Sunday, 26 December 2010

Preventive service

[31/07/2016] Presently, each individual born on the planet already finds a world evolved in love and consideration. The planet, a hospitable place, now offers more comfort and technical support for those who incarnate here. From the union of nature with human beings have emerged highly morally, conceptually, and philosophically developed societies. Yet, as individuals grow, they continue using their free will to decide when, how, and why they want or not to follow or become part of this evolution.

Conscious of the subordination to the Divine, Planetary, and human, which individuals come to know early on in life, the new society has been developing in an ascending, horizontal, and vertical manner. Such that the new human being also finds a method of coming closer to truth which leads them to taking more responsibility for their actions, in an effort of self-awareness and then permanent self-evaluation.

By proclaiming the existence of the Divine particle, the I Am, the individual takes control over his current of life and begins transmuting denials and deceptions beyond the energy currents of the environment in which it lives. The best service of prevention is that which the individual takes on as a natural part of his own evolution. [Registry 077]

The confrontation between the old and the new

{08/08/2010} Human beings, in their quest for evolution and perfection find opposition in their path, from the conservative parts they have within. One who wants to be altruistic will find the egoistic. One who wants to be generous will face the profiteer, and so forth. That is why change is so slow. Each effort one makes to fix something, to make it better, to do it well, will be faced with someone saying that they are trying too hard, that others will take advantage of their service or that their effort to do better will not be acknowledged. When one gives ears to these comments, they stop taking unitive action. These are contradictory acts that accumulate on the planet, keeping evolution stagnant. In order for the world to evolve, we must know the contradictory forces we have within us and which externally manifest though others.

On the other hand, when we overcome the contradictions and organize our mind and our heart, we are able to advance by practicing what we call goodness, gaining more and more strength and coming closer to our divine essence.

The history of humanity is an immense reservoir, full of millions of evolutionary actions opposed by contradictory forces that cancel out part of the strategy of progress, seeping progress in small proportions. What was seen, starting in 2010, was the unlocking of the floodgates of all these progressive demonstrations. Humanity’s reactive, contradictory part gave way and let the evolutionary forces pass, increasing the reservoir of unitive actions. People thus gained strength and dimension, such as there was no way to hold them back. {Chronicle 068}

“Prison System”

[17/07/2016] – Is there a worst prison than being bound to the shadow of self-deception?

In the Holy Star of Liberation, our planet, the large and small faults still exist. Many get lost in the path of liberation. One individual may rebel against certain rules, another may become vain and want to be better than others: the tests of growth are increasingly devastating for those who aspire to a universal career.

The different levels of surrender produce individuals who are more or less open to recycling energies, cleaning points of darkness, aware of themselves and of others. But the art of finding one’s true aptitude, accepting one’s function in permanent change, following orders and knowing how to guide, can be disturbed by small dissonances, natural to the process of growth, without which progress would not be possible. There is no growth without friction. When individuals systematically choose wrong, this can become evil, sin or iniquity.

The Service of Spiritual Prevention of Planet Earth was created in the past to prevent significant damage to the spiritual progress of humanity in facing major conflicts that would occur. Today, the Council of the Elderly, the CEVIM, and other citizen institutions offer support so that the choices of individuals may lead to growth and learning, and do not disturb the common peace. The isolation of one individual can only occur for procedures to increase the consciousness about actions undertaken and reparation of damage. No one has the freedom to do harm to others in a deliberate or unlimited way. [Registry 076]

Team Work

{25/07/2010} Examples of courage, talent and overcoming were seen over the history of sports. The good winds, such as the World Cup, brought new breath to humanity then. Men and women participated in the most advanced sports competition on the planet, which delighted people for having similar characteristics as the evolution of the human race: the development of individual skills, favoring teamwork in the effort of advancing together.

Each country, with its history and its diversity, was respected, and freedom of expression was ensured in a message of faith to the planet, showing that all can be brothers and vibrate in the same syntony.

