Sunday, 15 November 2009

The psycho-mind revitalized

[11/08/2015] “The heads changed. Humans are more conscious of the possibilities and wish to grow”, it is said by the famous genetic-scientist Gusa Dar. Studies of the psycho-social effects of work and mandatory learning, brought Gusa Dar to declare that today “there is no way to compare the mentality and the physical dynamics of the man of 2015 to any of our ancestors.”

To take apart the need of the movement and natural action of the species – known as ‘work’ in the old times – of the earning of a salary, to establish new rewards for the interchange of goods, broke completely the parameters that enslaved men. Each one starts being a part of the general goal, each one a part in the actions of producing, gathering, multiplying, distributing the goods among all, according to each one’s effort.

If in the previous times, that what inspired men was a salary reward, few times even to the given effort or the good produced, today the man understands the work as a healthy and normal biological activity, and needed for one’s own psycho-mental development. If a person does not work with his head, body and extremities at an activity that contemplates rhythm, pauses of recreational leisure time and reflexion – this person is not ready for living.

To guarantee the survival had the archaic model of the punishment idea. To participate in the construction of a just and balanced reality, creates a new source-coin of interchange: the love-action. [Registry 58]

Planetary Decisions

{11/15/2009} The point of transformation was not one of the many earthquakes, cyclones or hurricanes that left a desolated planet in 2009 and beginnings of 2010, but the total of decisions taken by men of good will. Just simple men of good will!

When a man decides to stop killing, to recognize the sacred life that resides on everyone, and decides to pause his life towards the search for the truth, kindness and beauty, it could look just like one more good intention as the others. But if the decision is real, mature and self conscious, an energetic difference is created in that person that goes expanding all around him. This person turns into a beam of light, shining over the people under his influence. Then he extends the love glow received directly from the Divine Source.

What could happen to the planet to cause a new situation of fact? A new glacial era, or floods? A world war to devastate the world? A crash of a meteorite? All of these happenings were forecasted and predicted, each one with its own degree of possibility, but no physical transformation caused by the inhabitants of the planet, a reaction of the planet or anything that happened of a cosmic nature could be stronger that the constant decision of a son of God, that would give a good amount of sons and daughters, united by the sole purpose of the survival of their souls. {Chronicle 87}

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The credit activities

[10/25/2015] Its sunrise and the cities are bustling with motion. The reconstruction advances and it’s notorious, it is a flow of new ideas surging to transform the ways of living for the human beings to its most healthy and paradise-like transformation aver done by men over this planet. All indications, inventions and ideas, old or new show up to aid at building, producing, calculating, dimensioning, planning or executing.

The people in a general way, a more motivated to participate – either being in the physicality of the projects, or in the ordering and managing of the work stations, study, living quarters, supplies, etc. The homes and street are redesigned, urban planning, so new for the people, for the small towns, for the country. And the multi shift of 24 hours that will start, produces a state of healthy content, because it leaves to the people the freedom to choose the hours they prefer, that is compatible with their biorhythm, to work or learn. There is no wasted time.

There is as well a great dynamic enthusiasm since the creation of the ways of work-credit and learn-credit to compensate every effort in direction to the service or toward the self improvement. Work and learn becomes mandatory for all citizens, and can be achieved at the most diverse activities, with flexibility at the hours and always coordinated with the learning. To each activity performed/time utilized, there is a value established that accumulates at the exchange of services, goods, food, clothing or other as needed. [Registry 57]

Something that started to look like a Global Government

{11/01/2009} The thinking around the possibility for an end for humanity and the planet probably came from minds of people that were imprisoned in the past. Minds that were only able to see the time in a fatalist and linear mode. All chaos resides in the being attached to philosophical models and ways that have been overcome. People that manifest only the reflexion of what happened, crystallized in concepts of life and where it leads us that have been overcome. The world of disorder and destruction was sustained by these minds and coexisted with the new world whose central Pillar was Order. Billions of people could not realize it: the great dormant masses. The light was already lit at the end of the tunnel, showing us the ways, but many would still prefer to see only the darkness.

The transformation of humanity was given from inside to outside, at each heart, each mind that had already awaken, that is why there was no danger of returning. Many could not reach the level they were seeking, but slowly they would be adapting to the new winds that blew, and would reach to the required levels of conscience. Millions of humans in all the planet, were prepared to aid their neighbors, to assume positions of leadership, to govern and provide support to the people in an orderly manner, with the Light and the loving ways for the reconstruction of the life, over coherent basis with our Divine inheritance, respecting the comic hyerarquies, the Nature and all that deserves respect.. The moment will arrive for the formation of the Government for Humanity, for humanity under Divine command. {Chronicle 88}