Friday, 4 May 2012

The Real Sense of Duty

{04/03/2011} Among the great geophysical changes that continued to happen on the planet, like earthquakes, tornadoes and climatic contrasts, plus the violence engendered by the social system itself, humans had to meditade deeply about the role of each one of them in view of calamities and misfortune. Heroic actions are not always possible, happy endings are not always visible and real solidarity becomes necessary to assist one’s neighbor. But how to promote efficient help when the volume of events surpasses all possibilities of assistance? This happened between 2010 and 2012.

When the news of snowstorms was spread from a spot on the planet, then floodings happened in other countries, earthquakes shook other latitudes and drought devastaded crops somewhere else, so the problems could not have a prompt correction. On an apparently leveled land, with populations sheltered in tents and chronically lashed by poverty and misery in some countries, having no visible prospect of solution, the living planet kept moving, reacting, taking the ground from under the feet of whole peoples and bringing about change with earth, water, fire and air. T

he lesson of preserving life began explaining itself in its deepest meaning. Examples of overcoming pain, of authentic altruism, of courage and selfless unatachment were deeply engraved in the memory of those who tried to understand and help their neighbors. All were learning that a body only has real life when man overcomes the barrier of selfishness. Immaterial values were growing strong in adversity. {Chronicle 051}

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