The climate, however, still reacted and raged in furies and storms. Everything seemed urgent and unavoidable. Was it a preparation for chaos?

- When would the planet find balance between man and nature? Would it be soon or was it still distant? New meetings were scheduled among leaders, new global actions, old discussions and new protests. A new economic crisis emerged in Europe and more wars in Africa. No one saw when it all started but a giant black shadow approached Asia. And many started to pray and pray.

The US President was unaware of its strength at the time and often sought conciliation with the reconcilable. The President had no idea of the magnitude of support that could come not only from the population who elected him, but from the entire world. And thus the country kept ideas of sovereignty incompatible with the new order that was starting, and took long to advance. He used the illegitimate right to veto to maintain his will, but it was known to all that imposed leadership is tyranny. {Chronicle 069}

Prodigious children

– Who are the bad students? Who within us does not want to learn and grow? And what about those who are indifferent to the truth and make their own laws without caring about the consequences of their rebellion in the course they take?

The evolutionary world understands duality and its contradictions. It is a pre-unified world, but continues to be dual. What individuals have at their reach is the tangible possibility of internal unification and expression of their Spiritual Being, which before was not accessible to most. But each one if free to make their choices between good and evil.

The Planetary Government supports individual freedom and the Divine Government keeps the doors to self-government and the expression of the Being open. In an Era of Light and Love, the forces are balanced, bringing energy balance and stable vibrational level to human beings. The planet is protected from major cosmic oscillations. Individuals are protected from their own energies. That enables even greater progress, because there is an external-internal support of the human action, in consonance with the Divine Assistance that now governs the Planet. The rebellious students are the prodigious children, and God wants to celebrate them, when they attempt to undertake the way back. [Registry 075]

Freeing consciousness

{11/07/2010} When consciousness is activated it produces a small metamorphosis inside us. At one moment we are totally identified with our losses, a pain we feel, a moral blow, the failed capacity to react – and the next moment we are facing the throne of decision, which does not relegate our pains to trivial oblivion, but raises and dignifies them surrendering them to higher judgment. It is the time of the “flight” to within, upward, and above.

That is the moment when personality no longer has room to foster the whining, where we give up the temptation to continue suffering and hating: it is the decision to hand in the “package”, so to speak, of the anguishing file of events, which is inadvertently or masochistically viewed and reviewed over and over again.

It is a personal, non-transferable, non-postponable decision, which comes from the bottom of the heart and from the wisest part of our minds and hearts. Seize it and take it. And the small miracle of consciousness will arise: liberation! Thus we are liberated and liberate others. Are we capable of forgiving? Are we capable of surrendering the weapons, the hate, and the attachment to revenge?

That was the question that permeated the changes in 2010. It was mid-2010 and many felt the “new winds blowing.” They let the good air flow and breathed it in; then they exhaled, sending it to more people. Forgiveness is divine and it takes place at this level. {Chronicle 070}

Considerations about free will

[19/06/2016] “In the evolutionary experience I find the incentive to advance. But sometimes I react and rebel. In the liberation of the mind I find the necessary Peace to proceed and resume the point lost. In the liberation of the Spirit, I find the First Source and Center, but I don’t remain there, except out of the flesh, and I must persist. Is such effort worthwhile?"

These notes, made by a university student, set out the current challenges that a human being faces in present times. It is possible to find peace, but at relative levels. And the progress and falls are significantly greater than in the old world of “killing or living.”

Here, the achievement is that of the soul, the subtle matter. The connection comes through the Spirit and communication must be moderated, educating the lower mental parts, to reach the truth. What is lost with the stumbles is the view of oneself and of the whole, in addition to the “beyond the horizon” view, an image that for many is clear, but for others can lead to rebellion and precipitated choices.

