among the survivors of a serie of cataclysms to happen on the planet, will I be ready to restablish human civilization on new bases of brotherly love to others and of respect to nature? I must keep this in mind in 2011”.

“- Am I ready for what is coming? Can the light be turned off, even for some seconds, without affecting me? And my neighbors, should they count on me, will I keep calm while the winds of adversity blow?”

“- Am I adequately aware of my divine nature so as to preserve the evolution of my soul in new spheres, in case there is a world war? How will I improve my relationship with God and with my neighbors?”

“- Am I acting properly at home, in my job and in the world where I live? Am I capable of showing thankfulness? Are my actions balanced? What can I do for Order, for Light and for Love?”

It is quite possible that questions like these were asked by a writer or truthseeker. The future is built by illuminated faith and not by evolutional dissonances in the planetary system. Being ready for change already means transformation. To search complete consciousness about life brings internal changes that reverberate in the outer world, and this represents the great revolution. {Chronicle 057}

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Real Story (Registry of a walker III)

[12/18/2016] This is the last part of the Soraya’s story about the future – this is our present – written probably near the year 2000, and found at a magnetic disk that was recovered. This publication is a homage to her memory, to her courage and love for life, and to all the human beings that like her, hoped and worked towards a shinning future for humanity:

“What was seen was the internal decision of many, to pause their lives and change them towards the conscience of Unity, of the common good, departing from their internal limitations, such as the perception of borders between the countries, of nationalities, of regions, to open the perception that was wider to unicity. The perception of life and of a different historical-cultural formation is nothing but a unique quality, a diversity of a people among a greater whole. This is why the old perceptions must be surrendered and not kept for themselves, for they are part of the Patrimony for Humanity of the true human race.

The historical registry of the time of lack of conscience and obscurity that we went through had consequences, but are truly in the past, and certainly in order to build the new, we must stop thinking in the past. This will be the signal to show us that we must not permit the same for our lifes to experience again.

There is a today to be lived jointly with the Live Flame of our beings. This is our biggest challenge. The delicious adventure to go back to Being What We Are – the only guarantee that we will have a tomorrow to live, a tomorrow of Brotherhood and Peace. This is just the start of our Real Story”. [Special Registry – SMP] 087

Violence and pain

{12/26/2010} – What could be said by mothers who lost their children to violence? Whether having a murdered son or by seeing their son become a murderer at a second of madness? What could families say after being destroyed at one side or the other of this world tragedy called a threat to life? Why understand violence if it does not have sense and understanding it does not bring peace? Is war a less painful way of loosing someone?

Comprehending that conflicts are brought under collective or individual purposes, eases up the bitterness to the heart? What about tragedies caused by addictions? Cohabit with bodies and minds that are destroyed, families turned into hostages of their loved ones that were lost to drugs?

At this somber times of violence, where huge differences in income, false democratic liberties, lack of access to education was prevalescent, the mad race for survival to extract from society a bit of status and dignity, turned men into beings without purity or judgment. Values fell to the bottom, savagery was prevalent. The idea of revenge turned into pieces the good notes inserted into the evolutionary interior of humanity: “Thou shall not kill” not yourself or others, fell into nothing.

A few voices rose claimed to those who would hear: you will not kill by means of words or lowly actions, or by hand, knife or lethal weapon! You will not kill by your thoughts (watch it!) for all of these belongs to barbarians, and while ignorant men do not make a final decision in their hearts, the human tragedy will continue to be repeated. Then there will not be a remedy for pain.

When will men reach a level of self-protection and truth good enough to be protected from pain? It is really necessary to learn to forgive and make a huge effort to rise to this level of conscience and reach internal peace for oneself to offer it to others. {Chronicle 058}

New Planetary Order (Registry of a walker - II)

[12/04/2016] Second part of the found registry, passed the year 2000, written by a girl named Soraya, with provisions for the planet. A homage to the participants of the history of the planetary ascension.

The next step towards the making this goal was given, primarily by the sustaining internally of the Order, Light and Love. Followed and as a consequence, many people that are in occupations of strategic value in the world, were touched at their Center of Good Will, and decided to do whatever seemed needed towards the integration, as a first step of their region and then, of the Planet as a whole.

