Sunday, 17 April 2011

Violence and pain

{12/26/2010} – What could be said by mothers who lost their children to violence? Whether having a murdered son or by seeing their son become a murderer at a second of madness? What could families say after being destroyed at one side or the other of this world tragedy called a threat to life? Why understand violence if it does not have sense and understanding it does not bring peace? Is war a less painful way of loosing someone?

Comprehending that conflicts are brought under collective or individual purposes, eases up the bitterness to the heart? What about tragedies caused by addictions? Cohabit with bodies and minds that are destroyed, families turned into hostages of their loved ones that were lost to drugs?

At this somber times of violence, where huge differences in income, false democratic liberties, lack of access to education was prevalescent, the mad race for survival to extract from society a bit of status and dignity, turned men into beings without purity or judgment. Values fell to the bottom, savagery was prevalent. The idea of revenge turned into pieces the good notes inserted into the evolutionary interior of humanity: “Thou shall not kill” not yourself or others, fell into nothing.

A few voices rose claimed to those who would hear: you will not kill by means of words or lowly actions, or by hand, knife or lethal weapon! You will not kill by your thoughts (watch it!) for all of these belongs to barbarians, and while ignorant men do not make a final decision in their hearts, the human tragedy will continue to be repeated. Then there will not be a remedy for pain.

When will men reach a level of self-protection and truth good enough to be protected from pain? It is really necessary to learn to forgive and make a huge effort to rise to this level of conscience and reach internal peace for oneself to offer it to others. {Chronicle 058}

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