Sunday, 1 June 2008

Qualities and Values

[05/25/2014] An illuminated being is sent to the time and space sensation modification. Everything is at the present, more intense, with more amplitude and elevation. At the Holy Star, the conscious level that is being reached by the majority is just increasing the feeling of total acceptance in relation to all that happens around. Humanity finally understands the evolutionary system, as an endless source of opportunities to experience the dense matter and elevate it. This increases the generosity, love and harmony feelings.

There is no overloading, but the super effort is still being used to overcome de challenges towards evolution. Many inherited the sensation of “lost time” and want to get it back. But the attitude that was conquered is of the utmost concentration and the relaxation occurs spontaneously, because the artificial ways of Ego conflicts where broken up. There is a weightless responsibility; a freedom of being that was never experienced.

The following challenges, posterior to the first internal contacts with the actual Being is to find meanings to the common material life, in harmony with the purposes of The Great Director, The Planetary Father. [Registry 20]

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