Sunday, 18 April 2010

The advent of Earth’s new lineage

[31/01/2016] We begin to see a dawn of unique beings on the planet. Finally spirituality’s echo begins to reach our youngsters and those youngsters plead to the spiritual hierarchies for the ascension of the planet’s racial lineages. Much like in the ancient post-war times, when many children were born, the planet is blessed by the arrival of millions of evolved souls. They arrive ready to activate the genetics of the Christ which lies dormant in our blood, and are able to perform better in the development of the universal consciousness.

New couples, united by flexible agreements, volunteer for procreation guided by a much more clear purpose than their ancestors. Intercourse re-acquired its biological function and sexual energy began to be utilised for purposes other than the search of physical pleasure. Humans finally understood the centre which generates this energy and its greater dimension in human evolution. Not only new babies were born, physically and mentally healthier, but new human beings: the actual parents, now more aware of their own potential, energy and possibilities. The human being learnt self-guidance, breaking away from all limits and dependencies of their old existence. [Report 64]

Relationship crisis

{07/02/2010} The year had barely started and a cold front hit America. The plans to properly address climate change did not come to fruition. There was a growing indignation among the people towards their leaders, the corrupted politicians, the corporations, the lords of selfishness. Many still struggled to simply feed themselves, while others tried to survived suicide attacks, warfare and/or gratuitous violence in the cities and the countryside.

Meanwhile the youth could not make themselves heard. Perhaps, it was because they were also alienated from the conscious process, a process with was divided among ghettos of cheap ideology and invented by technology for immediate, one-off consumption. The youth invested their time in virtual communication, but did not advance to the point of bringing new ideas to deal with old relationship crisis. Therefore, quick relationships became a trend: consensual sex with no strings attached made safe by the use of condoms and contraceptives. If there were consequences such as pregnancy, the solution depended on the financial situation of those involved and not on moral principles. {Chronicle 081}