Those who imagined a future of calm and peace stopped placing the levels of evolutionary requirement of the current world. The more you receive, the more you must give. Thus the reason for several institutions created which focus on the evolution and liberation of the Being, impersonal service, etc. While incarnated matter, the human being with free will can decide to stop advancing or give power to an ambition that goes against the common good. That is the reason for separating the weed from the wheat, actually in terms of level of consciousness; where individuals separate according to their pace in the quest for progress. [Registry 074]

The vaccine against hate

{27/06/2010} Each human nation that held to the idea of unlimited national sovereignty continued fostering insecurity and fear. The East maintained this practice until the end of those dark times: the virus of sovereignty and the disease of war. Only a great leader would be able to inoculate the vaccine. Thus the return of the Messiah was long awaited. Not to separate the weed from the wheat with the purifying fire, but to assuage the contamination inoculated in the hearts of men, which did not enable curing the soul.

- How to awaken the dormant capacity of forgiving? Would forgiveness not be a metamorphosis of the soul, by releasing the cocoon of personality, of the Ego, takes on a greater flight to reach Divinity? Would human beings be prepared? It was soon proven to be true. Many were not only prepared but anxiously waiting for the change. They did not know how many lives were yet to perish in the final confrontations, nor whether they would survive to see the times of peace, but they would surrender their lives for the return of the light.

There resides true courage and pure altruism. Taking action without expecting results. Surrendering to serve others, embracing Love as the higher power. Many reverberated the Divine Light and many supported the Flame, in a Glorious ascension of the planetary body. They were immolated through the uncommon impersonal service for grandiose causes, such as the advent of Forgiveness and the strengthening of Divine Justice. And Peace was in course, while many did not know. {Chronicle 071}

About freedom and religion

[05/06/2016] The freedom of all is perfectly respected in the evolved worlds. The true evolution of man only occurred after all agreed to delegate the sovereignty of the peoples to a Global Government and religious sovereignty to a super-human level, to the very God. Previously, there was no equality among the religions or religious freedom, because men tried to impose the sovereignty of their own religion over others.

The doors were opened, the seals broken, and what was seen was the brotherhood of man, through the Fatherhood of a Single God. Freed from the contamination of war, men were able to evolve at the consciousness level, and a new level in the evolutionary scale was established.

It is not surprising that in the past men found it difficult to imagine an evolved world. Their minds were contaminated by powerful viruses, which distorted their vision of the All and prevented them from thinking if not through the viewpoint of competition and power, which inevitably led to war. Most great human confrontations, whether real or fictional, were resolved by force.

The mind, free of these diseases could finally work in co-participation to create, and men were able to access spiritual partnerships to accomplish their work, promote the common good, and facilitate individual progress.

That is when the true role of the Legions was discovered. Pointed out as groups of “good and evil” angels in constant conflicts, wars and falls, man realized that he imagined them as in his likeness, when it was very much the contrary. [Registry 073]

Primitive legagy of struggle

{06/13/2010} In humanity’s past there was a crucial issue to be solved for man to achieve a new level: the virus of national sovereignty which infested many countries and its most painful consequence was the subsistence of war. Such as a bacteria that is fought with the wrong medication becomes more resistant, also people remained ill sheltering the primitive element of physical fighting in facing challenges.

Any human being with a minimum amount of knowledge and experience knew that solving misunderstandings with physical combat was part of a primitive past of humanity. However, the bellicose mentality continued to be largely stimulated and approved as way to solve conflicts. Thousands of stories and movies promoted the idea of fighting to solve problems. Many intended only to underscore values, but erred for not being committed to change. They felt supported by the ideas of nations who claimed to be sovereign or tried to impose their sovereignty upon others.

In view of the failures of human justice, of the fear of being conquered, of privation, people resorted to the method of the forefathers, using verbal and physical aggression in confrontation. Men killed women and vice-versa, citizens killed each other on the streets, gangs attacked people, tribes fought, soldiers were trained to kill, and leaders imposed their command by the force of arms and threats, with bloodthirsty brutality, wiping out groups and peoples.

In advanced worlds, these practices had long been extinct because collective sovereignty of humankind prevailed as a whole, but in these dark times of 2010 the option of physical fighting still existed, glooming souls and lacerating hearts. {Chronicle 072}