Sunday, 1 June 2008

Interaction of Service among Planes

{05/18/2008} During the process of change, all servers of The Almighty who were in full use of their will and obedience fortified the Light Network created for millenniums over the planet’s entire physical body and emitted a vibration of light unprecedented on Earth. This manifestation would be later logged into the akashic records as so full of splendor as the coming and delivery of the Spirit of Truth upon human beings in the beginning of the Christic Era.

The Light Body of unification here on the planet, emitted directly through conscious beings, expanded to all receptive channels from the highest to the densest levels. The mineral kingdom received large amounts of ordered fluids from matter; the animal and vegetable kingdoms received healing prana for all aggressions inflicted for millenniums; and human substance was impregnated with electrons at different levels of vibration and molecular arrangements – reordering the electronic body and aligning the mental and emotional field of each being. {Chronicle 126}

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