Sunday, 13 June 2010

The forthcoming of the planetary diplomacy

- Who is who in the Superior Levels?

Man looked to the skies and started to receive answers to his great questions. Started to understand how three can be ONE, the weight of affirmations and negations. The divine formulas for the construction of the Universe, and so, could take conscience of how The Father acted to balance the unbalanced actions of man. With it he grew in comprehension of the evolutionary system, in recognition for the perfection of the laws that rule the universe, and in acceptance for the hierarchies.

The evolutionary world shines in resonance with the Divine Government and the planetary house – with the human families – finally expanded because it turned into a one family/house.

To understand that the Universe was a creation over the Power of Love, placed the human life in perspective, the encounter of The Light and the new generations, are getting to experience the flavor of the Sublime, without any shadows. The time for the Avatars arrived, of the expansion of the Golden Rays outward of the planetary system, and earth prepared to expand this new energy towards all brother planets. Cosmic Diplomacy is born and the planet is proud of his children. [Registry 072]

Testimonies and Last Wills

{05/30/2010} One of the joys for awakened humans at the times of tribulation was to acknowledge that great spirits reigned sovereign in the Planes of Superior Existence, voluntarily serving those that were still in the flesh, or advancing in the Cosmic Race, promoting others to advance with them.

- Who would register men and women that had awaken and dedicated time to awaken their fellow beings, who would testify for them?

It is pretty to tell the story of these beings. Men and women that left a registry of their awakening; a true legacy so that the human race would know and not need to repeat the same mistakes, advancing without so much suffering. While the planet twisted in pain, imprisoned by the ignorance of many, others would be giving their love contribution, providing relief to the Planetary Being and to others with testimonies like this:

Seven years passed since I was born to a new world, since I experienced being “alive,” since I found my true “Real Existence,” since I started to learn about my true divine identity, since I dared to dig deeper into my lies, while searching ”The Light.”

This testimony reveals that the Young Ms. Ramos, living in planet Earth between 1956 and 2000, concentrated on the purpose of finding God, and searched inside herself, starting a process of “cleaning” that benefitted many. {Chronicle 073}

A Re-evolution of the Planetary Being

[05/08/2016] The momentum of the physical manifestation of the Cosmic Monument for the Seventh Movement that was given in the years 1987 up to 2012 marked the passage towards the New Era. Energy Changes for the planet joined with the genetic changes for the planet and the changes for humanity provided the re evolution of the planetary being and the surging of the vibratory level of the Planet. By this way, the life forms that were paralyzed or on their way to extinction by the disasters incurred on the planet, took again their evolutionary cycles and advanced rapidly.

This re taking of growth permitted the surge or discovery of new species, or the evolution, slightly accentuated of new patterns of behavior that were observed in vegetation and the animal kingdom. It seems as if the “encyclopedia of Nature", now included in the Planetary Constitution in equality with the human beings, and all marvelous things were being shown to the naked eye of the observer. Relations of cause and effect for every behavior of man, animal, vegetable and mineral are clearer, thereby permitting a mostly balanced interaction with nature. The harmonized kingdoms with new vigor towards the Planetary Body permitted a greater approximation of man with the Cosmos, thereby to the Source. [Registry 071]

Clamor of the “punished”

- Would humans have difficulty in believing about the possibility of a world ruled by Love, simply because they could not conceive of a world of peace inside themselves?

Endless clamors were registered among the inhabitants of the planet of this time. For peace, for the end of violence, for “divine justice,” although the records came tainted by the strongest disbelief. To perceive only the surface of the facts, humans suffered social differences, furthermore than increasing their own suffering under spiritual formulas that maintained their attention to the external, at a simulation of pacification.

For a long time humans – by reason of placing their faith on the great “religious” corporations – they were separated from the mechanisms of the search for the truth. They learned to pray, but not to believe that their Father was together, inside each of them, ready to act with each and work the internal violence of all, thereby weakening the effect in the external to lessen crime and barbarities. The being itself of peace was there, in their hearts waiting, while each would turn into their neighbors, the authorities, the police to ask for providences, to impose peace to others not knowing that everyone was embracing it.

