Sunday, 26 July 2009

Music in the Bubble

[07/19/2015] Once music has been incorporated into the daily nourishment for the population, new games come up to interact with this divine art. A young, musician of the African continent invented a bubble able to reverberate musical notes capable of being materialized. The fun consists on selecting the music, enter into the bubble and be massaged by the musical notes. These are able to get the body energy to acquire density by spreading in the inside of the wrapping, and when the chords are being sounded, they softly bum pinto the person to then reverberate at the internal walls of the bubble, in order to create new ‘interactive settings,’ related to the movements of the ‘musician’ and of the notes.

This new entertainment is already being used as a therapy for the elder and to promote babies that are old enough to walk. The sound encourages more daring movements and the bubble protects from any danger or falling. A good part of these experiences had been already seen at the latest Planetary Fair for the Health Arts – musical category – being channeled into for the science of health. The local services for physical and mental prevention simply abandoned the old practices of physiological invasive exams after music was confirmed as a tool at the laboratories and in consultation with medical doctors. The ability to deal with sounds is a demonstration of good health. [Registry 50]

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