It was not easy at the beginning because of the great differences between a country and the next. There was extreme poverty, social and cultural development, economical and political changes – but thanks to beings of good will and a true purpose of loving service for life, it was perceived that the question was not to highlight the differences but to find a common sense and a common purpose, making it possible to live the reality of Brotherhood and Peace among the people of a planet that we all inhabit.

It is of importance to highlight that at no moment there was a confrontation between the old power and the New Planetary Order. Simply put, the beings engaged with the Living Presence that is in them, started doing what they had to: to listen to the Center for the Generation of the Order, Light and Love and follow what it meant. They said “enough” to the tripod of “money, power and sex” in their lifes. To what generated the human atrocities for thousands of years.” [Special Registry – SMP] 086

Governments under lack of control

{12/12/2010} Governments, what do we need them for? To satisfy the needs of the people, to serve them. Why was it so hard to understand this logic in the past? Why was the administrative machine, that should be a means to development, progress and well being for world populations, failing in the hands of greedy, incapable and selfish people?

The historians could explain, but the understanding when going deeply would show that the individual responsibilities in the construction of a society, was still out of tune.

How am I responsible when the government that I select does not correspond to what I want? Where did I go wrong? How did humans allowed into the governing positions for public service individuals are barely trained, without experience or morals?

All of these are related to the slow changing of humans, who reject the new and are fearful so many persist on their errors, choosing the known, really forgetting the reach of harm caused by a bad government. Society pays for the disarray, entangled in several political parties than are always motivated by promises of happiness without effort, illusions of magical thinking that “everything will be all right “ – entire populations through the world elected the wrong representatives, over and over, risking the precarious democracy built through the times.

The urgent need for homes, food or better purchasing power influenced the masses at the time of the elections, choosing the “fatherly” that promised most miracles. At other countries fear of the middle classes to lose their small status, kept getting mediocre governments, and in other countries, named “the developed ones,” the power of the wealthy kept in power the strong heads that guaranteed inertia and suffocated the social harmony. At some other countries the great ignorant multitudes pushed “downward” the elected ones, while at others the interest of the few kept in the governing side the ones that loved to argue and fight, the backward, the imperialists without a heart and the exaggerated nationalists.

The representative government is supposed to have as a cause a people with intelligence that are efficient and universal. Then humanity would ascend to this level. With good will, faith and action this new world could be built. {Chronicle 059}

The Diversity Unity (Registry for a walker – I)

[11/20/2016] The three following registries are a part of a story found in ancient writings, at a primitive magnetic disk of a computer right after the year 2000. The person that wrote it is a girl named Soraya, who already could see the forthcoming changes for the planet. This publication is homage to the walkers that sustained the light, when the darkness was still a threat:

“Earth remains in peace. Thousands of beings go from one side to the other of the planet in wonder of the living styles of each town and the culture. The majority of these people have never left their birth places and not even other areas or cities of their own countries. Now they are experiencing other worlds and are expanding their possibilities of a new conscience.

The falling of the borders between the countries made possible to the world for a great leap in conscience and perception, thus increasing the quality of life. Everyone acquired a sense of unity and at the same time of diversity: we live in the same world, the planet earth and at the same time, each people has their own characteristics. This is one of the basic directives of the Planetary Government: the sense of Unity in Diversity. As it was said in the last edition, we will tell more about our history of integration and Unity". [Special Registry – SMP] 085

The bad human actions

{11/28/2010} Justification came to be a habit for the people, more than ever through the whole of the history of humanity. If in ancient times living conditions were precarious and knowledge was distant, in 2010, at an era of information and technology as a world net, knowledge was far more accessible for whoever searched, although the power of decision seemed weak. To every evil that appeared there was an excuse. For each incongruence for the social system, an excuse. For each mistake, a lack of commitment and decision to correct it.

The disbelief in the political and economical system touched bottom for the people, that did not perceive their responsibility in the disruption of the social order. Isolated at their particular work, men delegated at their unions and categories their struggle for their rights, to the “government” the solving of the unequal economies, to the social agents the solution of health and education problems, distortion of the systems, punishment and prison for criminals.

At all sides the truth of what was wrongly done is clear; at the ill planned cities, the badly paved and worse kept roads, the lack of preservation of city property, for everything that was being built, manufactured, sold or serviced, in all you could clearly see lack of care and interest for the fellow beings or for nature. Or there were clear knowledge and view of toxic agricultural tainted food or too expensive produce and meats, or buildings that were falling apart; people that could not get medical emergency attention, lack of ambulances, medicine. People badly dressed, badly nourished, showing clear signs of lack of sleep and to be living an illusion of having found the formula for happiness consuming but not getting satisfied.

