Sunday, 22 March 2009

Profound Talents

[15/03/2015] A good amount of students of the new Earth, The Holy Star of Liberation, are dedicated with enthusiasm to go through the internal roads in order to sprout their natural tendencies, abilities and talents.

It is common that there will be periods of self introspection and silence at the “Towers of Wisdom,” prepared so that small groups can be sheltered that are yearning into the soul desires, or the Spirit tendencies, before taking a life decision.

There, at the Towers, they have the possibility to test and play games of self knowledge, that make it simpler the understanding to distinguish between what is a manifestation of the spirit, and what comes from nature, as well as from the exploring to the maximum the perception and extension of connectivity. The glitz of internal lights is a common happening to make possible the differentiation of that what is proper of each nature, and from there come rulings and actions.

It was from there that the Idea of the Bridge towards Tomorrow came about – peculiar electromagnetic construction, to contact the individual with its own future projection that will be presented at the world Tower gathering. It’s a creative way to establish the goals towards what one strives to reach! [Registry 41]

Millennia of Evolution

- What kind of man is the one that reaches the 21st century, even while accepting the idea of killing other men? To kill others, brothers, sisters? How many millennia of evolution are needed to generate a complete man, conscious of his divine nature, and marveled by the beauty of life?

On 2009, millions of humans that still kept within themselves the idea of the possibility of self destruction, while fighting with others. Total animals at street fighting, violence exhibitions murders and nonsense identified with the shadows, taking power to destroy, kill, rob, and take away in the name of his own ambitions, gods and beliefs.

Birds, fish and crawling animals, heard the screams coming from the inner earth and got confused by so many disharmonies. Tears and cries were uttered by the innocent. Alienation and disbelief reigned at the homes of the people. The young without any destiny, degraded into animal tendencies at street fighting, violence exhibitions, murders and nonsense. Orientation was of urgency, a light to indicate the road to follow. The sense of living appears temporarily forgotten. {Chronicle 104}

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Education in 2015

[01/03/2015] Health, nourishment, clothing, everything can be discussed and reviewed at universities, and the conclusions come to be applied at the communities at a continuous interchange of experiences in search for Wisdom. Permanent forums are established, to discover solutions to the challenges of integral development of each community.

Students of a class can be professors of others. He who is learning can experience and apply acquired knowledge at institutions of the same university. The teachings pass into to the hands of philosophers, scientists and leaders that are highly trained, with vast experience to encourage the will and decision of the youngest.

The notion of work is reviewed when knowing the laws that rule the universe that contains the continuous movement, grading of energy, grading of evolution, etc. Human beings perceive that working is a law of the universe, not one grows spiritually without studying, profound and continuous action, from grade into grade. [Registry 40]


{08/03/2009} The individualism reaches its Summit. Each human being that is able to reach a certain economic level, over the needed for a mere existence, recreates the world to his own ways, believing that he is showing authenticity. At the same time the media couple to lower bases the levels of understanding, thus creating a fantasy language, the people engulf themselves further and further into more ego centric delirium.

The intricacy of available information regarding the physical body, mental and emotional, is wasted in explanations that are little or not creative at all, regarding the peculiarities of each individual on his search for his own identity. Newer words referring clothing, meals, mailings, sports, aesthetics, opinions, professions, uses for laser, ways of thinking and acting, are far from reaching the central point of the most important question of the century: the era of the incoming spirit.

Attention continues to be imprisoned and magnetized by the physical body, whether to be admired or rejected and transform into “something else.” Energy is consumed by emotional sicknesses that only calm down with medicine, drugs or pleasures of consuming, and the intellect degrades itself with the superficial and mechanical use. What about the soul? Weekend and ignored. The sudden change will arrive, to evaluate even the mostly ready. And how many were ready and prepared? {Chronicles 105}