Sunday, 19 February 2012

Missions unveiled

[01/15/2017] Spiritual evolution is an experience of choosing to do good and to be useful. With daily spiritual practice, tasks become lighter and there is a surplus of contentment and energy for all activities. By addressing the Divine or the Supreme Father, according to the view of each religion, man attunes to higher levels of consciousness and advances in balance, because the experienced connection helps him perceive the existence of Spirit and the beautiful purpose of incarnation.

This does not mean that all human beings know their specific missions on the planet, but the great majority can start decodifying the tendencies and aspirations of their souls, so as to plan actions and studies that help them reach the material and spiritual slopes to achievement.

Internal advice is offered by guardian angels who whisper in the ears of men that they must try to balance the desires of their bodies, their emotions and their minds with the sublime aspiration of their souls. It is indeed very difficult for the soul to grow, if man does not satisfy his mundane concerns and intuitions through his experiences, because these desires can, consciously or unconsciously, lay the basis for the accomplishment of his spiritual needs. [Entry 089]

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