The repertoire of wonderful actions for the humans grew as well, silently. Who could name them? Which of those actions for unity and practiced by society could do to provide an impulse for transformation? {Chronicle 060}

The Golden Era

[11/06/2016] Questions related about the true identity of God were the impulse towards the change for the Golden Era. At confirmation that the only divine reality is Love and Total Wellness, the individuals turned away from fear and the new civilization could flourish.

During several thousand years men was coerced by torturing ideas of a vindictive Creator that punished freely. This generated fear, pay-back and hatred among men that felt they had the right to interpret the “Godly Will” in their own ways and to place the neighbor where they thought they should be, including taking away their lives. If God is all Love and the energy is based among this principle, there is nothing to be afraid of, nor oppose life for Love heals, grows, glorifies, generates and pleases the most demanding of the human beings.

It is surprising to study the human history and verify that so much destruction was caused by the erroneous interpretation of God. Imagine the whole planetary system, economy, science, education, society, everything growing and attempting to progress with distorted ideas about the true nature of God, imagining in command an irate Father that punished and in charge of life throughout the whole universe. Fear changed the vision of men and influenced his own conscientious evolution, his actions, impulse the disbelief and rebelliousness, thus taking away millions of lives.

Although the decision to search for the truth, the will to change and finally, the concrete action of human beings that were awake, broke the ties of intellectual limitations and made humanity to be awake as well from their sleep-like time, to finally reach the light! [Registry 084]

Virtual voluntary assistance

{11/14/2010} What could change? Everyone asked. While scientists talking basically of doom, aimed to the possibilities of polar melting and nearby forthcoming Tsunamis, the optimist said that men could adapt to anything and still be a part of difficult times. But how could there the unity if so few took their time to move forward?

In the middle of the challenges of the century, the populations continued forward, programmed for daily survival. As time passed the disappointment of scandals – a daily matter – corruption and more corruption seemed endless and that men could never free himself from it. People that were 60, 70 or older were more conscious, even though the physical effort acquired by the rigors of maintaining a quality of life, plus the load of shame of not having been able to rid themselves of greed and ambition as everyone else
Climate continued hammering on the people at both hemispheres. Being able to adapt to heat or cold and other climate changes was being discussed. Water usage controls started everywhere; first as statistics and then alerting and rationing. There was water and fire at rebellions everywhere. Nature fires, tremendous storms, destruction of cities and harvests, flooding and devastation. In the middle of these troubles, craziness at the alarming news.

At this times, charity and solidarity started to be virtual; with a click, millions would be transferred to institutions that would preserve forests or children from malnutrition. The people were eager to contribute with stocks, having their busy times unavailable so they looked to delegate their power and actions into others to proceed. But would these actions be enough? What was it that kept imprisoned so many of the good men and women? {Chronicle 061}

God of Love

[10/23/2016] At this year end of 2016 we can register the progress the planet is reaching on its new evolution stage: a just society, with guaranteed liberty for every individual, managed by good leaders, resulting in great progress on all areas of human knowledge. It is worth noting that the forthcoming of the conscious spiritual relationship between God and men – the so-called Cosmic conscience – has been like a spring propelling individual and collective progress never seen before. The understanding of the idea of a God of Love, The Father for humanity and the resulting brotherhood of men, enlarged relations of the individuals towards the notion of a universal family, changed everything previously established, mostly taken for granted concepts and making the rebirth of values, adding to the evolutionary challenge of men new parameters about self perfectioning.

The desire to move forward took a different proportion, not being restricted to the individual values, nor physical or mental, or of emotion control, but searching the activation for all the spiritual potential in every one of us, through experience and daily practice, studies and taking notes, so the registry would be established for the individual advances. What was of the most interest is that at reaching a set level of experience and and knowledge for the majority of men, those dedicated to matters of the spirit, acquire coherence between the word and the action, turning them into a special impersonal source of energy, wisdom and love. As the number of wisemen among us grows larger and spreading in all fields, on each continent multitudes of humans seem to be pushed upwards by the conquered levels, so from this situation emerges an indication of a new civilization. How far would we reach? [Registry 083]

The earth repopulated

{10/31/2010} Normaly in the day to day men take care of “their own lives.” Daily they work the land, the feed themselves and then rest. Although millions are still stuck in the evolutionary world, disregarding the potential ascending spiritual powers. They maintain their bodies well but ignore their souls. Earth gets new spiritual beings, but those that arrive get submerged into the fog of mediocrity and lack of values.

