Sunday, 19 February 2012

The lesson of the seven wise men

[12/02/2017] The School of Wisdom was established last year and its directors decided to create a Council of Wise Men to address the new philosophical and existential demands stemming from planetary evolution. However, the creation of the Council generated a series of surprising events after the indication and approval of its members. Even before being informed of their indication or confirming the privilege of accepting the honorable position, all of those selected passed away in a peaceful and natural way, each one in the home they lived, with no further explanation or any change in their routines.

When the directors of the School of Wisdom sent the first seven invitations, the news came about the deaths of each one of those invited. An emergency meeting was then held, to stop all new invitations and discuss the matter. New indications were immediately suspended and the Council of Wise Men dissolved.

To ellucidate the mystery, the Director of the School investigated the cases one by one and, in each of them, there was found a legacy left by the wise men, of writings endowed with a high level of spiritual knowledge. The most outstanding aspect of these documents was that all of them had a special chapter dedicated to the problems of vanity and pride, explaining to the young that those were the greatest impediments to progress toward wisdom. The documents were incorporated as the current “Memorial of the Seven Wise Men”, to guide those willing to know the truth. [Entry 091]

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