Sunday, 19 February 2012

What was the plan?

{02/06/2011} The midia were used intensively to “warm up” the markets and induce consumption, thus avoiding the bankruptcy of an insane system of production of useful and useless goods. Everybody knew that at some moment there would be scarcity, but the system was not changed. It would greedily devour its own legs, if that brought immediate profits.

By that time there was an increase in the supply of the “instant happiness offers” that had existed for automobiles and traveling. All kinds of superfluous services were offered: plastic surgery performed at home; educators to free parents from teaching their children; instant shelter for the elderly. Specialists would even visit homes to guide how to buy more and better. Everything could be bought, piled up and squandered.

There was also an increase in the demand for more resources in each product, for more advantages, bonuses and performances. It was no longer enough for a product to work properly; it had to be a super-hyper product, even if its accessories were unnecessary – all that mattered was to have much, to have more and to cultivate the illusion of possessing goods and enjoying power.

The economic crisis evolved to retaliations against developing countries. The unstable balance between two great powers began to shake, bringing about devastating efffects on smaller economies, already weakened in the previous crises. In search of protection, many countries decided to increase taxes and effect budget cuts, and their populations began to suffocate in the well-known unemployment. The promised development did not happen, frustrating the hopes of millions. The oceans continued agitated, surprising everybody. {Entry 055}.

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