Sunday, 30 November 2008


[11/23/2014] The visits to one of the Laboratories of the Essential Source of Life are made via inscriptions, there you can study and get to know some of the principles of water generators, plus having a surprising vision of several biological mechanisms, that are constantly being perfected at the New Earth The groups include up to 500 visitors at a time, many coming from other planets that are not far from the Holy Star.

The small transport vessel continues its way to the south, on open space, apparently deserted. When you fly over that zone you can see that the material over which you fly is not sand. It is a fine dust that moves in gigantic circles.

The description of the new energy installations, handling of ideas, supplies for the cities, agricultural production, educational systems, are small registry of the wonders that are surging after the great planetary transformation. Mind and reason in line, harmonically functioning with balanced emotions and the activated spiritual perception, to manifest a reality that is barely taken by the humans of the past world. [Registry 33]

The False Values

{11/30/2008} The continuous meetings in 2008 of the seven leaders of the most developed nations, where unable to finish up an agenda to stop the economic chaos, or to provide a World Agreement for a planetary security solution. The countries that were so unstable by the continuous economic crisis, such as United States, Japan, England, France, Italy, Germany and China, found temporary solutions to sustain their economies, and later on these measures disappeared again and again in front of new and even greater situations.

The Planet claimed for a global emergency plan, of global action, to stop or reverse the calamity status provoked by weather changes and an unbalanced ecosystem, but the plan of global emergency was never taken into consideration. Questions or matters involving security or survival of human beings appeared distant to those whose concern was the Stock Market fluctuations, hurting human life even further. {Chronicles 112}

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Constructive Intelligence

[11/09/2014] To observe the creative ideas is one of the attractions of the pavilion of Constructive Intelligence and this sector usually is quite popular. Once the order of the transmitted ideas is established by the creative volunteers, the dome finds in its complex machinery the necessary elements for the perfection of the said idea and starts producing, in a hologram, over the spherical ceiling, the sketch of the idealized Project. In this manner it is possible to observe a module or final art of the new invention. The holographic demonstration fades away after new insertions or after 10 attempts.

Meanwhile the dome continues through the terminals, with the progress of a new Project that will be sent to the required sectors for its analysis and utilization. This has been the utilized technique for the construction of the systems of planetary coexistence, the visitor´s temporary shelters, landscaping techniques, school designs, and improvements into teletransportation, reception centers, household appliances, agricultural machinery, musical instrumentation, and an endless list of utensils in the planet. Inspired ideas continue arriving, as well as new Pavilions continue to be built throughout the planet. [Registry 32]

Promising Exodus

{11/16/2008} International journalists that were observing the migratory waves of 2008 signaled a difference for the new immigration patterns. The immigrants brought with them their old cultures although with a new detachment, and strong arms that were ready to pay back the solidarity and welcoming. None arrived with attitudes of superiority, intentions of colonialism, nor for speculation. They were searching for new countries with decision and humbleness, being ready to share their ideals, knowledge, ways and experience.

The groups that were able to get their residency visas at these developing countries, started right away to build schools, laser centers, became volunteers at public administration offices as well as in the health department. These new expatriates, placed at the disposal of their welcoming people, all their technology for agriculture, communication and general development as a whole. Many were incorporated to the educational systems, universities and technological institutions. The non governmental institutions strengthened, especially the ones dedicated to the preservation of nature and the development of human life.

The single indication of an existing possible human world exodus was the published news from NASA, regarding the absence of further breaking up of the solar rays, thus causing the new sun spots. The gas explosions did not happen as predicted, causing later serious interference with a climate already in convulsion. {Chronicles 113}

Sunday, 2 November 2008


[10/26/2014] When you are alert to the signals of the Internal Master, you are more receptive to new ideas and the citizens of the Planet are already used to take advantage of those gifts. It is time to visit the Constructive Intelligence Pavilion. It is a building light and great, with an architectural design that seems to lead to up high.

The great main hall, with a right wing and 60 meter ceilings, has walls totally covered by a material similar to marble´s beauty and texture. What catches everyone´s sight is the huge crystal clear dome, held by luminous blue rays coming from the center of the wing. The surface irradiates a soft multicolor light.

The multifunctional dome, serves the purpose of “working out” any idea or creative thoughts that is received by it. This dome is activated when an individual places his hands over the sphere. Only one second-time of concentration is required so that the thought forms are registered; in a instant they get selected according to the subject matter, purpose, target, constructive possibilities and feasibility. Later, you will see a hologram so that you can appreciate and be verified by everyone that is around the area. [Registry 31]

Oscillating Frontiers

{11/02/2008} Once the first characteristics of the world chaos started to appear, the Portuguese wanted to be considered Angolan; the Jamaicans, Latin; the Chinese a new nationality or none at all; the Palestinians needed a new identity, out of which they could have the freedom to come and go as they pleased. Incidents with the Checks and the Iraqis tearing off their Passports where registered and many foreigners had to be placed in jails during legal actions not to be deported, demanding the right of free transit throughout all continents.

The welcoming of the African and Latin countries, which were invaded by the quite amicable new wave of planetary migration. Instead of getting excited into hatred and disputes, the people in general opened up to receive the “strangers” with a healthy euphoria. In the mean time, the old Europe countries that were still considered strong and “immune” would proceed to close up their borders even to their old allies. Intolerance and authoritative, dictated by a crooked nationalism were seen daily, thus provoking diplomatic incidents. {Chronicles 114}