A great part of the planetary population was anxious for changes, but could not believe in the internal transformation of others nor of themselves. A chronological and transcendental perception of the time and space was missing at the lived times. Otherwise they would have been more inclined to try to find the “light at the end of the tunnel,” or the truth in themselves if they knew they would find their own Divine Essence, not in a distant future, but in the “here and now” of their lives. {Chronicle 074}

The Evolution of Philosophy

[04/24/2016] The purpose of man is to experiment life with the evolution of his spirit. The purpose of the spirit is to return to the Divine Essence, full of experiences and advance that will qualify for the co participation in the Creation, until everyone arrives, to the great reunion. But Creation is so perfect that each experience is unique and there is not a single Spiritual Being in the universe that can find something in it that is not authentic and belonging to just himself. This situation for each Spirit is required for the “re composing” of the Wholes. There will not be a great fusion while each created spirit has not returned to the Father as a unique and authentic manifestation of the Creator and capable of bringing other ways for that Great Finale: the Eternal Fusion

If it was not this way, existence would be a mockery, and words such as Creation, the Creator, would be meaningless, for the essence of the Word promotes the idea of advancement in the process. Something that was created, takes a place at the existence that one day will return to the Whole, reversing and recomposing in itself, to then expand again. Discussions alike have overcome the senses and thoughts of many that are in process of philosophical growth. The planet holds the growing interest of those who want to not only understand the existence, but to turn into active participants of the great Cosmic adventure. [Registry 070]

Original genetics surge in silence

{05/02/2010} The original human genetics was ready to be activated. Man would have the conditions for a new relationship with the so called real world. His perceptions where about to be incremented in a magnitude never before imagined. The external world had already registered the birth of millions of new beings in the last decade, with special incipient characteristics, but the labs and scientists would not discover them, for they were held under the “game” of the economical current powers and they did not launch into searches that where not lucrative to start. At the same investigation centers continue to increase the cloning, genetic manipulation and antithetic practices.

And at these same times the most developed countries continue to discuss the different types of orbital space shields for anti-missile defense against each other, under war hypothesis. Great planetary meetings were held to discuss global warming and the rational use of water in the planet, but before taking any concrete attitude, the weapon merchants were there, offering their units to the governments eager for power.
The historical and scientific rigor is needed for the talks about the “absence of perception” when we already have it. It is surprising to narrate the gigantic contradictions of the system and the sleepiness of man before the year 2013, because the generations of historians that prepare this retrospective writing already have the new genetic, so it is strange to examine the past and show the blindness that prevailed still in 2010! So close to the awakening and fighting to the end holding tight to the internal greed and misery of their lives. They were so close to God but could not see anything! {Chronicle 075}

Dedicated to Impersonal Service

[10/04/2016] Centers of Nuclear Evolution were active in the planet, serving the elevated purpose of service to others, so that when humanity would reach significant levels of social-spiritual balance, this service can be carried further from the planetary limitations, to worlds at a lesser evolutionary state.
It is true that the liberation of the Planetary Being of the Holy Star of Liberation – the old planet Earth – produced a “domino effect” with consequences to the whole planetary system and influence the advance of many planets, although some opted to continue being in isolation. As it is well known that being apart is the tool of the shadows, there are many that volunteer to work at those planets where contradiction and ignorance are still casing the imprisonment of the spirit.
The greatest challenge is the noninterference. How can we help beings with less evolution without imposition of one will over theirs? The method used is the same as the one utilized at the Holy Star before its ascension: the attention to the call of the of the inhabitants. Then, the volunteers of the CEN “spend the night,” as well as sunrises vigilant while watching the stars in search for signals or requests for spiritual help.
The task is glorious and by it one can establish a vocation for those involved. Meanwhile the work is in silence, the people are instructed by upper level hierarchy, according to the tendency of their spirits, many turning into guardians of the Light for certain beings or towards the energy patrimony of the planet in question, each one writing his own history to be registered in its universal career. [Registry 069]

The Biology surprise

{04/18/2010} While distance and separation increased in societies, a true biologic revolution was about to emerge in silence. Coded information at the molecules of the DNA, that permit the control of cellular activity and the transmission of the hereditary characteristics, where about to receive the oldest genetic charge, occult and “primitive” and this information was about to be manifested.

