Sunday, 19 February 2012

Humans ready to capitulate

{02/20/2011} Bombarded by the imminence of Armageddon and tired of their irrational struggle for survival, of their inglorious efforts, of rebellions without cause, of pollution, of costliness and scarcity, of economic crises, of daily injustice and violence, but mainly pressed by the internal void eroding their souls, humans faced complete perplexity.

- How could humanity reach an era of bonanza without the final battle between good and evil? How big a war would be necessary to make peace possible?

This call was not to war, however, but to the balm that soothes the heart, to the prospect of light, to the pardon of the collective sins of human beings, to the end of internal resistances, to return to the broad Order that prevails in all the universes. The inhabitants of planet Earth were ready to capitulate, to finally deliver themselves to the Law and Order emanating from the Absolute. They were really ready to ask for God’s help, for His intervention of light. When would that happen? Did men still have enough strength for this decision?

New generations of purified races had brought about the conditions for change. They were ready to listen to the celestial music of internal reunion, to recollect the original promise of returning to the light, to bring the seal of obedience to incarnated matter. They were prepared to activate the divine genetic memory.

It was this generation that began to activate and elevate the human clamor to the hierarchies in superior planes, requesting connection, instructions and plans of action in 2011 {Chronicle 054}

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