Sunday, 19 February 2012

The frightening advent of premonition

{03/06/2011} The clamor of the new generations began to be heard in heavens and the Commanders of the Planetary Divine Government activated their legions of guardians to assist those aware and ready to act in their social milieu. Thousands of young humans awoke to the need of channeling messages of action and alert for terrestrial reorganization, and they took this information to their nations. Thousands began to forecast events requiring measures of provision and prevention from their governments.

In heavens was opened a “protocol of intentions” for those willing to be spiritually trained to serve, during meditation or sleep. The school of values was plenty with volunteers taking turns to learn and to absorb energies. They also strengthened the inner contact with their guardians, to be able to act and transmute the shadows on the planet.

The planetary socio-economic system continued its nefarious routine of emphasizing consumption, but the solutions to mitigate cataclysms started to be demonstrated by humans really prepared for emergencies, and governments had in many cases to yield the command of situations to plain civilians, men of good will, ready to understand the gravity of those events. Many volunteers endowed with alert minds, in permanent contact with their superior selves and with their emotions under control, began to serve with their characteristic powers of intuition and premonition. And this service spread to each voluntary human being. {Chronicle 053}

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