Sunday, 17 April 2011

Governments under lack of control

{12/12/2010} Governments, what do we need them for? To satisfy the needs of the people, to serve them. Why was it so hard to understand this logic in the past? Why was the administrative machine, that should be a means to development, progress and well being for world populations, failing in the hands of greedy, incapable and selfish people?

The historians could explain, but the understanding when going deeply would show that the individual responsibilities in the construction of a society, was still out of tune.

How am I responsible when the government that I select does not correspond to what I want? Where did I go wrong? How did humans allowed into the governing positions for public service individuals are barely trained, without experience or morals?

All of these are related to the slow changing of humans, who reject the new and are fearful so many persist on their errors, choosing the known, really forgetting the reach of harm caused by a bad government. Society pays for the disarray, entangled in several political parties than are always motivated by promises of happiness without effort, illusions of magical thinking that “everything will be all right “ – entire populations through the world elected the wrong representatives, over and over, risking the precarious democracy built through the times.

The urgent need for homes, food or better purchasing power influenced the masses at the time of the elections, choosing the “fatherly” that promised most miracles. At other countries fear of the middle classes to lose their small status, kept getting mediocre governments, and in other countries, named “the developed ones,” the power of the wealthy kept in power the strong heads that guaranteed inertia and suffocated the social harmony. At some other countries the great ignorant multitudes pushed “downward” the elected ones, while at others the interest of the few kept in the governing side the ones that loved to argue and fight, the backward, the imperialists without a heart and the exaggerated nationalists.

The representative government is supposed to have as a cause a people with intelligence that are efficient and universal. Then humanity would ascend to this level. With good will, faith and action this new world could be built. {Chronicle 059}

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