Sunday, 20 September 2009

System for a Just Interchange

[09/13/2015] With the forthcoming of the Global Government for Humanity came the true democracy, in respect to the individual liberty and that of the nations. Also the currency was organized globally in a way to strengthen world commerce, following ethical rulings and totally directed to serve the real human needs. The actual commerce system looks into the value of quality, beauty and usefulness of each product, in order to promote a continuous advance in the technology and design, being that of a drinking cup or a planetary vessel.

Once the practice of usury and monetary gains ended, the production of any goods, that was not made with the quality needed or that was safe for its use was extinguished. Commerce is now a source of permanent satisfaction between the user and the businessman, being at the acquisition of a tool for the garden or towards a corporal covering – now everything shows authenticity in the relation of parts and the just value for the objects.

Aldo for he who purchases, satisfaction in the purchasing action is not based as before in the sense of possession, but in the possibility of realization of a job, or project to complete. As well as on the part of those who market, a new shine is present among those who present that service: the good practices are rescued for a just interchange and a good relationship with your neighbor. [Registry 54]

Discussions over the end of the world

{09/20/2009} The possibility of a planetary physical catastrophe that would eliminate the human race started to be openly discussed as a daily matter in 2009. Pessimist people said that men would not stop the wave of destruction of nature and would continue dilapidating irrationally the natural resources until everything was terminated, casing wars in the whole planet. Men would not stop until reaching its own auto destruction. Optimist people analyzed that, as serious the situation as it could be for the planetary crisis, there was in man a positive instinct of auto preservation, that at the end would manifest itself, thereby changing the direction and saving the human race and the planet.

The changes where already on their way, but many humans had more expectations for unexpected situations, apocalyptical, to mark the passage towards a new era. Besides, there was a great confusion in respect to the idea of survival of the species and of the souls. While some created agricultural communities searching for self supply of needs in case of the breakup of the system, others prayed in belief that thorough a critical situation of the planet they would be save and transported physically to some other type of paradise. Others, simply ignored the happenings under the belief that nothing really changes. {Chronicle 91}

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Aspects of Life

[08/30/2015] The search for the real values and matters of the spirit took over at this decade. That, which the mortal man knew as values in the past, was a partial knowledge and temporary to the Eternal Reality. Now it is possible to go in more and more, until silence starts and the internal registry starts to flourish to the conscience. It is then that many discover the possibility of interacting with the internal master and get acquainted with the true nature of the Being of Beauty, the richness of the Being of Virtue, plus more tones of Justice and many other values accessible to the human beings.

It is important to note that at this new era for humanity, men again begin to be apprentices. Similar to the periods of flourishing, what turns up now, all over, is a sincere desire to know the philosophical aspects of life, the knowledge of things, and the honesty of work and to acquire a cosmic vision, being that the veils disappeared and men searches for spiritual knowledge. This is why it is of the utmost importance that all the transformation of the teaching system, converting education in a life system. [Registry 53]

Widening horizons

{09/06/2009} A challenge over the character of the human investigation, is that of that at the conventional churches there was no freedom for the search of the truth; the man established religions restricted or models human thought according to inappropriate concepts to reach the internal vision of the Spirit. It was needed to formulate the correct question in order to find the key to the change. And many went to look for their own experiences so that they could get closer to the Truth. And they widened their vision over the destinies of humanity as a whole. And they acquire spiritual vision and knew, at their steps, how to indicate the path for many others.

