Sunday, 18 November 2007

Records Available

[10/11/2013] Now each individual, in their hierarchical origin; each person in their plan of life; each Being in their Planetary mission can have an exact perception of their origin, existence, and purpose. Thus, conscious of the reason behind their choices; conscious of the stages achieved, each Being now existing in imperceptible matter can recommand themselves little by little and postulate for service for the next stage of existence.

Note: This entry addresses only mnemonic data from the Universal Memory, which can be accessed by other evolutionary beings, by humans who are still experiencing the mortal life, or by any other creature with the capacity to connect with this level, in other inhabited experimental plants. It is the same process as was used by Homo sapiens to communicate with the “spiritual” or “extraterrestrial world” through “channeling and incorporations.”

Just as many human beings were already conscious of the existence of the Akashic Books or Universal Records, these and other records will be available for those who wish to access them. [Entry 6].

The enemy is inside

{11/18/2007} Our Spiritual consciousness says “up and ahead” and we know that we cannot take the leap without looking very deeply inwards. Not without pouring light upon our dark parts. Not without taking our worst intentions out from the darkness and slumber, our secret vileness, our selfishness, our indifference, the spine that closes our hearts. Handing in our thief, exposing the vanity we have inside, disclosing the envious part we have inside, confessing the rancor we let live inside of us. Ultimately deciding to stop throwing our internal garbage onto others and learning how to recycle it.

Our garbage comes from the trivial use of language, hearsay, and critical opinions that arise toward others’ mistakes. It comes from the vibrations of anger and resentment, distrust and prejudice, disrespect to laws and to our neighbor. It comes from good intentions that are never taken to practice and which pollute our soul with contradictions. It comes from the laziness of doing what is right; from the voluptuousness of another moment of pleasure, of the pseudo-satisfaction of possessing, of having; from the secret desire to trample on others and pride oneself of one’s ‘qualities.’

But not all is lost, as Moses would say before the great sea ahead. Many of our intentions have become actions. Each time we prepare for what we will say and do. We have already forsaken having the last word, discussing, affronting. We have sought consensus, diplomacy, and teamwork. We have returned what does not belong to us. We have bettered our surroundings. We have tried not to accumulate. Consciousness continues to grow despite so many contradictions. We will reach the level of change, we will turn the game around, once again, balancing out the opposite, duality, and differences.

And how can we measure this? How to state with such certainty? In the legitimate wish that exists in the Unit – humankind as a whole – of freeing itself from fear and embarking in higher flights toward the Spirit. Millions are doing this. Between him, you. {Chronicle 139}

Sunday, 4 November 2007


[10/27/2013 - Sunday] With the first dawns of the New World, most voluntary beings in this evolutionary phase, materialized by the ascension of the planet-body, experienced a period of adaptation to the new vibrational level, even though most of their bodies had already been prepared.

The process occurred through the encapsulation of humans during a period of “hibernation,” in a conscious operational state, in which they had access to understanding how the changes took place.

Once they were disconnected from their old earthly physical bodies, the existing physical matter took on a normal multidimensional perception, and memory, a retrospective of the evolutionary path treaded, along with the balancing of all earthly or other memories, and the full consciousness of the advances and progress in their perfectible existence.

The channels of internal connection between the new physical body reintegrated to the soul and the Law, within each one, were perfected through the Blessing shed by the Great Universal Mentor on this occasion. [Entry 5]

Evolutionary step of humankind

{11/04/2007 - Sunday} In this world of my God, as is commonly said here, much effort has been made for the development of consciousness in the human being. Millions of voices calling for justice, social peace, assistance to less developed peoples, harmony among Nations and now the urgent and pressing need to protect natural resources before everything becomes a planetary-wide catastrophe.

How many civilizations on Earth have felt this emergency? How many levels of evolution has humankind achieved since the first primate came to be? What leaps in consciousness has it been able to take? What perception of reality has it reached and what level must it reach now to hold back the disaster that approaches?

This is not the futurology of apocalypse. I am talking of the inner calamity that each one feels inside each time their senses capture some extreme discord still produced by the human being. Of this inner shock of sadness, shame, embarrassment, pity, of which we seek to flee with each terrifying vision of what we are capable of doing to other human beings, to the planet. I am talking of hunger, waste, misery, disorder, assassinations, wars, fratricide, robbery, hate, and all the ailments that we are still capable of producing around us.

These millions of voices that cry out, what is their level of consciousness? Some cry because they suffer the consequences of violence. Others ask for those who suffer and because they cannot stand to see their neighbor be harmed. Others yet distanced or protected from local misery, want to know about the planet and its afflictions and unite in the effort of helping those in needs, whoever they may be. How many levels of consciousness are there? How many conscious actions do we need to achieve the evolutionary turn for humankind? {Chronicle 140}.