Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Transformers in action

[01/19/2014] Apprehension, rebelliousness, fear, and distrust – traces and shadows from the past – are consciously acted on by the power of Love। The laboratories, which resemble the structures of large amusement parks, perform the decontamination through humor and loving contact with volunteers who share these “cleansing” experiences with those who still need them. Those who were caught in the process of natural ageing are sent to the Centers of Health and Life, to reactivate the basic functions and prepare to use their new mental capacity, at a higher vibrational level.

Many of these individuals had their capacities numbed all their lives, and the possibility of activating these centers feels like gaining new life. Once the first experience of higher consciousness is achieved, many of these elderly come together to work in service for the community. They establish small local councils that provide teaching and experience to the youth. More so: they are called upon as precious sources from which to drink from the water of Wisdom. [Entry11]

The pain and agony of waiting

{01/27/2008} Will some persist in error? Yes, that is the Law of Free Will, but they will be fully aware of the contradiction they are living. And each error feels like the weight of lead if left stored in our actions and is not entrusted to the light of the Law of Love and the relief of Forgiveness, through repent. Many of us also nurture the desire for revenge, reparation, justice, retaliation – genetic traces of old warrior, territorial, and tribal generations - the echo of past lineages of ancestors who lived by the survival of the fittest. These generations were challenged to surrender their internal pleas through distorted claims of honor, the motherland, duty, and religion. We will all achieve the feeling of “superiority” in its true meaning and will then be challenged to being capable of surrendering our pains. Who is superior? He who retaliates or he who surrenders his anger and accepts the Law of Forgiveness? {Chronicle 134}

Friday, 25 January 2008

Shining and attracting: the New Start of the Universe!

[05/01/2014] The relationship with other worlds becomes more intense everyday. Spaceships of pure ether cross the universe bringing visitors from all the planetary super nations. Three dimensional doors are activated each minute and new interplanetary routes are opened. The human family shares experiences with the sirians, the alteus and many other groups from the galaxy.

The first volunteers to a non-worldly life are being prepared. A dozen youngsters offered to isolate themselves in the non-worldly area aiming to adapt the earthly biology to the new conditions of immortality

Others are heading to the gigantic labs of physical-chemical re-habilitation and re-conditioning in order to remove the last degenerative impregnations of the old civilization. It is a common desire to have a body which is healthy and receptive the new spiritual incursions of society. [Entry 10]

– Closed for refurbishment?

{13/01/2008} Those who expect external changes will also get to experience them, because the souls will be active and a soul can not be indifferent towards the Garden of Light in which the planet will be transformed (and the vibration of all those beings who will rush to witness in wonderment). The soul feels the presence, as we today feel the heavy energies we create and carry, distributing them around us due to lack of Love and Consciousness. The notion of evil will be revised because the understanding of Life itself will be amplified. Each one will be able to comprehend why they were isolated from the Light and thus comprehend what happened to their brothers and sisters. And many will benefit from forgiveness. It is good to remember that the Father’s forgiveness is immediate, transformational and does not leave traces of pain in the memory of those who subject to the Divine Tribunals. Thousands will resort to those Tribunals to balance their acts and ask for an opportunity to serve in the Holy Star of Liberation. {Chronicle 135}

Present Consciousness

[22/12/2013] Thought-adjusters live in the humble minds of those mortals who have the ability and potential to reach Divine Consciousness. The human beings no longer waste time and effort as a result of greed or insecurity. Men simply work for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their extended families: all are brothers and sisters now. Men have free time to create a new relationship with what is Good, with Beauty, with Art, with space. From evolving biological being to Divine-humanity tasked with Being, and projecting Light through the heart. An example among Nations, Planets and Universes. The Divine Laws, finally known and respected, are of benefit to everyone. There are those who still don’t agree with the Law according to their free will. How do those behave? [Entry 9]

Seeds of Light

{30/12/2007} Many would like to know what will happen after they are done with the physical body. Some aspire to eternity, some others fear for the next generations. However, those who know the Father is in each of his children know what will happen. There is profound gratitude and contentment within those human beings. They have already understood the value of service, hence they have been practicing it and are ready to follow their temporal fate. They will continue giving themselves – as the volunteers they are – up to the moment of total surrender of the physical and spiritual energy that has been worked on to form the fertile humus of love that makes up the planet. The newer generations or The New Generation will benefit from this gift of love from those who will leave their seeds of light in the planet. That is why nothing will ever be the same. “Those who died shall live” and the greatest wonder of the Plan is that each seed of light is unique, chiseled by centuries spent in celestial greenhouses {Chronicle 136}

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Nature and humankind in harmony

[08/12/2013] One day, a long time ago, we dreamed of the moment man would find his true purpose and destiny. The dream projected man living in harmony with nature, conversing with each element, materializing all the things he needed. Men and their families. They truly come across as angels. They wear light clothes to feel comfortable. Barefoot they touch the ground with love. They talk to the fire, the water and the forest. And they conquer their food, all that they need, rationally. Their amplified thoughts travel across space and reach the furthest corner of the universe with no need for words. Their prayers reach the Father and they are not loaded with pleas or fear, but with gratitude. There is still much to accomplish, and at the same time there is nothing to do as life is abundant. [8th entry]

Do we attract what we fear the most

{16/12/2007} More and more news from all corners of the planet reach us. “Golden, indigo” children are found with distinct DNA; amazing ruins or archeological findings; new planets; extinct species; the possibility of greater and newer catastrophes, yet the same doubts, power games, greediness. The hidden powers surface: secret societies are now out in the open for those who wish to join in. The line between good and evil becomes subtle. What does it all mean? In a way we are surprised by the creative power of the minds responsible for the materialization of the intra- earthlings and the aliens. Numerous facts, not always coherent with the existing system. Questions without answers. It all creates a great desire to see something happening, even if it is generated by an alien force!! In the mean time we give up on trying to see the Light that shines and points out the Real world as the only entrance-exit, the only way to access the Being we are. Extremism is reinforced, indifference and selfishness increase and the virus of consumerism, stronger each time, gains a foothold in the newer generations – no one is able to stop it or find a cure. The more sensible are driven insane asking for a liberating apocalypse. “Oh men of good will! Is that what the planet is here for? {Chrocnicle 137}