The enlightened beings that inhabited the planet around the year 2009 lived the planetary dilemma, of knowing the truth, but of being unable to make use of it, unless for the construction of their own cosmic identity. Nevertheless, it was this identity under construction that got transformed into a generator, producing pure energy to feed the Cosmic Monument that joined the net of planetary light and the magnetic points for the earth. All of the groups of voluntary beings working consciously, maintaining harmony in the middle of chaos. Then, it wasn’t all destruction and violence. Under the mud, green began to grow for a new era. {Chronicle 92}

Spiritual Progress

[16/08/2015] The old man took time to change his ways and thoughts. Gasping for air through the heavy genetics he carried upon the social beliefs and way of life under which he was created, saw new ideas, but refused heavily to adopt them to change his way of life. He listened once and again about the need for self-acknowledgement, the wonder of taking a surveillance flight for his soul, to connect with the Divine System that ruled over the whole Universe, but he resisted to take the step.

Now the change methods became the delight of millions of human beings of all ages, the search of wisdom turned into art, and the changes became too fast as the technological advances that prospered in the latter years of the old system. Such as man one day discovered the infinite possibilities of the matter, now he shows the reality of spiritual progress and the permanence of the divine spirit in itself. And the material aspects of life flourished. Science and the spirit got harmonized into the materialization of new life systems, thus creating a real support system to the human advance into the inhabited planets. [Registry 52]

Times of contrasts

{08/23/2009} Just like the planetary Being bleed under the human joke, humans were hit as well by their own disharmony: millions lives were interrupted by accidents, war, hunger, slavery, human trafficking, vice, kidnapping, gang fights, armed groups, theft, murders, carelessness, abandonment, lack of health services, irresponsibility. To all of these you called violence, and violence did not stop. The insecurity climate and anguish produced a heavy fog over the planet that demanded too much energy to clean and harmonize. The Light rays from the Cosmos shined all the time over earth. The Divine Mercy was present and many would take advantage of it.

A great part of human beings in evolution was really occupied in the discovery of the forthcomings of the planet. Channelers became prophets in this new times announcing a golden era for humanity; believers foresaw a final encounter with the Creator: a division if the waters where “the weed would be separated from the wheat.” The importance of discussions over evolution of man brought the opportunity to widen the vision, renew concepts and to search for understanding over the meaning of life. {Chronicle 93}

The door towards extasis

[08/02/2015] The human species was ruled by a biological system of survival. In the past, with technological progress already reached, food became accessible and abundant for many, but the physical body that was prepared for scarcity, did not change and the results were disastrous: sickness and obesity.

With the ruling of survival and the activation of the divine genetics, minds started to get liberated from the demands imposed by the old genes that forced the bodies into a process od adaptation to this new conscience. Even though the sources of pleasure as food, sex and other physical pleasures where weakened at the center for neurons releasing the way for the forgotten other senses, and for the increase of perception of the waves emitted by the coronary center, bringing forth the true satisfaction of the soul, instead of the physical fulfillment.

Values started then to act upon the intellect as delicacies, and philosophy became a refreshing stimulus for the soul. Instead of a feeling of loss, man flourished at the well being that was brought by the liberation of the imposed physical rulings. The doors where open for extasis. [Registry 51]

Humans turn fragile

{08/09/2009} It is true that in the middle of the transition times there was a somatization process in the physical bodies of humanity as a whole, and the preventive systems started to collapse. There was no available way to revert the avalanche of mental diseases, emotional and physical that came to be daily, showing the auto-abandonment for part of the humanity. Never had medicine been so advanced for diagnostic and cure, nor the health systems so incapable to tend to de world demand, nor the man so distant from himself as to not understand the need to be in harmony and preserve himself thorough conscience and auto-healing.

The climate and its consequences, the economical crisis and unemployment, the old and the crisis in the Orient kept the world population occupied and stressed. All signs of new threats. The lack of understanding among the countries, the daily difficulties for survival in the field or at the cities, aerial tragedies, at the ocean, the important personalities that died; it was everything catching enormous attention in the media and all virtual means of communication, taking the attention of hearts and minds everywhere. The emptiness of the external widened. The illusion of power of the materialism continued to harm the senses. And the people that where awakening from the slumber claimed for values, such as Justice, Consideration, Order, Truth, Kindness, among others. {Chronicle 94}