Sunday, 15 June 2008

Dominion of matter

[08/06/2014] Understanding of the hidden truth behind that what is apparent – one more jump only for spirit with a higher level of evolution – reaching the humans of these times. They are finally perceiving with clarity what is real or not in the words, gestures or other people attitudes. The physical world is as well being unveiled, in an accelerated mode, with the increase of perception of the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, etc., are now solidifying with the increase of perception of the laws that rule the universe.

The science transforms into con-science a dimension that is increased by human perception and natural laws, as well as small advances in the dominion of matter, are turning real the old human fantasies such as reading minds, projection of the future and even levitation. Understanding everything is in Unity and this unity is constantly recreated by conscience participation, now arriving to a harvest recovering.

Instead of over production, the new potentialities bring stimulus to balance. A small situation that can be remembered with true joy, for the heart sends renewed messages and the sensation is, that everything that happens is of significance, synchronized and sacred. In this dimension there is no room for fear or uncertainty. [Registry 21]

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