Friday, 4 May 2012

Intelligent Life and Sub-Life

{05/01/2011} Man developed new technologies for the space program and was surprised by some results. In addition to the satellites and ships then used, laser technologiy made possible a new chance for interactivity in space. Messages were beamed to satellites and replicated in space with laser canons. And new kinds of data “came back” as waves, surprising scientists. The awareness of intelligent life on other planets started to take shape and feed a fascinated mankind with the possibility of interacting with other beings in the vast universe.

For common humans, life had become laborious and afflictive: an endless struggle for survival, with technology running miles ahead and leaving them without time to enjoy life or love. Souls felt burdened by feelings of injustice, worthlessness and incompleteness.

Society seemed unable to deal with misdeeds perpetrated in its own bosom. During the race for material progress, when basic values had been set aside, it had not considered how much those values would be missed in the formation of the new generations. Conventional education had not been enough to convince people to lead a healthy life, to practice honesty, to love work or to dodge vice and madness in the experiences of youth. Problematic people could be counted in the millions with some kind of mental illness, conduct deviation or physical, emotional and intellectual infirmities; there were legions of unhappy beings. {Chronicle 049}

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