Sunday, 24 August 2008

New ways

[08/17/2014] The next contact trip with Ion, the recently revealed planet that is positioned in between our star and the Moon, possibly embraces a species of beings similar to ours is sharpening the curiosity among citizens of the whole world. The launching of our vessel NE-5, that will set off from Lake Unixi at the Central American continent, is set for this week. Three previous vessels were sent that contained various types of pertinent information regarding the Sacred Star, looking towards establishing preliminary contacts with the twin planet.

All this turmoil at the space travel field, mobilizes more and more interested in the consolidation of norms towards the extraterritorial human contacts. This is creating a new diplomacy, utilizing the constitution planetary principles. The scientific fiction from the past century named Star Trek, written by Gene Roddenberry, at the temporary registry from 1960, is not a work of fiction any longer, principally in its philosophical aspects. Human beings will be able to start a fruitful interchange with other beings, at the moment that the inhabitants of another planet are not any more a synonym of fear and destruction. [Registry 26]

At each second

{08/24/2008} Thousands continue to survive on bread crumbs, on sub human life. Thousands continue to die daily, from hunger and misery. Some communication media utilize the deaths to show that how many people have died in the past few seconds somewhere in the world, while others attend to human decadence of values on television. Some are confused and say that there is no Divine Mercy.

- Who lacks mercy, when the Father has given everything to human beings, including free will? The Father gave himself to all human beings so we could learn to see him in others and respect life as a godly creation?

At these times the people are growing in numbers while searching for religious groups and various denominations. Thousands let themselves be seduced by channeling and prophecies, hoping for changes. The change that comes “from outside” does not exist. What exists is the result of our actions: action vs. Reaction. If we act with love, nature will give us back the fruit of our actions. If we act with selfishness, they are no prayers that can prevent us from receiving the consequence of our inertia.

Many fool themselves by praying for their own redemption and few perceive that humanity exists under the principles of unity, and all forces work together in coordination... What is definitely the meaning of unity? How do you live when you know the truth? What is the law of the One, the Only, Universal? How can the human conscience be unified? {Chronics 119}

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Small debaters

[08/03/2014] The results of premature acting of the new generations, with surprising capabilities of intelligence, have been cause for content and surprise. Children and young ones have promoted continuous modifications around them, principally with an active participation in the process of educational reconstruction. It is becoming impossible, according to teachers and parents, any intention to control these new abilities, well known for the brilliant incursions in scientific fields and matters related to humanity.

One of these matters, of great interest for children, is related to the development process of human race in their aspects of unification and spiritualization. They are showing a great interest in participating in councils, classes, philosophical reunions, gatherings where they could expose their feelings and perceptions of their surrounding world. Sensibilized with this fact, the planetary government is modifying the participating system in symposiums and congresses, so that they can be entered by any citizen using the simplified code GI# . [Registry 25]

The planetary Being

{08/10/08} The great calamities that come forth with the times of transition are not a punishment from the heavens as many still believe they are. The solar spots or explosions, the “El Nino” and other similar phenomena, are a part of the natural cycle of the planetary system. That which was seen at the times of the changing years was only the result of the unbalanced action of men, together with natural events – that would be easier to face if men would be working together with each other and with the planet.

The gradual temperature increase, the melting of the poles, the increase of occurrence of hurricanes and typhoons, the decrease of water sources and the enlarged deserted areas in the planet, can be measured and verified by the ways we use the natural resources around us. At times when all the necessary technological information existed for the reaping without destruction, information on the efficient handling of agriculture, livestock raising, useful construction systems for the development without unbalanced destruction. But selfishness and greed where the rule in the hearts, in detriment of planetary and human life. Yes, few would agree that the planet could as well be a Spiritual Being, a server. A live being that was now asking to be liberated. Liberated from whom? From the human game! {Chronics 120}