The human being was ready to come out of isolation of his existence-and spirit where he was imbedded. Time runs along its own rhythms and so did the evolution of the species. An endless world, of experiences ready to be lived in a planet of constant changes, would not detain the manifestation of the new conscious state. The cells where already being activated directly from the genetic central nucleus for the liberation of one more “implant.” It would be difficult to believe, unless man himself would not have revealed the human genetic code in the year 2,000.
These investigations would later show that there was a transcription of a new message of the DNA, from a unexplored codon (Three sequential nucleotides in DNA. One codon specifies (or codes for) a single amino acid – the building block of proteins. There are as many codons in a gene as there are amino acids in the protein made from that gene), that would launch the human race towards a new life experience. {Chronicle 076}

Actions of the Spirit

[27/03/2016] – The Nuclear Evolution Centres were created with the specific purpose of maintaining constant radiation of Light over the Planet. In the centres, the light within the Gene’s Central Nucleus is cultivated to be used towards the ascension of the spirit. The environment is purposely peaceful, normally surrounded by lakes and beautiful gardens, patios, study areas and meeting places. All is planned to stimulate concentration and idea development, to allow light to flourish and radiate over others. Relationship systems are slightly different from the other centres, with well defined functions for the residents and participants. Activities take place in shifts as well as rest and observation.

Everyone aspires to live in a Nuclear Evolution Centre but the decision to spend time in one of those centres depends on how mature the individual is and the stage of life he/she is at, as it requires a certain degree of detachment. With the possibility to enter more evolved spheres of commitment and service, to live with others in a NEC requires determination, faith and a sense of purpose as progress is based on impersonal life and the ability to follow the Spirit within. Besides the high level purposes, activities are shared among all residents who are encouraged to volunteer. Those centres usually receive important guests and they also Community Council Meetings. [Report 068]

The internal void

{04/04/2010} Humankind’s evolutionary system does not care about God; about Its Will. To ignore the Father’s Will create a void, a lack of creativity and resources to advance. Human beings allowed themselves the luxury of not believing. Despite all the wonders of existence, nature and the universe, the great majority were indifferent to the Cosmic Laws. They were only concerned with the laws of Physics, Chemistry and not with the real yearning of their souls. It was then that the Theory of the Equilibrium was formulated and so was the theory of games. They were ignored by many who continued to encourage duality and contradiction.

Governments bowed to the pressure of the powerful and as a result ended up encouraging corruption; illicit wealth and unbalance. The people, ill informed and corrupted by promises, supported the rise of the corrupted politicians that remained in power.
News about the misuse of public money, money laundering, and formation of cartels were common place in every country. Some were punished; some others were not, depending on the local system. The power game continued to benefit those who engaged with it and not the general public. Few people believed in a solution. This unbalanced system carried on repeating itself like a horror movie. This emptied the soul and hearts of billions of people. {Chronicle 77}

Healing Art in action

[13/03/2016] – Healing Art Centres are generally more sought after than libraries and spaces for community activities in the universities. Its architectural concept, spatial and functional, allows for direct relationships between people, as it helps not only artists and creators get together but also a diverse audience which takes part in the exhibitions, lectures, courses and retreats.
There is no distinction between the different age groups of residents and users. The objective is to encourage individual expression so that the objectives previously expressed by each participant can be reached: improve skills and talent, develop gifts until one reaches the Being’s expression.

In the Healing Art Centres, the rotation of residents is encouraged, allowing people to travel and exchange experiences. All is done not to encourage sedentary, crystallised, possessive or isolating behaviours, so that the centre remains always open an inviting for those who arrive and wish to live there and experience the place. [Report 067]

The paralysed man

{21/03/2010} – Waves of pacifist movements went across the world like a breeze, but the majority of people were both dormant and hungry and had no time for ecological or peace-related subjects. Not only scientist alerted humankind about the dangers of climate change, a few engaged artists also urged people to unite in solidarity to nature.