Alienation of a good part of the latter generations of the second millenium reached the top of individuality around 2010. Molded by the picky society of purchasing, plus the never hidden power of the economy, started to program their lives based on concepts dictated by de god money: that is get an education, marry, children, travel. Everything was directed towards acquiring the logic of the financial values and convenience. Formality was lost but spontaneity was gained and into easier solutions. The “get married and get separated,” the fast marriages, the sexual touching at party gatherings, reinforced the thinking that “what’s important is to be happy” when what was really of value would have been to discover earthly knowledge, instead of living mechanically and thinking that happiness is a cheap ‘pop-up.’

The newer generations born after the year 2000, where eager to see the world and the possibilities of real life. They question their parents, demanded too much attention and carried the seal of life on their foreheads. The planet was ready for a transformation. {Chronicle 062}

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Unfolding the space

[09/10/2016] Communication and expansion. Thought and materialization. Transmigration and timelessness. We are advancing the knowledge of space. While science is engaged in the affairs of the time, with so many universal adventures to make, life extension, improvement of learning systems to free up time, etc., another group of young scientists focuses on the knowledge of the properties of space.

How many memories fit superimposed on the brain? You can see simultaneous planes of existence in the same space? Is the physical, chemical, energetic body real and exists in how many dimensions? If the divine nature is the whole, what space do we occupy? Do we only exist in terms of time, as the virtuality surrounding us?

For millennia man has ventured in search of knowledge about time. Now the space is subject of investigations with the help of old and new knowledge of quantum physics combined with new machines capable of profound experiences on the matter, antimatter, the nature of places, of being. To know the space is to open doors to be in multiple dimensions, and what we are seeking is the migration with present consciousness. Good luck to the researchers! [Record 082]

Economy in bankruptcy

{17/10/2010} Human beings were ever more prepared to take the common good in their lives. The understanding of a more pure relationship with others has opened borders to expand the brotherhood of man. The current economic model however was an irrational and predatory consumption machine of the planet. And the economy flopped again. The crisis came to hit China, Russia and Europe, splashing in other countries. It was not possible to maintain the unity built between European countries without a global inclusion strategy.

The new economic debacle was established once again from Europe. Even with the strengthening of the European Union and the attempts of market adjustments of North and South America, many countries were left out, and the continents, among them, did not promote the necessary adjustments to evolve to a single system. With the continuation of wars and threats of new conflicts between nations, trade did not prosper for an economy of peace. Changes were required in the strategy of the leading countries. And the change was for global governance, only one economy, close to the Planetary and Divine Government and respecting it. A great leader appeared with proposes for changes. {Chronic 063}

In peace with the Soul

[25/09/2016] In the mid 20th century it was reported that the real and absolute being is the spirit. Men however selected their beliefs in order to build faceted process for the interpretation of the reality and for this reason have taken so long to ascend to the light. Now, people with knowledge of the spiritual nature of life, the need for soul growth and internal connection are committed for the improvement of the manifestations of their souls, more experienced in matters of reaching God.

Human beings have access to the means to verify the yearnings of their souls through tests and individual questionnaires and seek to deepen that communication, to redefine life goals. Any questioning of the profound nature can be a clue to the level of experience that will be necessary for each individual to unfold their inner connection and achieve the goals when they came to the planet. Thus, divine values are being rediscovered through this contact with the souls. One who whishes peace and is seeking the true altruism, wants to know the goodness, or is advancing by questioning about justice, mercy, creativity or choose what type of work, study or action that will be taken in daily life to come close to the subjects of study that are of interest soul. To arrive graduated in higher planes became as concrete as the school achievement on earth. [Record 081]

Open universe

{03/10/2010} In 2010 men saw some mysteries of the universe revealed. Discovered the possibility of life outside the solar system and deepened the understanding of the planetary system. Their vision about the immensity and the microcosm was expanded; they were open to the divine and wonderful experience of planetary life. Internally they were able to verify the existence of the Great Architect of the Universe as the center of everything, One Center, and rushed into the expansion of consciousness, ever experienced.

