Sunday, 1 June 2008

The door to self-knowledge

[11/05/2014] What does the new lux-man have? The perception of the world and of the Universe as a Unitary and integrated space, where there is no separation or contradiction. His capacity of perception has increased: he has discovered the intelligence of the heart, the only and true door to enter the Divine Holy Influence. And he became a transmitter of the Holy Breath, generating new vibration for the planet.

His way of viewing the world is also renewed, and he is capable of observing people and things as they are without negative or positive judgments. He has also gained impersonality and the absence of conflicts. There is less personal struggle and more serenity in any situation. Human beings are more objective, free, and thus can grow in sensitivity, starting by perceiving what others are experiencing. The door to self-knowledge was opened wide, and now each one can see how transitory life in this material world is and the maximum priority of strengthening the soul, which is also being sought in the material and immaterial genetic chain. [Entry 19]

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