Sunday, 29 June 2008

Visitors from the Galaxies

[06/22/2014] This year we have had a regular flux of visitors to the Centre of the Original Source installed at Victory, capital of the old Central Africa, now the African Continent. The new capital, completely remodeled for the festivities of the IU Universal Olympics, is ready to receive the visit of five interplanetary delegations and the great news: the Nautilus delegation, coming from outside of our Solar system.

The extra-physical technology has had important leaps and bounds after the actualizing of the understanding of integral health that includes the harmonizing of the seven bodies. The ways and techniques used before this development of humanity would be considered museum pieces if we would still store tri dimensional objects and things, without having the “holovirtual” technology. The unfolding of the actual manipulation through the energetically holographic testing, cannot be compared with the practice of what was known as medicine.

What is mostly wonderful is the already perceptible acting of the thought adjusters that have improved the spiritual relationship of each and every one of us, thereby activating the human capacity to reach in the most perfect way Divine Conscience [Registry 22]

Mass Dispensation

{29/06/2008} We look towards our hearts internal heaven and ask ourselves: how many will still need to perish? Where are all this souls going to? The leave by the thousands,

Would they be prepared for the next stage that follows? Few talk about this, but what is really happening with the uneducated and simple people? The spirits that were engraved by actions, that was not in accordance with their nature?

Human beings embrace that and other questions, but being so contradictory, they only seem to purchase the cosmetic to fool their eyes, while still acting the idea of the owning and of possession. They yearn to possess knowledge not knowing to convert it into wisdom. The vibration levels of this contradiction are gaining speed and everyone is noticing it and comment on it: “it is not possible to continue living like this,” so they say. The weak ask and implore, pray for a touch of mercy, not knowing that it is already happening. Unbelievers about a transformation request that “the end come soon” and “death” or that “it all ends once in for all.” When they should instead watch their apocalyptic thoughts and ask for life, for the real evolution of the human species.

The time has arrived for the major effort: to work intensely towards the strengthening of the soul. Otherwise, it would be just flesh. And flesh turns into dust. Faith is needed. Believe the unseen. And will power, which is disperse, distracted by having. Property, homes and coverings are pulled from the ground of our arrogance and turn into hills of destruction. The very next day they start rebuilding, without new foundations. We could rebuild as well our spirits by the way of truth. It is the bridge by where our soul will cross over to the superior realms. {Chronic 123}

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Dominion of matter

[08/06/2014] Understanding of the hidden truth behind that what is apparent – one more jump only for spirit with a higher level of evolution – reaching the humans of these times. They are finally perceiving with clarity what is real or not in the words, gestures or other people attitudes. The physical world is as well being unveiled, in an accelerated mode, with the increase of perception of the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, etc., are now solidifying with the increase of perception of the laws that rule the universe.

The science transforms into con-science a dimension that is increased by human perception and natural laws, as well as small advances in the dominion of matter, are turning real the old human fantasies such as reading minds, projection of the future and even levitation. Understanding everything is in Unity and this unity is constantly recreated by conscience participation, now arriving to a harvest recovering.

Instead of over production, the new potentialities bring stimulus to balance. A small situation that can be remembered with true joy, for the heart sends renewed messages and the sensation is, that everything that happens is of significance, synchronized and sacred. In this dimension there is no room for fear or uncertainty. [Registry 21]

Joint labor

{06/15/2008} The elemental powers never worked too hard and intensely to express their definite enough to all the human madness. Never were these forces assisted over so mane jerarquies, as through de decades from the year 2000 to 2010. Celestial beings acted intensely to balance and neutralize the destructive forces produced by men.

Every one of the responsible beings over the planetary government was invoked and legions of our servers came for the emergency plan in the planet that was in convulsion. As an Immense Interplanetary Defense, assisted by the different people from neighboring planets and others from the Galaxy. Love and solidarity in the highest tune were the tonic of the mass of energy that moved in a helicoidally way in and out of the planetary body, purifying and balancing it. The disarray at the distribution of riches at the planet earth, the misery caused by human beings towards their same kind and the constant aggression to nature seemed endless. {Chronics 124}

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Qualities and Values

[05/25/2014] An illuminated being is sent to the time and space sensation modification. Everything is at the present, more intense, with more amplitude and elevation. At the Holy Star, the conscious level that is being reached by the majority is just increasing the feeling of total acceptance in relation to all that happens around. Humanity finally understands the evolutionary system, as an endless source of opportunities to experience the dense matter and elevate it. This increases the generosity, love and harmony feelings.