Despite floodings throughout the planet, production records were at an all time high. Despite all the draughts, regions continued to develop. Despite the extreme cold, the production of goods continued to advance.
All those facts were meticulously selected and partially broadcast by the media, giving us all an illusion of balance and hiding the fact that never before the human being needed to suffer so many losses and catastrophes in order to advance. Society continued to divide people in sub-groups, temporary identities, with each identity wanting to be better than the other, strengthening differences and barriers and increasing distances.
Apocalyptic religions gained momentum and all seemed “normal”. Nobody had time and resources to investigate it properly, and those who had seemed strangely paralysed. {Chronicle 078}

From Elders Homes to Healthy Art

[28/02/2016] The home exchange system allows people to seek out the type of residence that better suits a particular phase of their lives and output. Few people stay in the same home for life. Since the first Homes for the Elderly have opened to house people who wish to live by themselves, be it for comfort reasons or because they want a new space to develop their potential, many are leaving the traditional family unit behind. There is a completely new perspective on life, much more meaningful and bright.

This is leading to an increasing number of Homes for the Elderly and the opening of new Centres of Healthy Arts where people can live and develop artistic, intellectual, spiritual and self-development skills, or simply focus on new services and actions assigned to them. Both centres are equipped with individual homes and laundry and kitchen facilities are shared among all. Each resident participates in day-to-day activities such as cleaning, overall maintenance, cooking, gardening according to their ability. Some focus on the vegetable patches, others are involved in administrative tasks or in the promotion of events and activities they have developed themselves. The centres receive teachers and students, guests and visitors, according to their specialism or purpose. [Report 066]

The fake side of the so called “special” ones

{07/03/2010} Men constantly strived to progress, but individualism and numbness were too entrenched in their lives, pushing them to external world in detriment of their true self. So much so that even good examples failed to encourage them. Thousands of stories, TV episodes and films supported the idea that each man had the potential to awake amazing powers. Thousands of “special” beings populated the human imagination stimulating people to seek out their true self. However, the excess of glamour over substance, dishonest clairvoyants, selfish paranormal experts, insensitive geniuses and super-powerful egocentrics kept men’s attention away from the Being, the Spirit.

Meanwhile, another great dispersion of souls took place – the second one of that decade. Nature did not seem to abate. Human errors pilling up everywhere - not even all the resources available were able to stop so much death and devastation. The media continued to be controlled by the all-powerful and information became a spectrum of the truth, an incentive to the surreal.
Few knew what was really going on in other continents and even in their own country. The great majority believed themselves to be informed because of the advent of the Internet, but that was an illusion. News magazines were gradually turned into entertainment magazines and reports of local violence manipulated to act as fillers between announcements and adverts. Nothing out there stimulated a greater awakening, the search for the Truth or the true power of the Spirit. {Chronicle 079}

Children pos 2013

[14/02/2016] - “Super-children invade the earth”, are the headlines about the increase in gifted children born after 2013. The new gifted babies are healthier, more emotionally developed and with wonderful capacity for learning and self-awareness.

The social transformation born out of the a new waved of planned marriages with the purpose of procreation is opening up promising perspectives for the human race in the near future, Those are young, spiritual couples that learned how to use their energy in a more conscious way and are working hard to create a new procreation concept. The first idea is to support the true “ascendance” of each child.

“Parallel repercussions”. With an increase in the number of families with children, there is also an increase in the demand for a housing system that supports the creation of happy families. The real estate market is adapting towards a system of temporary housing, with houses for couples with children equipped with community playgrounds, swimming pools and an entire social-recreational-educational system. [Report 065]

Physically or spiritually ill

{21/02/2010} - Sex, rather than a new philosophy of life, continued to be the subject with the greatest number of hits in the worldwide web. Despite an available network of precious information, why were human beings so childishly dependent on this subject? Because sex remained a taboo and little had changed up to then.

The advent of the monogamous family continued to be the greatest advancement by societies across the planet. However, the gift of life, the privilege of ordered and luminous procreation was not part of it. Men and women were still unaware of the duty to plan their descendents in order to create a path of ascendance for the souls incarnated here. There was true oblivion about the “whys” of existence and the purpose of each individual as they were born.

Few realised that perpetuating the species was not just a biological component. Most could only see it from the point of view of genetic manipulation and control of fertilization techniques and cloning. There was a lack of responsibility and millions of beings, deformed in their essence, were created. Many physical, emotional and mental illnesses that could have been avoided. A world threatened by psychopaths. {Chronicle 080}