Sunday, 1 June 2008

Secrets relating to the earth crust

{06/01/2008} Was a year with many physical transformations, where shifting of the earth crust opened up to reveal the secrets kept in its womb. Each month new portals of aperture were open between the internal and external levels, although they were still not visible to the inhabitants of the earth.

Attention from the governing entities was focused towards the great physical changes caused by hurricanes, typhoons, climate changes and problems in the food crops. Earth inhabitants did not yet focus their attention to the movements at the level of the earth crust, even though seismographic gauges and high level technology would be registering a mess of information in their measurements.

There was no time for the true perception of what was happening and advanced technology could not present an evaluation, of what was happening at the bottomless pit holes of the oceans – where diverse phenomena was occurring. Every human being knows that the evolutionary planetary system involves physical changes. Why then so few turned into raising their understanding towards a radical change as was demanded by the times? {Chronicles 125}

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