Sunday, 17 April 2011

Real Story (Registry of a walker III)

[12/18/2016] This is the last part of the Soraya’s story about the future – this is our present – written probably near the year 2000, and found at a magnetic disk that was recovered. This publication is a homage to her memory, to her courage and love for life, and to all the human beings that like her, hoped and worked towards a shinning future for humanity:

“What was seen was the internal decision of many, to pause their lives and change them towards the conscience of Unity, of the common good, departing from their internal limitations, such as the perception of borders between the countries, of nationalities, of regions, to open the perception that was wider to unicity. The perception of life and of a different historical-cultural formation is nothing but a unique quality, a diversity of a people among a greater whole. This is why the old perceptions must be surrendered and not kept for themselves, for they are part of the Patrimony for Humanity of the true human race.

The historical registry of the time of lack of conscience and obscurity that we went through had consequences, but are truly in the past, and certainly in order to build the new, we must stop thinking in the past. This will be the signal to show us that we must not permit the same for our lifes to experience again.

There is a today to be lived jointly with the Live Flame of our beings. This is our biggest challenge. The delicious adventure to go back to Being What We Are – the only guarantee that we will have a tomorrow to live, a tomorrow of Brotherhood and Peace. This is just the start of our Real Story”. [Special Registry – SMP] 087

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