Sunday, 21 October 2007


[13/10/2013 - Sunday] The groups of survivors will need a long time to reflect before they can even start to understand what happened and how. The planet’s atmosphere has changed as a result of the subtle change in the terrestrial axis and with it the human body and its chemistry. Little is known of the human population left on the planet, but it is estimated that around 1/3 have already been contacted. We are witnessing stunned reactions or what could be described as a kind of emotional drowsiness, maintaining those people paralyzed, with “slow-motion” movements for a long time before they manage to return to any activity. There are moments of restlessness brought about because of the feeling of rupture and loss of that was previously known. The planet woke up as nature wakes up after a formidable storm: washed out portions of land and vegetations, unrecognizable ruins and infinite questions in the air [Entry 4]

The rising of the Planet's vibrational level

{21/10/2007 - Sunday}The Reason: the advent and materialization of the Cosmic Monument of the Seventh movement in this period of global evolution, with all its various life forms represented, are due to the imminent, evident and urgent need to introduce the Planet Earth (and all its kingdoms) to a completely new phase of growth as the Planetary Being, Integral and Unified in all its manifestations. The Cosmic Movement of the Seventh Movement is the visible and tangible representation of this new phase in which humankind is the key to the re-evolutions of the Planetary Being. The intention is to raise the vibration pattern of Earth, both in its physical and energetic form, through this physical manifestation of Divine perfection, embodied by the Kingdoms Builders of the form; to speed up conscious development in energy and vibration of the many Kingdoms that live, breathe and nurture themselves with the Body of the Planetary Being. Because of a variety of reasons, most of them unknown to the human mind, those distinctive life forms had their evolutionary process towards Harmony and Integration with the Universal Mind delayed. The Heart of the One and Only Cosmic Father-Mother.” {Chronicle 141 – Based on content from “The Treaty of the Transparent Reason”, legacy of Thomas, Johannesburg, Africa, 1989. }

Sunday, 7 October 2007


[29/09/2013 – Sunday] – This is a description of the exterior appearance of the planet (The Holy Star of Liberation), in the year of cleansing. More subtle bodies, without the density characteristic of ancient humans, experience new sensations, touch, notions of volume, etc. All people have changed and are now recovering forgotten senses. The terms employed here relate to similar matter, matter more subtle than the “old planet earth”. Steps are described as a gentle touch due to the dramatic change in atmospheric pressure. It can be described as touching cotton wool and so on and so forth. The change in the way of we live does not eliminate the body of concepts; on the contrary, those concepts will be utilized freely until they are incorporated into a new language based on current experiences. There are extensive new fields, stretching all the way to the horizon. New lakes have emerged. After so many changes to the Earth we still can’t fully assess the scale of the change. Earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes, fires and other phenomena of extraordinary proportions followed happened as a result of profound climatic chaos and after that – a peaceful time. [Entry 3]

{07/10/2007 – Sunday} “According to my Truth, day and night are One, in heaven and on earth, inside and outside are One. Yesterday and tomorrow are Today, Here and Now To Be, simply Be”. – And if I am warning you that the encounter has been written on the stars? That the Father’s Creation will be reunited to Him and thus Re-Create the expansion of His Universe? It is quite a thought, isn’t it? It means that a great renewal is implicit, isn’t it? Why do we insist in continue with a “non-life” when all the Existence waits for us? The main danger of matter is the illusion brought by its temporary existence. You can’t grasp another “reality” that is not tangible, visible. Does a city exist because of its buildings and avenues? Or because of the idea of city it contains within? How could Dom Bosco see so much fortune where there wasn’t anything besides virgin fields? Let’s go and meet humankind’s greatest aspiration: to evolve towards the Being, leaping towards it if necessary. A change is imbedded in our hearts, the most fervent request man has ever made until now: to See himself in total Light and Glory! {Chronicle 142}