Friday, 4 May 2012

Primordial Causality

[04/23/2017] The cause of what we live today is in the future, because we are connected to the evolutionary transformation of our souls. Past science had made us believe the opposite, because it studied the causes looking backwards. If only it had ceased looking at the past and had cast its perception beyond the top of imagination, it would have seen something that one can now guess in the horizon: something coming from beyond, from the endless space: the possibility of progression to the height, not of buildings and skyscrapers, but of human condition itself.

Based on what the new sciences have made possible, our eyes can now scrutinize the future to define certainties about the path we want to follow in our cosmic careers. When you are given the possibility of being one day in communion with the Creator in Paradise itself, it is advisable to consider the steps necessary for that triumphant moment. Or to choose, according to your free will, a sequence of adventures that will help you develop those certainties that shall take you to the end of your soul’s journey.

For this reason, studies related to human ascension have been gaining prestige in the greatest universities, in spite of being chosen by only a few. Recognizing that extraordinary knowledge is not enough to illuminate them, seekers are being led to further investigate the question of human motives.

Until the moment when the last particle of the last atom of the last genetic cell is illuminated by a clear definition of his aptitude and consent about the path to follow, man will risk getting astray from what the future indicates to him: the union with God. [Registry 096]

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