Sunday, 19 February 2012

Reflections for the new year

{09/01/2011} Human beings had the habit of recording their decisions at the end of each year, to put them in practice during the coming year with renewed plans, goals and measures to organize their lives and prosper. Among these aspirations we can stress some unconventional reflections recorded by a human being at the end of 2010:

“- If I am among the survivors of a serie of cataclysms to happen on the planet, will I be ready to restablish human civilization on new bases of brotherly love to others and of respect to nature? I must keep this in mind in 2011”.

“- Am I ready for what is coming? Can the light be turned off, even for some seconds, without affecting me? And my neighbors, should they count on me, will I keep calm while the winds of adversity blow?”

“- Am I adequately aware of my divine nature so as to preserve the evolution of my soul in new spheres, in case there is a world war? How will I improve my relationship with God and with my neighbors?”

“- Am I acting properly at home, in my job and in the world where I live? Am I capable of showing thankfulness? Are my actions balanced? What can I do for Order, for Light and for Love?”

It is quite possible that questions like these were asked by a writer or truthseeker. The future is built by illuminated faith and not by evolutional dissonances in the planetary system. Being ready for change already means transformation. To search complete consciousness about life brings internal changes that reverberate in the outer world, and this represents the great revolution. {Chronicle 057}

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