Their findings included animal, vegetable and mineral life systems, the movements of winds and tides, and the confirmation - again - that a small leave falling of a tree actually serves to balance life on the planet. It also confirmed the healing power of light and the need of balance between the mind and emotions as a way to prevent wars and disharmony.

The prevention services have been strengthened, social movements of planetary life care and human care were redefined, and spiritual societies began to feel the weight of the responsibility for having exploited people for so long, without having given them the Truth to release the Spirit. Large earthquakes rocked structures, both the physical world and the religious institutions. And the fallacy of those who called themselves prophets was revealed, putting down the myths. And many left to seek the mystical practice for inner communion with God. {Chronic 064}

New clothes

[11/09/2016] Natural synthetic fibers have become artifacts of our garments since the advent of the new humanity. Clothing was an important advance for bringing comfort, care and protection to the body in the last three years. Who was accustomed to virtual dressing room, where it was necessary to take measures of the body, the registry of data in a computer and to wait for the programming of the manufactured clothing in a semi industrial way, will have fun with the new dressing, a moving arc which one enters for the scanning of all measures and volumes of the body. Then the cloth is manufactured.

Hot and cold, wet and dry areas of the body are also mapped for the definition of the materials and also the thicknesses in order to manufacture the clothes. After given a purpose, chosen color or pattern and added some details, specific to the individual taste, the chief dressing commands the manufacturing of the cloth that is ready in less than 20 minutes after the process started.

This is possible because the new fabric, a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers, small particles are injected into the machine designer who creates a virtual puppet of the client's body and expel the fibers that are being joined by fiber gluing, producing a garment perfect for the body, according to the model chosen. It was very easy and comfortable to wear at any occasion and also improves physical performance, made to protect the body when needed. With the advantage that the material is fully recyclable and clothes in use serve as input to re-create new pieces. [Record 080]

Golden generation

{19/09/2010} Many of the volunteer spirits that were born on earth were already reaching their seventh year of life, and children began to express early consciousness, manifesting an unusual understanding. They arrived immunized against forgetting. One little illuminated word when said to them would reverberate internally in their beings and they were awake. They understood things more than their parents, absorbed knowledge like food and had a lot of determination and sensitivity.

They were able to process information received from the world and to understand the pain and suffering of humanity - so much pain, so many souls hurt by ignorance - but that did not let them down. They rapidly began transforming the negativity to good possibilities for the future.

The ideas sprouted in schools, within families, communities and were supported by parents, governments, social organizations, as for a long time they were crying out for a breath of life into the soul of the planet. The language of love each time became more present. {Chronic 065}

Flying in waves

[28/08/2016] During the preparation of these planetary records, remarkable advances have occurred in the field of leisure associated with music. A form of art that largely consists of combining sounds and silence, music has been used to express different emotions of joy, worship, love, patriotic feelings, and even the mechanics of the body. The sound waves are used to clean environments, motivate, teach, lead, entertain and even heal the physical, mental and emotional level of the human being. But they were never used for flying, only acting in the supporting role, as the soundtrack, visual arts, theatrical events, and multiple art forms.

Scientists from the Laboratory of Higher Art, in Asia, discovered a trasnsmigratory property of sound waves that work in conjunction with gravity and are resistant to the gravitational action when activated together with brain waves. Something like "think along with the song" allows the lifting of body of the floor and the movements in the air at wavelengths similar to the waves emitted in the symphony. The experience has been replicated in chambers used to recreate the absence of gravity for the astronauts, but tests are being made for outdoor use.

- Fly with music, why not, if the human being already flies with the thought and the emotions for millennia? [Record 079]

Challenges of transformation

{05/09/2010} While millions of new beings were inserted in all parts of the world, skeptics shook their head in denial when the light came. Not all humans were prepared for the birth of this new generation that would enhance the new civilization. Most people just had not realized the perfect relationship between the material plane of existence and the higher planes. They did not knew that the ideas of genetic enhancements are originated from the highest circles of the universe and humans have being coping these ideas for years, either for the improvement in the plant kingdom, animal or even for the selection of partners and partnerships.

The new breed of spirits, prepared for the challenges of planetary transformation, were incarnated on the planet already for seven years. Many have lived only a few hours, bringing grief to parents, but it was a price to pay to ensure the arrival of millions of spirits (volunteers) who survived.

