Sunday, 12 July 2009

Abandoned by Suspission

[07/05/2015] The finding of a space bus, almost intact at the last season of the North quadrant was not surprising for the pilots that work tiredness to clear the earth atmosphere as well as that of the stratosphere, of all the technological scrap and residual of the humans of the past left for the new generations. This is already the 20th vehicle, deactivated and intact that is found in space. The surprising part was that their crew was alive, quite weak but alive and lost for 6 years, they had to be rehydrated, reconditioned and to receive intense therapy of molecular reconstruction.

After the beginning interviews by doctors and aero space technicians of the Ninth Inter Planetary Base, responsible for space clean-up, the crew identified themselves as a mixed group of businessmen and astronauts that joined secretly to explore new planets, until the space accidents started to be of concern. They lost contact with their launching base, and when they became lost they could not use any of the systems of earth aerospace, because they were seen as spies from an antagonizing nation. Their great surprise is to learn that the planet is unified and now there is only a geographical continental reference for earth. Now the scientists are working into the adaptation cardio-respiratory of the marooned space travelers so that they can adapt to the new terrestrial atmosphere. These fugitives will be having many more surprises. [Registry 49]

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