Sunday, 29 June 2008

Mass Dispensation

{29/06/2008} We look towards our hearts internal heaven and ask ourselves: how many will still need to perish? Where are all this souls going to? The leave by the thousands,

Would they be prepared for the next stage that follows? Few talk about this, but what is really happening with the uneducated and simple people? The spirits that were engraved by actions, that was not in accordance with their nature?

Human beings embrace that and other questions, but being so contradictory, they only seem to purchase the cosmetic to fool their eyes, while still acting the idea of the owning and of possession. They yearn to possess knowledge not knowing to convert it into wisdom. The vibration levels of this contradiction are gaining speed and everyone is noticing it and comment on it: “it is not possible to continue living like this,” so they say. The weak ask and implore, pray for a touch of mercy, not knowing that it is already happening. Unbelievers about a transformation request that “the end come soon” and “death” or that “it all ends once in for all.” When they should instead watch their apocalyptic thoughts and ask for life, for the real evolution of the human species.

The time has arrived for the major effort: to work intensely towards the strengthening of the soul. Otherwise, it would be just flesh. And flesh turns into dust. Faith is needed. Believe the unseen. And will power, which is disperse, distracted by having. Property, homes and coverings are pulled from the ground of our arrogance and turn into hills of destruction. The very next day they start rebuilding, without new foundations. We could rebuild as well our spirits by the way of truth. It is the bridge by where our soul will cross over to the superior realms. {Chronic 123}

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