Meanwhile that increased the responsibility of parents. Despite the damage caused by the exaggerated individualism, consumerism created by the shallowness and the anxieties generated by economic disparity, which restricted the advances of the population, was large the number of parents increasingly committed to maintaining a loving treatment of their offspring, seeking to educate and support their children. The new generation has flourished in every corner of the planet. {Chronic 066}

Global Religion

[14/08/2016] The evolution of consciousness is liberation. Man is free to advance in new areas of knowledge and is living unusual experiences with great lessons to learn. Thus grow the followers of conducted dreams, the practices of surveillance, the experiments with water, fire, air, deprivation of senses aiming its maximization, among others.

- Why so many experiences, some might say? It is not enough for men their internal encounter with the Father, their journey of spiritual reconnection, the discovery of so many wonders in this world done to perfection?

- Men are more mature, more confident, others respond. That’s why they investigate where there was no freedom to explore before, allowing them to find new ways, new questions, and new directions. Now they can walk with confidence, because there is truth to subsidize them in the search. And the motivating interests of discovery are not handled by economics or politics of the past.

Development, motivated by the pursuit of common good in social relations of peace in a harmonious society, is highly stimulating for the individual, integrated and co-participating in the building of the well-being of others. And the new era that is contributing for building a common language will facilitate, at some point, a religion with a global perspective. [Record 078]

Rupture and rebirth

{22/08/2010} The process of change is disruption. The seed sprouts and bursts the shell. Humans erupt from the bowels. The flower rips the button. The sun hurts the eyes of those that are watching the sun rising. And a lot of beauty comes after the chaos! One of the greatest treasures brought in the midst of transformation is the understanding!

And the seeds germinated, children began to sow in the deserts, the adults - before refractory to change - agreed to abide the "orders of the small" in order to change habits, to stop the destruction, exacerbated greed, selfishness. The vast planetary information network has supported the fact that part of the world population sees themselves as one people, speaking one language, acting like a big family, where the coin of love helped to bridge any challenge or obstacle.

The internal process of change, those men and women of good will could no longer be stopped by any force - because the common good is impersonal - is not owned by one person, it is an internal achievement, when it relies on the Truth and Light promotes the ascension of everyone, from one level to another, brighter, more enlightened. And with the change reverberating inside the earth shook even stronger. But men were strengthened by the light and did not succumb. {Chronic 067}

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Preventive service

[31/07/2016] Presently, each individual born on the planet already finds a world evolved in love and consideration. The planet, a hospitable place, now offers more comfort and technical support for those who incarnate here. From the union of nature with human beings have emerged highly morally, conceptually, and philosophically developed societies. Yet, as individuals grow, they continue using their free will to decide when, how, and why they want or not to follow or become part of this evolution.

Conscious of the subordination to the Divine, Planetary, and human, which individuals come to know early on in life, the new society has been developing in an ascending, horizontal, and vertical manner. Such that the new human being also finds a method of coming closer to truth which leads them to taking more responsibility for their actions, in an effort of self-awareness and then permanent self-evaluation.

By proclaiming the existence of the Divine particle, the I Am, the individual takes control over his current of life and begins transmuting denials and deceptions beyond the energy currents of the environment in which it lives. The best service of prevention is that which the individual takes on as a natural part of his own evolution. [Registry 077]

The confrontation between the old and the new

{08/08/2010} Human beings, in their quest for evolution and perfection find opposition in their path, from the conservative parts they have within. One who wants to be altruistic will find the egoistic. One who wants to be generous will face the profiteer, and so forth. That is why change is so slow. Each effort one makes to fix something, to make it better, to do it well, will be faced with someone saying that they are trying too hard, that others will take advantage of their service or that their effort to do better will not be acknowledged. When one gives ears to these comments, they stop taking unitive action. These are contradictory acts that accumulate on the planet, keeping evolution stagnant. In order for the world to evolve, we must know the contradictory forces we have within us and which externally manifest though others.

On the other hand, when we overcome the contradictions and organize our mind and our heart, we are able to advance by practicing what we call goodness, gaining more and more strength and coming closer to our divine essence.

