Sunday, 27 December 2009

Balanced Tourism

[12/20/2015] The new system of Balanced Tourist Laboratory of the tourist agencies is bringing forth more and more people for the vacation trips of this year. With the possibility to measure the vibratory frequencies of the client’s body, a precise diagnostic can be obtained over the needs of each person, regarding the climate, the place, the trip extension and the activity needed to promote the exact energetic balance that is needed. Passing by the laboratory – rooms, all with mirrors and the energetic condition of the tourist is checked, his vibratory frequency shows up, translated into colors. In the case that it is out of balance, it will be directed to the region of the planet where the person would probably find the energies which would complement the balance.

The system is of double usefulness: it not only detects lacking and faults as well as showing the exceeding positive contents in each person, as his reservoir of humor, friendship or loving. At the agencies it is possible to get a list of places or interchange groups that can provide color-energies of the size that the tourist needs, or indicate where he can use the excess of his energies, disposing of them at these places or placing them available for a friendly color.

The results are yet not fully computerized, although some preliminary experiences with volunteers are showing promising results, as declarations like: “I never imagined that the New Thai was a place that could do so much good to me, it is like if I was bringing a rose and a garden was given to me as a gift…” [Registry V-61]

Bankrupt of separativism

{12/27/2009} At the same period where the great American nation started to rebuild – the bankruptcy of the radical system governments was verified, as well as for those of tyrannical or nationalistic governments. Those who close themselves up, decreed their self destruction. To enter into one of those countries was like taking a trip back into older times, facing barbaric, obscure and tyrant times.

There are no ways for a people to survive isolated through the evolutionary dynamics of the times. It was mandatory to join, mix and fusion to temper the qualities. Everyone that joined with the purpose of brotherhood became stronger. Those who took over, eased up laws, opened up frontiers, helped others, became great.

What could be greater than people joined in a brotherhood?
Latin America faced its adolescent crisis up to the limits. But an unexpected blink from the government opened possibilities to recover peace and strengthen the links among the nations. Thereby a unification for all Latin America was just a step away. The time had arrived for South Americans to raise the torch of liberty. Not the needed liberty for the evolution of the people, like it was done by North America, but the liberation of the Planetary Being. The strengthening of the Spirit. The growth of the Soul towards the ascension of the human race. {Chronicle 84}

Sunday, 13 December 2009

With eyes in heaven

[12/06/2015] At so promising times for humanity it is awkward to think what do men use their minds. The construction boom is not over but a great part of the population has an eye in the sky. The interplanetary travel ignites the adventure spirit and the space academies are full of recruits. The young ones dispute the available spaces at all the academies of the planet and although the studies are quite hard, the ones that quit before finishing are minimal.

Many young people that are not attending to piloting schools are still maintaining record numbers of contacts with beings from other planets, that keep the scientists perplex and quite enthusiastic. These are the contacting ones for cosmic friends, a name that they themselves selected. The contacting ones are specializing in raising the levels of conscience to a varying level that permits communication between stratospheric and spiritual levels.

The method is similar to the old channeling, it demands concentration, but the acquired level is better and clearer, the contacting ones transform into something like an oral projector for communications, only being at the tongue of the aliens that they contact. This new wave is gathering a whole bunch of people hat can decipher, linguists and other artists of communication, that systematically aid into placing the information for the general public.

Public? Yes, it is common to see at this sessions of “cosmic chat” the presence of young people of all ages, that arrive to be there when communications are taking place so they can ask questions. The information is registered and resent t the space academies to verify the coordinates, they review the precision of the conversations towards a future contact with these new friends from other worlds. [Registry 60]

Problems are on the grow

{12/13/2009} That what was happening finally accelerated the encounters and discussions around the subject of nation unification. The economical crisis had produced a certain chaos, and by setting it aside with the thought that it was on the way to subside, news about this crisis where brought forward again.

While the most powerful men in the planet were under talks and delayed the solutions, earthquakes continued to rumble the planet. Viruses continued to mutate into more lethal forms and men insisted in sacrifice themselves in order to kill many others, thereby increasing the lack of energetic balance on the planet. There came a new surge in low levels of fish available in the oceans, lost harvests at the fields and loss of love as well at the hearts of men that could not believe in themselves any longer.

During the whole period that preceded the great planetary crisis, alerts where extended by all sectors of human existence: scientific, organization militants, religious, political and students. There was an excess of evidence that life had turned chaotic: there was water shortages, energy, food, health, order, justice, honesty and love. When any individual showed outrage or any type of honesty, he was praised as a hero.

Countries at war would not abandon their war purposes and one must ask up to today, what was the reasoning to persist in the error, when the majority of humanity had already abandoned war as a means to defend their interests. Massacres followed up to the last moment, without mercy or kindness. More than death caused by weapons, the prejudice caused by self inflicted death under the ill use of gifts and goods laid there for mankind use. The automobile turned into a weapon, communications turned into means of the manipulation of masses, the talents crumpled those who got them, via vanity and greed. {Chronicle 85}

Open Chambers

[11/22/2015] Humanity walks towards the positive self-realization of their lives. Self-realization that entails the whole frame of their past experiences, like spirit guarded in the genetic memory and added to the ones originated at the fear of reality, thus making the expectation of the future something creative. That is, that which each one brings from birth plus the aspirations coming forth at the inter action with life in itself. Living in a world full of spiritual light is a conquered privilege by human beings and that the new generations can enjoy.

This is why Universities created sectors called open chambers, where new aspirations could be promoted and taken to be turned into realities. If anyone insists in communicating through the snapping of the fingers, the proposal can be taken and it will be experimented on, discussed and verified up to full satisfaction of the idea. If anyone should propose a study over the possibility of locomotion while at a dreaming stage, that will also be experimented in full for one creative idea goes into one other and children are who mostly get the joy with the why and the for what, trying even to reinvent the colors, find the end of the rainbow or finding the best method to communicate with animals.
It was one of these ideas that brought to tone the discussion over the true format of the Being. What is it made of? Which part of the person it inhabits? What does it need to nourish itself t olive? All efforts to find an answer to this question has contributed for a better internal communication, so it will soon be available to everyone. [Registry 59]

The expected action

{11/29/2009} The great planetary rotation started with the ideals that got in between through the minds of men. Leaders, governments, each at their own turn took over part of the responsibility to rethink the planet and inhabitants. The great forum debate over climatic changes served as the pretext for heated debates behind the lines, where what was expressed was the common sense of the brotherhood and the wishes to provide a stop to the actions of men, without preparations and mostly predatory. There was an existent new perception: that there were no more possibilities to delegate to others the consequences. The changes where needed now, or the damages would be tremendous.

The idea for the formation of a Planetary Government was considered utopia to the wise, but started gaining strength at the power levels of the world foremost power. The church had already made the proposal, but the crisis that followed set men apart from the bargaining table. The presidents broke the circle of silence and discussed openly the formation of a unified world government to be able to control de crisis. A world Government for Humanity with Divine ruling, and not the apocalyptical governments of the Antichrist that the obscure forces claimed. The idea that a demonic being commanding the human beings in general to opaque God and pursuing the believers, only delayed a deeper discussion for unification of the planet and to up rise the senses of nationalism. The hour had arrived for the liberation from fear. {Chronicle 86}