Sunday, 2 December 2007

Peace is a state of consciousness

[11/24/2013] New perception of life. Welcome reality! It is wonderful to be able to breathe this new dawn! Events are occurring so perfectly, although not all the world’s population has had time to notice the changes that have taken place around them. Is the perception that all humans have awakened peaceful today true? Is it true that there is no weeping or grinding of teeth among peoples? Have pain, hate, envy and greed ended as if by miracle?

It is good to know that the duality of the evolutionary world does not end, but that the energy field formed by past errors can be purified. It is time for new opportunities. What an immense privilege it is to witness this day. Glory to the Father in the Heavens! Let it ring in those who may echo the chant coming from the hearts of all: Glory, Glory, Glory! [Entry 7]

Who are we?

{12/02/2007} Cyclones, floods, and hurricanes continue. Warnings of global warming have become common news on TV and no one seems to care. The Internet carries thousands of new and old pictures of the human calamity, starving children, wastes, scenes of degradation and abundance, giant buildings, pompous houses, yachts, airplanes – contradictions that existed since ancient times. But now everything is out in the open, either seen in the lives of those who suffer or practice disharmony or in the messages that continuously flow from mailbox to mailbox. Who is meant to be warned? Will they reach their destiny? Who sends them and why? Who is trying to point to the speck of dust in the other’s eye? Will they see it in their own? How many will be co-opted and change their way of thinking, ending the madness in how to act upon the world that leads to waste of their own life and that of others? Where is the essence of our oblivion to Love? How did we become so detached from who we are? {Chronicle 138}