There is no overloading, but the super effort is still being used to overcome de challenges towards evolution. Many inherited the sensation of “lost time” and want to get it back. But the attitude that was conquered is of the utmost concentration and the relaxation occurs spontaneously, because the artificial ways of Ego conflicts where broken up. There is a weightless responsibility; a freedom of being that was never experienced.

The following challenges, posterior to the first internal contacts with the actual Being is to find meanings to the common material life, in harmony with the purposes of The Great Director, The Planetary Father. [Registry 20]

Secrets relating to the earth crust

{06/01/2008} Was a year with many physical transformations, where shifting of the earth crust opened up to reveal the secrets kept in its womb. Each month new portals of aperture were open between the internal and external levels, although they were still not visible to the inhabitants of the earth.

Attention from the governing entities was focused towards the great physical changes caused by hurricanes, typhoons, climate changes and problems in the food crops. Earth inhabitants did not yet focus their attention to the movements at the level of the earth crust, even though seismographic gauges and high level technology would be registering a mess of information in their measurements.

There was no time for the true perception of what was happening and advanced technology could not present an evaluation, of what was happening at the bottomless pit holes of the oceans – where diverse phenomena was occurring. Every human being knows that the evolutionary planetary system involves physical changes. Why then so few turned into raising their understanding towards a radical change as was demanded by the times? {Chronicles 125}

The door to self-knowledge

[11/05/2014] What does the new lux-man have? The perception of the world and of the Universe as a Unitary and integrated space, where there is no separation or contradiction. His capacity of perception has increased: he has discovered the intelligence of the heart, the only and true door to enter the Divine Holy Influence. And he became a transmitter of the Holy Breath, generating new vibration for the planet.

His way of viewing the world is also renewed, and he is capable of observing people and things as they are without negative or positive judgments. He has also gained impersonality and the absence of conflicts. There is less personal struggle and more serenity in any situation. Human beings are more objective, free, and thus can grow in sensitivity, starting by perceiving what others are experiencing. The door to self-knowledge was opened wide, and now each one can see how transitory life in this material world is and the maximum priority of strengthening the soul, which is also being sought in the material and immaterial genetic chain. [Entry 19]

Interaction of Service among Planes

{05/18/2008} During the process of change, all servers of The Almighty who were in full use of their will and obedience fortified the Light Network created for millenniums over the planet’s entire physical body and emitted a vibration of light unprecedented on Earth. This manifestation would be later logged into the akashic records as so full of splendor as the coming and delivery of the Spirit of Truth upon human beings in the beginning of the Christic Era.

The Light Body of unification here on the planet, emitted directly through conscious beings, expanded to all receptive channels from the highest to the densest levels. The mineral kingdom received large amounts of ordered fluids from matter; the animal and vegetable kingdoms received healing prana for all aggressions inflicted for millenniums; and human substance was impregnated with electrons at different levels of vibration and molecular arrangements – reordering the electronic body and aligning the mental and emotional field of each being. {Chronicle 126}

The separation of the souls

[04/27/2014] Once the situation of survivors appeased in the Holy Star of Liberation, there was need to understand the facts that devastated the human race. And one of the underlying themes in the hearts of men and women is the huge dispensation that took place. Where did they go? Our loved ones who disincarnated, where are they?

With the input of genetics from modern biology, sharper spiritual perception, and the understanding of the mutant process of matter, the word death is now part of ignorant creeds of the past. Our “antennas” now turn to the perception of other surrounding worlds.

Many have had the vision of existence of these worlds, but their location was confirmed in other planes, either in matter more dense than on earth or in more subtle matter. Thus the search for inter-dimensional doors now increases, with these “trips” of the vision. Some have begun to report the existence of two, three, four, even many parallel worlds, and confirm that they are inhabited. Others “travel among planes.” But where are they? How to get there? Who are the inhabitants? Is it possible to establish a relationship? Some say that they are souls who left this planet. [Special entry – 18]


{05/04/2008} “Approximation of the planetary axes. Adaptation of the causal movement. Calling upon elementary forces and the unification of purposes. Intergalactic commands and planetary forces of light prepared to constantly maintain the violet ray on planet Earth. Increasing the planet’s vibrational level in conjunction with the purification and etherealization of energies emitted during the process of change.”

Such was the spiritual panorama that covered the Planet during the period in which changes in human consciousness were taking place.

Seen from above, it was as if thousands of small flames began to light up, slowly growing brighter and more intense with each new awakening. Each being that awoke from the lethargy of the physical world acquired new vibration. From the sky, it was possible to admire the ever-increasing beauty of the Divine manifestation expressing itself through the dense matter of mortal bodies becoming purified. {Chronicle 127}