The history of humanity is an immense reservoir, full of millions of evolutionary actions opposed by contradictory forces that cancel out part of the strategy of progress, seeping progress in small proportions. What was seen, starting in 2010, was the unlocking of the floodgates of all these progressive demonstrations. Humanity’s reactive, contradictory part gave way and let the evolutionary forces pass, increasing the reservoir of unitive actions. People thus gained strength and dimension, such as there was no way to hold them back. {Chronicle 068}

“Prison System”

[17/07/2016] – Is there a worst prison than being bound to the shadow of self-deception?

In the Holy Star of Liberation, our planet, the large and small faults still exist. Many get lost in the path of liberation. One individual may rebel against certain rules, another may become vain and want to be better than others: the tests of growth are increasingly devastating for those who aspire to a universal career.

The different levels of surrender produce individuals who are more or less open to recycling energies, cleaning points of darkness, aware of themselves and of others. But the art of finding one’s true aptitude, accepting one’s function in permanent change, following orders and knowing how to guide, can be disturbed by small dissonances, natural to the process of growth, without which progress would not be possible. There is no growth without friction. When individuals systematically choose wrong, this can become evil, sin or iniquity.

The Service of Spiritual Prevention of Planet Earth was created in the past to prevent significant damage to the spiritual progress of humanity in facing major conflicts that would occur. Today, the Council of the Elderly, the CEVIM, and other citizen institutions offer support so that the choices of individuals may lead to growth and learning, and do not disturb the common peace. The isolation of one individual can only occur for procedures to increase the consciousness about actions undertaken and reparation of damage. No one has the freedom to do harm to others in a deliberate or unlimited way. [Registry 076]

Team Work

{25/07/2010} Examples of courage, talent and overcoming were seen over the history of sports. The good winds, such as the World Cup, brought new breath to humanity then. Men and women participated in the most advanced sports competition on the planet, which delighted people for having similar characteristics as the evolution of the human race: the development of individual skills, favoring teamwork in the effort of advancing together.

Each country, with its history and its diversity, was respected, and freedom of expression was ensured in a message of faith to the planet, showing that all can be brothers and vibrate in the same syntony.

The climate, however, still reacted and raged in furies and storms. Everything seemed urgent and unavoidable. Was it a preparation for chaos?

- When would the planet find balance between man and nature? Would it be soon or was it still distant? New meetings were scheduled among leaders, new global actions, old discussions and new protests. A new economic crisis emerged in Europe and more wars in Africa. No one saw when it all started but a giant black shadow approached Asia. And many started to pray and pray.

The US President was unaware of its strength at the time and often sought conciliation with the reconcilable. The President had no idea of the magnitude of support that could come not only from the population who elected him, but from the entire world. And thus the country kept ideas of sovereignty incompatible with the new order that was starting, and took long to advance. He used the illegitimate right to veto to maintain his will, but it was known to all that imposed leadership is tyranny. {Chronicle 069}

Prodigious children

– Who are the bad students? Who within us does not want to learn and grow? And what about those who are indifferent to the truth and make their own laws without caring about the consequences of their rebellion in the course they take?

The evolutionary world understands duality and its contradictions. It is a pre-unified world, but continues to be dual. What individuals have at their reach is the tangible possibility of internal unification and expression of their Spiritual Being, which before was not accessible to most. But each one if free to make their choices between good and evil.

The Planetary Government supports individual freedom and the Divine Government keeps the doors to self-government and the expression of the Being open. In an Era of Light and Love, the forces are balanced, bringing energy balance and stable vibrational level to human beings. The planet is protected from major cosmic oscillations. Individuals are protected from their own energies. That enables even greater progress, because there is an external-internal support of the human action, in consonance with the Divine Assistance that now governs the Planet. The rebellious students are the prodigious children, and God wants to celebrate them, when they attempt to undertake the way back. [Registry 075]

Freeing consciousness

{11/07/2010} When consciousness is activated it produces a small metamorphosis inside us. At one moment we are totally identified with our losses, a pain we feel, a moral blow, the failed capacity to react – and the next moment we are facing the throne of decision, which does not relegate our pains to trivial oblivion, but raises and dignifies them surrendering them to higher judgment. It is the time of the “flight” to within, upward, and above.

That is the moment when personality no longer has room to foster the whining, where we give up the temptation to continue suffering and hating: it is the decision to hand in the “package”, so to speak, of the anguishing file of events, which is inadvertently or masochistically viewed and reviewed over and over again.

