Sunday, 28 December 2008

Projecting the Future

[21/12/2014] End of the year. Old Registries resound in the minds of survivors of the old world. Memories are like learned lessons and do not carry pain any longer. There is relief for the load of tribulations remained in their past. One lives with enthusiasm the laboring that is ahead: every man, woman and child is important for the rest, because each was born to complement the needs of the other. How then could we be of use to others?

A new line of conduct shaped itself in that year of 2014: watch over the thoughts and conduct them by the way of Love. Everyone has already perceived that the brain works uninterruptedly and that conscious humans of today are trying to establish order to those thoughts. Each daily challenge, each small action is placed under a perspective of goodness, beauty and usefulness.

At the same time it is desirable to open future perspectives; then, many young ones start tracing their live planning. How they choose to live their lives, what they wish to accomplish, how far they wish to advance. They perceive that the adults experience contains treasures of wisdom and the today relationship is of fun inter relating between the Young and the more experienced. This was the ideal projected by humanity in the past that now became reality. What about what the Young ones will Project for 2050, 2075? There is infinite number of possibilities. [Registry 35]

An Internal Revolution

{28/12/2008} The systematic melting of the polar caps and the shifting of the tectonic plates activated unexpectedly the surge of cyclones, hurricanes, tornados, volcanoes and tsunamis. Nevertheless, the largest revolution was internally in the inhabitants of the planet; coming from inside their hearts and minds of the evolutionary humans. Millions of books, movies, interviews, investigations about the course of the planet where produced at this times. Films explored the somber possibilities of the future, meanwhile the believers of all religions turned towards their faith as a chance to save themselves and their souls.

At this times the governments met with selected groups of scientists and the biggest technological enterprises of the world, to produce at the moment a detailed planning towards finding preventive and provisionary solutions, looking to heal the flooding, droughts and other atypical phenomena that came upon at the end of 2008; but, as always, each placing its “stamp of power” over the interest of majority and it became impossible to reach global agreements. The contradictions of human attitude, unyielding to the extreme couldn´t suppress the enthusiasm of those that believed in the Common Good and the evolutionary rise of humanity: The Code of Love had already been revealed and many knew that the future of humanity would be brilliant. Concrete actions of love were of urgency. {Chronicle 110}

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Love Thy Neighbor As You Love Yourself

[07/12/2014] Expanded life in the planet, and consciousness of eternity, turned into stimuli so that each human being would live its own stage of incarnation with the most joy and thankfulness, looking to overcome challenges of the duality that existed in the created worlds. The great frontier of our own knowledge, once reached, generated a transformation to be introduced in human nature.

On previous times, moved by basic instincts and compelling forces, it placed obstacles on itself, impregnated by guilt processes and shadows of the distant barbaric and obscure past. But then, after the commencement of internal reconnection of the Spirit itself, and the recognition of Divine Paternity, the Humanity sense enlarged in Unity with other beings, its brothers, and with the Universe.

All values known as Goodness, Beauty, Justice, Friendship and Liberty took the necessary broadness for the understanding of those Pillars in its highest degree. The expansion of conscience revealed the need to serve the fellow beings, not just with an attitude of assistance, but lovingly as one loves oneself, supporting them towards their liberation and joint conquest of the ideals of Liberty, Love and Friendship, without separations. [Registry 34]


{14/12/2008} Fort the first time the technical documents signed in the past, in protection of nature, food production, public safety and civil unrest, started to be reviewed.

A growing agreement started to happen between scientists and authorities about what needed to be done facing the fast melting of the polar caps. But it was already late to activate the previously agreed upon actions, and the very large amounts of funds gathered for this purpose was not enough to tame the effects of the tragedies that followed. Why? Because there was no free of hidden interest’s activations.

Instead of foreseeing in anticipation to preserve the planet and protect the populations from hunger and misery, the governments rushed to extinguish the fires, evacuate cities, secure gates, protect the unwieldy and pick up bodies, large amounts of bodies. A contribution of financial resources never done before in this manner by the nations of the so called first world, disappeared in a whirlwind of storms, earthquakes, tsunamis and fires. Hunger turned really cruel and violence uncontrollable. {Chronicle 111}