Sunday, 24 January 2010

Under developed Souls

[01/17/2016] Today it is accepted that uneducated souls, malnourished, are recycled for a new experience. Some prefer to name this a reincarnation, but it could be a fantasy to believe about a sole existence, when a spiritual personality was not formed. The one that lived in the material world and kept his conscience at the primary level of life, when he passes is totally reabsorbed, being by the earth, that recycles matter, or by the planets that recycle emotions or by the ether that reabsorbs as well all the mental advance acquired, placing for him all the knowledge for his other incarnate lives.

This knowledge has been of vital importance for the education of the youth; since their very first moments of life are taking knowledge from the manifested life at their seven bodies and work towards the harmony of them, with the utmost tranquility, from their infancy. The High Laboratories for Spiritual Sciences keep the flame lit of the natural human curiosity, without losing the benefits of the faith. On the contrary, utilizing the incomparable human quality to transport the theories, to a field of physical knowledge that the common man can touch.

The Soul, unknown before, has already a weight, a measure, a place of inhabitance and even of gastronomical preference. A Soul resides in the ether and communicates with our supra conscience, showing its coordinates through our wishing bodies. It is malleable, shows evolution as well as involution, she provides us with a wide window for contact with the Being. But is “menu” must be very well dosified with good quality music, numerical investigations, unity actions and other sweetness’s of life, in order to grow strong, without deviations from the path and trajectory of the Being, thereby fulfilling its individual purpose. [Registry 63]

Genetic Lineage

{01/24/2010} The majority of human beings of the 21st century did not know about the transcendental and real genetic making of evolutionary humans, and that some races where already extinguished in the planet. Subdued by other races or suffocated by their own ignorance, there where quite few left of the genes of the orange and green vanished races. Said this way it sounds estrange, but this is not a matter of the skin color. Such as a persona of the white race, is not a white as a lily, or an indigo person is not blue. The races in question are in obedience to a genetic pattern from a migratory of diverse spirits of various lineages that incarnated here, to inhabit the planet and increase genetically the quality of the races of the inhabited planets.

Each new human creature that was born was a opportunity for humanity to receive a better evolved spirit, with the new characteristics that contributed to maintain the evolutionary rhythm of the planet to be always ascending. Thereby, humanity in perfect synchrony would evolve in patterns of vibration and perception of reality.

When the presence of evolved spirits is manifested, or with the qualities of a Buddha, A Christ here on earth, humanity gains the opportunity to manifest in itself those more evolved genes that inhabited the earth, they became a part of the human genetics, for the Avatars come in the condition of spiritual fathers for the people.

Waking up that genetics, the souls are saved. And delivering a part of free will while realizing de highest expectations, renewal was guaranteed as well as the elevation of the human race to a new level. This was the key for the change. {Chronicle 82}

Sunday, 10 January 2010

The untangle of psyquical knots.

[01/03/2016] Subordination is one of the documents that is most important, coming forth in the past, and that it was used for presenting the idea of the manifest of a Divine Government, Planetary and Human through each one of us. Brought forth by the vision of light of a Being of great magnitude, promotes the reorganizing of the energetic, psyquical, mental and physical bodies for whom was practicing it, activating the divine particle resident at the heart and taking it to irradiate light over the whole body up to its fusion with the Divine. The work benefited a great deal of human beings, that where actively participating at the process of planetary liberation.

The trash emanated by the humans at passed eras, unhappily affected a good part of beings, bringing with them negative registries at their psyquics, that prevents them from reaching a perfect autonomy to start their way into self realization. Diagnosed as esquizofrenic, psychotic and other variations, these brothers are finding relief at residing with the untangle of psyquic knots people.

The untangle people have the mental capacity to enter in the psyquic currents of the patient, and travel in it until finding the “knots,” which they perceive as “balls of hair,” until they get dissolved by the rays of light emitted by them, thereby re establishing the energetic flow of the person. The registry is showing that patients re acquire their own autonomy at the first or second session of cleaning, and end up turning themselves into excellent untangle people, for they have an exact notion of blockings of these types, at the processes they had t olive with. [Registry 62]

The legacy for humanity

{01/10/2010} Since the passing of the Chris ton the planet earth, at the time considered the zero year, humanity gained the status of ascending planet, with the purpose of unconditional Love, that started to flow around the men. All history that was heard, pure or distorted about this Being, served to aim to a new path of concepts and for ways to relate to life, with the fellow beings and with one’s own existence. But men and groups, which wanted more power, self named themselves intercessors between God and men, creating dependence and fear. Others, truly guided by faith and true purpose, worked without rest to awaken in each being the vision of Love that they perceived from the Christ message.

This is why, when the skies trembled and the men could not find any other secure place than the ground they were, searched with quite some effort to wake up from lethargy, to understand what he needed to do if things got worse. Who to go to? This was a matter of survival, an internal alert that echoed from one side to the other of the planet. It became of the utmost importance the decree of Balance, asking for it in general for the whole of humanity, so that the Order would be re-established in the planet. Those that had the feeling of being sons or daughters of Love where who kept the flame lit. {Chronicle 83}

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