Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tribunals in evolution

[02/26/2017] That system which had been an open space for conciliation between parts of a conflict, in the first moments of the new Earth, is now housing a new model for juridical solutions: self-conciliation. Being aware of the fact that conflicts disappear when we understand their causes takes us to the conclusion that, instead of using the services of a third party to determine who is right, we had better search the causes for the conflict in the litigants themselves. There was an expressive increase in the number of cases solved when those involved had the opportunity to ponder on their conflict or difficulty with each other.

Self-conciliation deeply studies the questions that take an individual to make an error against someone or against himself. When each individual analyzes his own view of things and understands wherefrom comes this perception, as well as the truth about the facts, they find out that conflicts can only be solved with truth. With the help of advisers it became easier to find a solution for each case.

Procedures start with relaxation techniques and the presentation of questions that can be replied immediately or not. After a while the individual feels compelled to search for the origin of his attitude, of his refusal to accept the facts and for the explanation of his doing what he did against the other. Then he will propose a conciliating solution – in addition to working on his own forgiveness. After all, there is no meaning for guilt without remission. [Entry V-092]

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