Sunday, 28 June 2009

Talking Fish

[06/21/2015] At the old central coast of South America, with the movements toward tectonic adaptation that took place at the end of 2012 as well as other geophysical situations, lake Unixi was formed, and it is now consolidating with the latest eruption that poured underwater lava into the west side to create a barrier of protection to the beautiful lake dam.

The old oceanographic laboratory that existed at this location is being remodeled due to the changes, and today it received the visit of a Venusian brother committee that brought new specimens to populate the gigantic aquarium, being that they can adapt well to the salt and lake water. The lake is being studied as well by reason of the high level of concentration of alpha energies that benefit the perception and intelligence.

The object of these studies and of the interchange of aquatic elements between us and the Venusians, tends to the protocol for the enrichment of the Flora and Universal Fauna, as well as for the preservation of certain species that are the matrix source for generation of light protein for the actual nourishment. The greatest curiosity of the children, are the talking fish, something similar to the birds that manage to imitate the human words, like the parrots and birds of that sort. The little ones lean over the tanks of the gardens of the observatory and try to make the fish start talking. Amusement guaranteed for both species, the earth and the water one! [Registry 48]

The Possibilities for an End

{06/28/2009} While the possibilities for the planet to e reaching an end where being studied, some facts were registered as forecasts towards an Armageddon: loss of values, perpetual wars, selfishness, weather changes, millimeters of difference in the position of the axis of the Earth, the thinning of the ozone layer, the increase in plagues and the surfacing of new viruses. Danger of water shortages as well as of food, possibilities of the surfacing of a Anti – Christ were also worrying the hearts of the believers. Many sources of higher education, books and films were made to study all possibilities towards an ending , and to alert the human race about the dangers of extinction or massive destruction of the planet.

Much energy was generated over the minds and worthy hearts over this picture and countless were the prayers and requests, from the soul of the simple man to the experience scientist. It was this way that the complicated mechanism of the Cosmos started silently to function. While newspapers announced new lethal viruses coming from pigs in the United States, the lather of planetary ascension started to rotate silently in its concentric and ascending movement, spreading violet light. Many had started to perceive reality more vividly. Not what humans called reality: earth and its contradictions, but the reality of its unity with the Whole. Muchos habían comenzado a percibir la realidad con mayor nitidez. No lo que los humanos solían llamar realidad: la tierra y sus contradicciones, sino la realidad de la unidad con el Todo. {Chronicle 097}

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Full Expression

[06/07/2015] Poetical testimony of Krisbab:
Those that lived through the deepest falling permitted themselves to penetrate into the wondrous density of matter. And then to come back. What a magnificent adventure! Isolated creatures of the Creator by the total veil of ignorance, now are emerging and fearless getting closer to the Light. Un defendable and defenseless from their own errors, insignificant, grandiose beings! They managed to revert, century after century, to the illusion that kept them separated from the life, to elevate to the Father their cries for forgiveness. Such strength, what a courage, a powerful effort!”

“Today I am taking another look at the waving fields. I see again the past of this new earth and I admire, more and more the immense Love of the Creator. Today, looking at the lights of the third sunrise, to shape the Love that I can feel flowing through me. This flower has the name of Mercy, and exhales its overly sweet perfume over the humans of the old earth.”

Krisbab, the poet, is a young volunteer finalist. He abandoned the community life to dedicate in full to the expression of the Being, practice that it is conquered with dedication, since he was ten years old, to the voluntary service for the planet. One of his forms of expression is associated with the registry of past memories, in tune with a new vision. [Registry 47]

Great Beings

{06/14/2009} In the middle of 1998 the net of Life service people was already covering the entire planet, without exceptions. Simple people, common humans that really were looking for the Truth over their existence had found, in the inside of their hearts and in the queries of their minds, the truth over Divine Paternity, and the need to unite all humans so they could recognize themselves as brothers and sisters, with nature as an ally part of them.

This underlying truth to the totality of the worldly external occurrences represented the ideal that those that handed their earthly life could be awaken, and go towards the Light. Even after leaving from here, this magnificent Beings continued their work towards ascension and liberation of the planet through the messages and incentive alerts, sent by way of available channels, conscious or not. A great internal revolution was taking place individually: the internal communication with the Being and with the Source Matrix.
More and more people were working towards the general wellness, bringing to the surface that what was forever the foundation for life nourishment: love others, and the need to keep awake and alert to the forthcoming changes, and to give more and more, everything that was received. {Chronicle 098}