Sunday, 17 April 2011

New Planetary Order (Registry of a walker - II)

[12/04/2016] Second part of the found registry, passed the year 2000, written by a girl named Soraya, with provisions for the planet. A homage to the participants of the history of the planetary ascension.

The next step towards the making this goal was given, primarily by the sustaining internally of the Order, Light and Love. Followed and as a consequence, many people that are in occupations of strategic value in the world, were touched at their Center of Good Will, and decided to do whatever seemed needed towards the integration, as a first step of their region and then, of the Planet as a whole.

It was not easy at the beginning because of the great differences between a country and the next. There was extreme poverty, social and cultural development, economical and political changes – but thanks to beings of good will and a true purpose of loving service for life, it was perceived that the question was not to highlight the differences but to find a common sense and a common purpose, making it possible to live the reality of Brotherhood and Peace among the people of a planet that we all inhabit.

It is of importance to highlight that at no moment there was a confrontation between the old power and the New Planetary Order. Simply put, the beings engaged with the Living Presence that is in them, started doing what they had to: to listen to the Center for the Generation of the Order, Light and Love and follow what it meant. They said “enough” to the tripod of “money, power and sex” in their lifes. To what generated the human atrocities for thousands of years.” [Special Registry – SMP] 086

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