Sunday, 19 February 2012

Has man learned his lesson?

[03/20/2017] The main lesson that Christ brought to the planet was the rescue of souls, the spiritual salvation of men. Salvation from what? Probably from the ignorance they lived in. Salvation from spending their lives idly, with no consciousness; from spoiling their whole lives in search of material illusions, when the true wealth consists in spiritual wisdom.

Has contemporary man learned this lesson?

Preaching love to life seems to have worked. And the salvation of the soul became a subject of study in all the educational circuits, along life. This is not religious rhetoric, but the daily practice of nurturing, healing, studying the development of one’s own soul, to build the spiritual personality that will continue after disincarnation. Nowadays, few individuals doubt the existence of a spiritual life or the need to build their spiritual bodies to acquire the right to proceed to ever-advancing levels of existence.

It is important to stress that no planetary system is exempt of the presence of evil. Anyone who imagines the present as a paradise of perfection and peace, with whole populations singing hymns to heavens and walking to and fro in light white clothes, must investigate where these ideas came from. Obstacles, problems and challenges continue to exist, inviting men to face them. Contradictions, however, take to spiritual pride, to rebellion and to the loss of great promises. [Entry 093]

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