Friday, 4 May 2012

Primordial Causality

[04/23/2017] The cause of what we live today is in the future, because we are connected to the evolutionary transformation of our souls. Past science had made us believe the opposite, because it studied the causes looking backwards. If only it had ceased looking at the past and had cast its perception beyond the top of imagination, it would have seen something that one can now guess in the horizon: something coming from beyond, from the endless space: the possibility of progression to the height, not of buildings and skyscrapers, but of human condition itself.

Based on what the new sciences have made possible, our eyes can now scrutinize the future to define certainties about the path we want to follow in our cosmic careers. When you are given the possibility of being one day in communion with the Creator in Paradise itself, it is advisable to consider the steps necessary for that triumphant moment. Or to choose, according to your free will, a sequence of adventures that will help you develop those certainties that shall take you to the end of your soul’s journey.

For this reason, studies related to human ascension have been gaining prestige in the greatest universities, in spite of being chosen by only a few. Recognizing that extraordinary knowledge is not enough to illuminate them, seekers are being led to further investigate the question of human motives.

Until the moment when the last particle of the last atom of the last genetic cell is illuminated by a clear definition of his aptitude and consent about the path to follow, man will risk getting astray from what the future indicates to him: the union with God. [Registry 096]

Intelligent Life and Sub-Life

{05/01/2011} Man developed new technologies for the space program and was surprised by some results. In addition to the satellites and ships then used, laser technologiy made possible a new chance for interactivity in space. Messages were beamed to satellites and replicated in space with laser canons. And new kinds of data “came back” as waves, surprising scientists. The awareness of intelligent life on other planets started to take shape and feed a fascinated mankind with the possibility of interacting with other beings in the vast universe.

For common humans, life had become laborious and afflictive: an endless struggle for survival, with technology running miles ahead and leaving them without time to enjoy life or love. Souls felt burdened by feelings of injustice, worthlessness and incompleteness.

Society seemed unable to deal with misdeeds perpetrated in its own bosom. During the race for material progress, when basic values had been set aside, it had not considered how much those values would be missed in the formation of the new generations. Conventional education had not been enough to convince people to lead a healthy life, to practice honesty, to love work or to dodge vice and madness in the experiences of youth. Problematic people could be counted in the millions with some kind of mental illness, conduct deviation or physical, emotional and intellectual infirmities; there were legions of unhappy beings. {Chronicle 049}

The Bird of Paradise Visits Friends

[04/09/2017] Animal species at risk of extinction received the empathy of humans and were given room to live and procreate in giant areas destined to the preservation of natural life. The old zoos were abolished and on each continent raising species is now allowed only in their natural environment, kept and preserved in the most harmonious way possible. Animal species are monitored to avoid overpopulation or extinction, their means of subsistence preserved from scarcity. Thus conservationists stimulate the return to Africa of the larger mammals. Bears, seals and marine lions are sent back to the ice. Each species must go back to its original home, protected from suffering or cruelty.
Programs stimulating sightseeing now take passengers to and fro between continents, to wonderful tours of reservations where they enrich their experience in contact with animals not in cages, but in their primitive form of existence. The vibrational level of the areas located around natural parks, generally occupied by animal lovers, has become an invitation for rare birds to visit humans. Even the singular bird of paradise, originated in the tropical forests of New Guinea, has found a way of reproducing near humans. It is on its way to being considered a new domestic animal, together with some others. The legendary quetzal of the American tropical forests, a distant relative, lost its fear of people and has been moving to live closer and closer to residential areas. [Registry 095]

Self-Knowledge Stressed

{04/17/2011} Not all events were disastrous and anihilating on Earth during the great tribulations. The magnanimity of Divine balance is always present to show the path for man to follow. Record harvests of grains were quantified, showing the force and positive vitality of Mother Earth; incredible inventions were developed for the benefit of humans and new ways of thinking about family life, school and society began to be debated. Healing for innumerable forms of cancer and for serious neurological diseases were found and man learned more about the need to respect his body and Mother Nature. Global development received a new emphasis and was substantially debated in the world governmental discussions.
As the sciences began to validate premonition, there came new parameters for measuring harmony within people, together with their aspirations and ideals. Self-knowledge beautifully became an almost mandatory subject for those who were getting ready to advance in the search of truth. And millions started to search for explanations, in themselves, for the lack of harmony pressing the world. It was finally realized that a disturbed human being, blinded by his ego, by measureless vanity or thirst for power can become a tyrant, a genocidist and a monster for humanity.

Many dictatorships were brought down in the mid 2011’s and few were those who insisted on the folly of willing to take hold of people’s souls and command their lives, allegedly as “parents of the people”. Unfortunately, not all countries “liberated” from tyranny managed to resurge, for they were quickly taken by the disease of nationalism and religious extremism previously subjacent in their social bases. Those liberated had to follow an arduous path of reconstruction. After the conquest of freedom, they had to keep striving, so as not to lose it again. {Chronicle 50}

Respect for Nature’s Magnificence

[03/26/2017] From the splendid forests of the majestic American continent, new wonders can be revealed after the integration of South, Center and North. Eager and loving researchers manage to penetrate into some of the mysteries of the Amazonic jungle that had been preserved. The apparent senselessness of the past, the destruction brought about by ignorance and greed had been necessary for the learning, had served the purpose of teaching the truth that, without due respect to nature, manking would never advance.

Now new treasures are being revealed (and respected) every day, either after the discovery of supposedly extinct vegetal and animal species, or the finding of totally new samples of flora and fauna. The natural reservoir of planetary life opens up abundantly to the new human being, in the Era of Light and Life.

Surprises are constant in the exploration of the Amazon: in addition to the recent discovery of the three pyramids, which had had their existence denied for years in the past, the possibility of accessing intraterrestrial portals is about to be revealed. The pyramids not only exist, but are full of archeological treasures of great value for humanity. The most important discovery was an ancient registry in stone, of a people of uncommon size, probably from the red race, who inhabited the mountain ridges and later migrated to the Amazon. That stone may come to be a sort of “genetic map” of the races composing mankind since times immemorial. The curious aspect of it is that the drawings made on the stone point to the existence of a new man, a combination of those lineages.

Concerning the access to Inner Earth, the scientists in charge are inviting the remaining indigenous populations of the region, but also specialists in geophysics and astronomy, because the portals seem to have an elaborate stellar-related system to open and close. [Registry 094]

The Real Sense of Duty

{04/03/2011} Among the great geophysical changes that continued to happen on the planet, like earthquakes, tornadoes and climatic contrasts, plus the violence engendered by the social system itself, humans had to meditade deeply about the role of each one of them in view of calamities and misfortune. Heroic actions are not always possible, happy endings are not always visible and real solidarity becomes necessary to assist one’s neighbor. But how to promote efficient help when the volume of events surpasses all possibilities of assistance? This happened between 2010 and 2012.

When the news of snowstorms was spread from a spot on the planet, then floodings happened in other countries, earthquakes shook other latitudes and drought devastaded crops somewhere else, so the problems could not have a prompt correction. On an apparently leveled land, with populations sheltered in tents and chronically lashed by poverty and misery in some countries, having no visible prospect of solution, the living planet kept moving, reacting, taking the ground from under the feet of whole peoples and bringing about change with earth, water, fire and air. T

he lesson of preserving life began explaining itself in its deepest meaning. Examples of overcoming pain, of authentic altruism, of courage and selfless unatachment were deeply engraved in the memory of those who tried to understand and help their neighbors. All were learning that a body only has real life when man overcomes the barrier of selfishness. Immaterial values were growing strong in adversity. {Chronicle 051}