It is a personal, non-transferable, non-postponable decision, which comes from the bottom of the heart and from the wisest part of our minds and hearts. Seize it and take it. And the small miracle of consciousness will arise: liberation! Thus we are liberated and liberate others. Are we capable of forgiving? Are we capable of surrendering the weapons, the hate, and the attachment to revenge?

That was the question that permeated the changes in 2010. It was mid-2010 and many felt the “new winds blowing.” They let the good air flow and breathed it in; then they exhaled, sending it to more people. Forgiveness is divine and it takes place at this level. {Chronicle 070}

Considerations about free will

[19/06/2016] “In the evolutionary experience I find the incentive to advance. But sometimes I react and rebel. In the liberation of the mind I find the necessary Peace to proceed and resume the point lost. In the liberation of the Spirit, I find the First Source and Center, but I don’t remain there, except out of the flesh, and I must persist. Is such effort worthwhile?"

These notes, made by a university student, set out the current challenges that a human being faces in present times. It is possible to find peace, but at relative levels. And the progress and falls are significantly greater than in the old world of “killing or living.”

Here, the achievement is that of the soul, the subtle matter. The connection comes through the Spirit and communication must be moderated, educating the lower mental parts, to reach the truth. What is lost with the stumbles is the view of oneself and of the whole, in addition to the “beyond the horizon” view, an image that for many is clear, but for others can lead to rebellion and precipitated choices.

Those who imagined a future of calm and peace stopped placing the levels of evolutionary requirement of the current world. The more you receive, the more you must give. Thus the reason for several institutions created which focus on the evolution and liberation of the Being, impersonal service, etc. While incarnated matter, the human being with free will can decide to stop advancing or give power to an ambition that goes against the common good. That is the reason for separating the weed from the wheat, actually in terms of level of consciousness; where individuals separate according to their pace in the quest for progress. [Registry 074]

The vaccine against hate

{27/06/2010} Each human nation that held to the idea of unlimited national sovereignty continued fostering insecurity and fear. The East maintained this practice until the end of those dark times: the virus of sovereignty and the disease of war. Only a great leader would be able to inoculate the vaccine. Thus the return of the Messiah was long awaited. Not to separate the weed from the wheat with the purifying fire, but to assuage the contamination inoculated in the hearts of men, which did not enable curing the soul.

- How to awaken the dormant capacity of forgiving? Would forgiveness not be a metamorphosis of the soul, by releasing the cocoon of personality, of the Ego, takes on a greater flight to reach Divinity? Would human beings be prepared? It was soon proven to be true. Many were not only prepared but anxiously waiting for the change. They did not know how many lives were yet to perish in the final confrontations, nor whether they would survive to see the times of peace, but they would surrender their lives for the return of the light.

There resides true courage and pure altruism. Taking action without expecting results. Surrendering to serve others, embracing Love as the higher power. Many reverberated the Divine Light and many supported the Flame, in a Glorious ascension of the planetary body. They were immolated through the uncommon impersonal service for grandiose causes, such as the advent of Forgiveness and the strengthening of Divine Justice. And Peace was in course, while many did not know. {Chronicle 071}

About freedom and religion

[05/06/2016] The freedom of all is perfectly respected in the evolved worlds. The true evolution of man only occurred after all agreed to delegate the sovereignty of the peoples to a Global Government and religious sovereignty to a super-human level, to the very God. Previously, there was no equality among the religions or religious freedom, because men tried to impose the sovereignty of their own religion over others.

The doors were opened, the seals broken, and what was seen was the brotherhood of man, through the Fatherhood of a Single God. Freed from the contamination of war, men were able to evolve at the consciousness level, and a new level in the evolutionary scale was established.

It is not surprising that in the past men found it difficult to imagine an evolved world. Their minds were contaminated by powerful viruses, which distorted their vision of the All and prevented them from thinking if not through the viewpoint of competition and power, which inevitably led to war. Most great human confrontations, whether real or fictional, were resolved by force.

The mind, free of these diseases could finally work in co-participation to create, and men were able to access spiritual partnerships to accomplish their work, promote the common good, and facilitate individual progress.

That is when the true role of the Legions was discovered. Pointed out as groups of “good and evil” angels in constant conflicts, wars and falls, man realized that he imagined them as in his likeness, when it was very much the contrary. [Registry 073]